Morning News NOW Full Broadcast – September 21

President Biden addresses an in-person audience at the 76th annual United Nations General Assembly, September is on track to be the deadliest month in the Covid pandemic since the winter surge, and the Haitian migrant crisis at the southern border reaches a boiling point. 
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42 thoughts on “Morning News NOW Full Broadcast – September 21

  1. Please acknowledge a story or highlight for summer moon Utah wells missing 101 days from rogersville tennesee Hawkins co this is being covered up and threatening people who are trying to bring light to the case please help thank you theresa

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  3. Ok, so according to what has been said, if your vaccinated you can spread this, if your vaccinated you have about a 30 percent chance of experiencing covid although less severe.So you can catch it, you can spread it, and a portion of who gets the shot gets sick from the shot and somehow the unvaccinated are responsible for getting vaccinated sick.In recent questioning Faucci said they were conducting these experiments in the Wuhan lab because it would be better in China if it were to get out of the lab.This is soooooo deadly that we must wear a mask in a restaurant unless we are eating.GENIOUS! Pure genious.Now we need a "unvaccinated vaccine".There is definitely enough evidence that we need to develope a vaccine that will protect us from these dangerous unvaccinated people.Someone call the ones who made this bioweapon, the same exact people who are giving us this ridiculous advice and tell em to FastTrack some new stuff.Sure you blew it with a deadly virus, and sure you killed over a million by your own estimates.Sure we have invaded countries that we accused their leaders of a fraction of this mass murder that has and is being commited.Sure, just put that needle right here.🙄…….wait hold on…And you aren't gonna die if your vaccinated, but we gotta protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated? Lmao! Holy crap! What did you let them put in you.Im just saying…it's not a naturally occurring virus, it's D.N.A. has been manipulated in a lab.They made a vaccine to combat a bioweapon.I have a feeling it's not made of sugar and spice.I have never told anyone not to take this shot, just that I wont.I will think of more examples besides the numerous commercials about severe side effects of creations that range from dry mouth to death.Those are the medications they tested for YEARS! I can't go a mile let alone a day without these news junkies regurgitating every brain dead reason I should get the shot.I love these conversations though, they make me feel soo good about my decision.But still I keep my distance because I don't know wtf they shot you up with but it don't stop covid, and they forgot to tell us that when they rolled it out.Some of us knew those statements are said after the mic is cut and their fingers and toes are in crossed.

  4. But we refuse to accept that the vaccines itself caused more sickness,it’s a lie fully vaccinated don’t protect anyone they don’t tell us the whole truth ,when lies and confusions are collapsing together it’s very difficult to discover the truth…

  5. Oh please!! COVID has a 99.8% survival rate!! There are 595,000 people that die from alchohol and tobacco every year in America!! That's roughly 1,770 people every day, but we allow people to smoke and drink because that's their choice!! There are roughly 800,000 people that die from cardiovascular issues in America every year also, but we still allow people to eat fast food…Give me a effin break!!

  6. Somebody need 2 get biden out of office he aint💩! Mf take more vacation then jesus! Rich get richer n the rest of America struggling they give free housed land and credit to outside countries but wont give us 💩 but man made diseases kkk in uniforms! This world sad n let them attack the white house if it was us black ppl we got killed just 4 walking 2 close! Let dat sink in

  7. He was vaccinated, caught it, and died – but we blame the unvaccinated. Seems as if he caught it as a vaccinated person and died, it's the fault of the vaccine. They said that the vaccine stops the spread. But if you can catch it and have the same viral load, it doesn't stop the spread. It seems the vaccinated are too comfy and letting down their guard when they may not be as protected as they have been told. The only way to stop the spread is to well STOP THE SPREAD which the vaccine isn't doing. It's actually helping folks who feel comfy create super spreader events.

  8. Here’s the hard truth and as a black man it’s a catch 22 for me but I’m gonna say what nobody else wants to. If the boyfriend or fiance was black…. Gabby MIGHT STILL BE ALIVE after getting pulled over for (a) cop witnessing driver swerving (b) the most critical part “911 caller reported him assaulting her.

    Ok Those who deny white privilege or see no danger in its double edged sword? Exhibit A. 👌🏾

  9. I am the sibling of Jesus Christ and i am the last son of God. I am "THE KING OF KINGS" Revelation 19:16. I brought the corona virus 6:2. This year will be "the end of the world". Tell people

  10. How did her and Gary know others were unvaccinated? Were they told by everybody at the party, that they were the only 2 people at that party vaccinated? If so why did y'all stay? So many question, but it seems like it was your own fault caused by ya'll decision making. You can't make assumptions and try to use them as facts… gtfoh

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