Intervention: Katherine’s Intervention (Season 17) | A&E

An irate and scared Katherine is shocked when the intervention comes to her in this clip from “Katherine C”. #Intervention

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Season 17
Episode 1
Katherine C.

“Intervention” profiles people whose addictions or other compulsive behaviors have brought them to a point of personal crisis, and the friends and family members who come together to help them.

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40 thoughts on “Intervention: Katherine’s Intervention (Season 17) | A&E

  1. Some people don't deserve their daughters and sons, while some others don't deserve their parents.
    Drug addiction destroys families.

  2. If anyone is wondering what happened to her…

    "However, after only 31 days, Katherine left the treatment, went home, and relapsed. She went missing again for a month, but eventually called her mother for help. She told her mother she had “found God,” which encouraged her mother. Interventionist Ken said he thought that Katherine was just trying to “placate her” with this statement.

    Her mom revealed that she took Katherine back to The Santé Center, but things immediately went south. She was high when she arrived, and pulled five fire alarms and fought with the staff. She was arrested, and put in jail.

    Her mom bailed her out of jail, made reservation to fly her to a different rehab in Fort Lauderdale, FL, where she was at the time of the update. Ken told her that she should have left her in jail for longer so she could come to terms with the consequences of her actions.

    He asked both of her parents to go on a “blackout” period to prevent Katherine from relying on them again whenever she got in trouble.

    5 days after her parents’ last interview with Ken, Katherine left rehab again. She returned home, and relapsed again."

  3. My father would never say that to me, and he lives 3 rooms away. Im 26 and hes never once said he was proud of me for anything

  4. i hâte how she controls her mom with fear… you are pulling up to a coke deal with your mother… if anyone’s getting shot or stabbed it’s your dumbass not your innocent old mother

  5. if they were my children behaving like that they would be kick out of the house with no financial support. My kids all learn to be financially independent and not to rely on others in clening after their mess. we the parents did the same starting from a young age. If i had an addict child i would offer them help n help them if they agree but if they refuse they will be out of my house n tell them to go look after themselves…..i dont mind letting them hit rockbottom if thats what it takes to save them

  6. As an ex addict one thing I learned is never go because someone is forcing u because u will go back to drugs when u don’t realize the problem your self and u don’t want the change because you think nothing bad of it it’s hard to go through that process of getting better because you were forced to do something for other ppl yes I understand there’s ppl that care and want the best but for my point it’s hard to do it because they want u to change…..just like her I been through hard times in life that when I’m sober I get random flashbacks and I just want to forget which is why I want to be high but I am sober now because I knew I would die drugs aren’t the same you can and will die eventually and I knew that other people in life has worst things happen to them and I just have to be strong and keep a positive mind and have someone to trust that I can open up too..

  7. For every broken “prostitute” addicted to heroin there are a bunch – a BUNCH – of uncaring “Jons” that will pay to use her body for their pleasure. Remember that. No one wants to talk about them.

  8. Two things about this episode that you wouldn't know if you haven't watched the whole thing:

    1. Her father is in the Autism spectrum

    2. Her parents, who are devout Catholics, didn't let Katie watch most TV shows and movies as a kid, but apparently playing video games with her Best Friend was OK by them….

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