Climate Change Ravaging Crops In Guatemala, Millions On Brink Of Starvation

Farmers in Guatemala are facing rapidly deteriorating crop conditions, triggered by extended periods of drought followed by torrential rains, and more catastrophic weather events as the climate warms. Climatologists warn it will only get worse, and disproportionately impact impoverished countries. Nearly half of all children in Guatemala under the age of five are chronically malnourished.

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Author: phillyfinestnews


40 thoughts on “Climate Change Ravaging Crops In Guatemala, Millions On Brink Of Starvation

  1. Guatemala has two seasons wet and dry, their wet season has actually increased in recent years by a couple of months from six to about eight months a year. That's 40 to 80 inches of rain a year. Poverty among their indigenous people has gone on for centuries.

  2. Yep, climate change for sure. There’s never ever been droughts ever in the history of the world until now.
    For the children, people, for the children. We must tax ourselves and give that money to Joe Biden to save us all.
    We must follow China’s example…I mean, France’s example.

  3. Y la gente de Guatemala , que para mi son de las mejores personas que tu puedas conocer por su humildad y lo duro que trabajan , me da rabia ver como estos cabrones de la cadenas de noticias de aquí los usan para sus agendas ,,, que si el cambio climático ,,, solo digo que Dios quiera y el cambio climático le llegue a esos reporteros , que por la maldad que están haciendo de utilisar gente humilde para sus mierda de programa , que el karma le llegue a esos reporteros pendejos

  4. Because humans have neglected to take aggressive action to curb our hydrocarbon usage and emissions, have refused to take climate change seriously, now what we are witnessing is a snowball effect, where the problem is exacerbated by huge wildfires as seen burning in the Amazon, in Greece, in the western U.S. and Canada, in Siberia, raising temperatures and adding more CO2 and other greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. As the frozen tundra thaws, methane gases are being released, and as water bodies warm, methane hydrates formerly trapped at the bottom rise into the air, releasing even more methane gas. As more and more surface ice is lost on land and in the ocean, less sunlight is reflected back into space, causing more heat gain. Humans have set into motion a self-perpetuating loop; a cycle which we may well be powerless to stop, and which will destroy life on Earth as it has existed for millions of years.

    What we are witnessing and experiencing is only just the beginning of the reckoning for human stupidity, greed, apathy, and short-sightedness. Pretty soon, with so many suffering, empathy will be in short supply. I fear what is to come for the human race, for our children, for their children, and all who follow after, and the sorrow I feel for them and our planet, for all that will be lost, overwhelms. Because this didn't have to happen. We knew decades ago that we were creating our own apocalypse, and took no more than token measures to stop it. And humans continue to dawdle, fiddling while the planet burns.

  5. Man will never change the weather. Democrats are destroying the American farms that feed the world. Biden is opening door for every peasant in the world to flood in to America . We will collapse

  6. Why do you think it's climate change? Can you explain why they had droughts in the past? What about hurricanes? They existed long before we had engines. You know what else, a volcano big enough goes off, we go I to another ice age. So you explain all that away and maybe I'll stop driving my truck, and heating my home with natural gas.

  7. When you go to a sh*thole, don’t be surprised it’s a sh*thole. These people have been living like this forever yet now it’s because of climate change that happened this year…..why don’t they go to a homeless encampment in San Francisco and blame drug addiction on greenhouse gasses!

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