September On Track To Be Deadliest Month For Covid Since Winter Surge

September 2021 is on track to be the deadliest month in the Covid-19 pandemic since the winter surge in February, with an average of more than 2,000 Americans dying from the virus each day. NBC News’ Ellison Barber reports from Des Moines, Iowa, where local media says someone “reported positive for Covid-19 about once every 50 seconds over the last seven days.”

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September On Track To Be Deadliest Month For Covid Since Winter Surge


Author: phillyfinestnews


20 thoughts on “September On Track To Be Deadliest Month For Covid Since Winter Surge

  1. Our educational system is clearly failing us. As welcome as any treatment for Covid may be, do not count on unproven cures to save you, given access to such effective vaccines. Like all the other vaccines already in your system, it was designed to support public health in our society, not to divide us into warring tribal identities. This issue was redefined into identity politics by the losing side in an election with no genuine regard for the actual science behind it.
    Vaccines do not function like an antibiotic – they are not killing some foreign invader in the body. They are teaching your immune system to respond quickly to a very specific viral assault. When you catch a viral infection, there is a lag time between your immune system recognizing it's presence and the time required for the body to execute the several steps needed to mobilize its natural defenses. During that critical period, the virus is replicating itself Exponentially, using your own body's cellular mechanisms. By the time your immune system has kicked into high gear, the virus has already invaded multiple systems and your immune response is fighting a well-entrenched infection on multiple fronts. Sometimes this results in death if you have underlying weaknesses or vulnerabilities called comorbidities. Vaccines teach the immune system to recognize and respond to the virus much more rapidly, and before it can spread into multiple systems. That is its defining advantage – greatly accelerating your immune response. Delta has changed the game because it's high viral load make it much more transmissible. So more Covid is running through the population, which results in more breakthrough infections than previous strains. If that occurs, you can still transmit Delta, so the same safety measures should be employed. Now, the most remarkable advantage to getting vaccinated is that you are about twelve times more likely to live, if you do happen to get a breakthrough infection. Tragically, this means that almost all the current deaths from Covid are happening within the unvaccinated population. If Delta has not found you yet, you may still have time to get your first shot to start protecting yourself, your loved ones, and all those vulnerable people surrounding us all. Please consider getting your first dose right away.
    Had the country united around public heath measures from the start, this would be largely over by now.
    God protect us all and keep us safe.

  2. This quite sad, people listened to the cdc, and just let things get out of hand! Please continue to wear mask, remember children have not yet been vaccinated and they should have thought about that back in the spring and summer and now here comes the flu and the fall! And for God sakes do not think going into a big crowd is a smart thing to do! You do not want covid! You do not want covid (the second one is in my echo voice)!

  3. they go to spreader events , no masks , their not wearing masks not vaccinated & surprise , surprise death came to the party WAKE up people HURRY & get vaccinated don't wait just get it done or your life is at risk . In the UK I
    Had my my 2 shots WAY BACK IN 16/04/2021 & now we enjoy life I choose freedom the vaccine brings , still wear a mask when needed had holidays , trips on trains & boats & buses enjoying life cause of the jab & now waiting for my booster that's my choice Im determined to live past 70 next year even with several comorbidities folks I aint listening to antivaxers who are trying to remove my freedom NFW

  4. Have you ever considered that the freedom we enjoy today was bought with the lives of the brave souls that fought the Nazis in WWII? Now we face a biological threat that has already killed more Americans than Hitler's armies did but it's too much for governements to ask you to get a shot and wear a mask?! Come on people! Get real! Let's stop this selfish whining about our individul rights and each of us do our part for the sake of our children and their future like the past generations did for us!

  5. How crazy are the Democrats? Dem-run New York state's vaccine shot mandate takes effect today meaning 95,000 nurses and other health care workers will lose their jobs bec. they won't get a Covid shot – either bec. they have already had Covid and have built up natural immunity or for other reasons! Hospitals are shutting down elective surgeries and closing satellite offices bec. they won't have enough staff! These are the same people hailed as heroes just a year ago for working 12 and 16-hour days putting their lives on the line in order to save people BEFORE THERE WAS A VACCINE! Now she's declared a state of emergency – WHICH SHE CREATED!

  6. Hospitals don’t treat the Covid with the right medication therefore your kidneys fail and people are forced in ventilators that kills them, it’s not the unvaccinated fault it’s medical malpractice at it’s highest!

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