Rethinking interactions between police and the mentally ill

ABC News’ Trevor Ault takes a closer look at what some communities are doing to assist those with mental health issues during 911 calls.


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37 thoughts on “Rethinking interactions between police and the mentally ill

  1. people dont become mentally unwell at 50 fact well known fact nz mental health service run by fucking nutters drs thats very clear why nz has massive problem addressing mental health use health act distory lifes bread violence anti feelings

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  3. I suggest we get rid of all police in any form for 6 months. then we will return to the discussion and see if you still think police bad. All uniformed officers get a paid 6 month holiday, and you all get a taste of what you want.

  4. Actually with the right Med combination, individual therapy, supports and environmental supports comes a higher success rate for individuals who suffer from this illness. All our police, law enforcement and communities have got to get trained on mental illness, interactions and protocol. And the small towns………!!!! Mental Health affects 1in 4 to some degree! #ThoseWithMentalHealthMatter

  5. Aren't a lot of these programs the same programs conservatives claim are a waste of tax dollars. I wonder what is more expensive. Firing and Training new police every 6 months to a year, while at the same time paying out wrongful death lawsuits. Or… programs to help mediate the chaos that is 🇺🇸

  6. My brother is mentally ill and I am afraid that one day he will be killed by police too.. also he is a man of color.. so the 16% added to his skin color adds up to him being mistreated by people in authority positions.. he was sick and sent to the hospital and the hospital called the police and kicked him out of the hospital.. I am just glad my brother survived that situation.. my brother went to another hospital and they treated him with no difficulties.. I am just glad he lives in a town with two hospitals.. if not my brother could have died from his diabetes.. this incident happened in Longview, Texas.. about a year ago..

  7. As a black mental health social worker who services primarily black male mentally i’ll clients, I 💯 agree with the fear of calling police in a mental health emergency. My white co workers don’t understand my fear of calling law enforcement and they dislike how i always accompany my clients no matter how psychotic they are at the time.

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