Back to School Chaos Amid Closures Due to Covid

The start of the school year has been chaotic across the country, causing disruptions for students, staff, and parents. Some schools are already being closed due to Covid.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Back to School Chaos Amid Closures Due to Covid


Author: phillyfinestnews


39 thoughts on “Back to School Chaos Amid Closures Due to Covid

  1. 74.2 million Americans under the age of 18. Less than 400 have died from covid. Why would kids be unsafe in school? Time to take control of our country back from the lunatics. If your scared keep your kid home and shut up about this stupid flu.

  2. America cannot shut down!
    Shut downs will bring this country to its knees.
    Our lives depend on the market.
    If people do not do the work they do to keep the market open and the factories and offices working the society will die in a week.
    Kids have to go to school. Not for the eduction. Schools are designed to babysit 20 million kids for 132 million to get to work.
    America ranks about 20th on list of best school systems in the world. Kids are not going to school to get smart.
    I don't know what they are going to school for but its not to read a book from cover to cover and re-invent technology.
    Seems like a fallacy to me the real deal is making sure parents get to their jobs and are not stuck home babysitting all day.
    Cheap country. The easy thing is to provide solid childcare to everyone who needs it and wants it; problem solved.
    People get to work and the kids don't have to be socially exposed to a virus. So its not about the kids is it. Its to make life convenient for employers that every parent has to bend over backwards to solve what is a problem that is not even their's to begin with.

  3. Out of all the vaccines I have taken in my life: Tetanus, small pox, polio etc…, never before I have seen so much confusion over a vaccine that says to wear a mask, and socially distance even when fully vaccinated. Apparently I could still contact or spread the virus even when fully vaccinated. never had to take a double or triple or more, never been bribed by the establishments to take the vaccine in order to win a car, cash or other prizes. I never had to worry about cardiac issues and/ or blood cloths and many more along with not worrying about dying. I have never been judged for not taking it or harassed. I have never seen a vaccine that threatens between family relationship and close friends. Never seen it used for political gain and never seen it used to persuade children’s in favor for free ice cream or teenagers going into night clubs and other social events. I have never seen a vaccine that threatens a livelihood, job and school. I have never seen a vaccine that allows a 12 year old to supersede his parents consent. After all the crazy conspiracies are after all true eventually.
    The ones that rush to get it are being pressured from family, friends and neighbors and specially from news everyday. So many doctors and scientist are censor to tell the truth. Yes I won’t take it because it still says clinical trials and some have failed but doctors don’t know the long term side effects. This vaccine is so powerful it divides in many ways such as political view, racially, and economically. There’s not enough evidence and proof even from the highest doctors so no it’s my body, my choice and my freedom to get it or not. Don’t forget it’s a known fact that any shot you take reduce your immune system, so imagine taking 4 shots a year; Big pharmaceuticals gain money since people started to not rely so much on them specially for things they could treat themself like a severe cold and others. I’d say as long as I take care of my immune system, I will not fall sick easily unlike taking shots that reduce it.

  4. 神の公式見解は、黄色人種、有色人種には、一人も、神崇拝者は、出て来ません。 此れは過去の話では、有りません。今後も同じ事です。


    Americans are internationally ridiculed and laughed at because of anti-mask and anti-vax disinformation.

    Americans love freedom but in reality New Zealanders are 25,733 times more FREE from Covid than the US.

    US Covid deaths 694,795 and Nuclear free New Zealand 27.

  6. Scientists: large gathering are bad
    States: let's cram 2,500 kids into a building across the nation and see what happens
    News: kids are getting covid in record numbers
    Me: You don't say?
    …anyone with half a brain saw this from a mile away. 
    Wait, did YOU see it?

  7. Search it up!
    "A Nature study estimating the COVID-19 infection fatality rate (IFR), or proportion of those infected who die, found IFRs of just 0.001 percent in children aged 5–9, and IFRs well below 0.01 percent in all those aged 19 and under.
    That’s less than one in 10,000 among teenagers and less than one in 100,000 in 5- to 9-year-old children……….."

  8. Refuse the vaccine always, and take your kids out of public schools if you must! These people are wicked. Ultimately, this is all about agenda 2030. The WEF and the rest of the evil ones from Davos are happy to share their plans.

  9. Z najwyższym niepokojem obserwujemy nasilającą się akcję przymuszania i szantażu, aby zaszczepić na Covid-19 jak najwięcej Polaków. Wielu z tych, którzy już się zaszczepili, zrobiło to pod faktycznym przymusem, choć nieustannie słyszymy o rzekomej dobrowolności szczepień.

    Wszystkie preparaty zakupione przez polski rząd w celu przeprowadzenia akcji szczepień są skażone aborcją. Korzystają z linii komórkowych, które powstały z tkanek pobranych z dzieci w trakcie procedury przerwania ciąży. Aby z sukcesem wyprowadzić jedną linię komórkową trzeba było zabić co najmniej kilkadziesięcioro, a czasem nawet kilkaset bezbronnych dzieci. Wiele wskazuje na to, że do pobrań tkanek mogło dochodzić, gdy dziecko było wciąż żywe, nie podawano mu też żadnego znieczulenia, aby nie obniżyć jakości tkanek. W ten sposób wycinano dziecku np. nerkę (linia komórkowa HEK-293) lub fragment siatkówki oka (linia PER.C6). Trudno wyobrazić sobie większe bestialstwo! Część szczepionek na Covid była opracowywana i testowana na liniach komórkowych z aborcji, inne – są na nich produkowane bezpośrednio. Oznacza to, że wszystkie dostępne w Polsce preparaty korzystają z owoców ludobójstwa.

    Jako ludzie sumienia nie chcemy mieć nic wspólnego z produktami, które czerpią ze zbrodni, jaką jest celowe zabicie całkowicie bezbronnego dziecka

  10. Thanks to everyone who refuses to get vaccinated, wear a mask, or social distance this is all your fault. How many more years of this tragic insanity do you want? The choice is yours!

  11. 556 days since the US declared a "covid state of emergency" here and since then how many people do you honestly know of that truly passed of covid without the presence of unrelated terminal illness at TOD?
    How is it that the homeless are quite obviously, doing just fine?
    And what athletes, celebs, or elites (that have been traveling globally unrestricted and without quarantine the entire time) are you able to name that really passed due to covid?

  12. Astrologically speaking, the vibrations of the planet were going up, we were supposed to evolve are consciousness into something greater, we were meant for greatness as a human race, the enlightment years….. What did the vampires do, they know who they are….. A deadly virus, keep Americans in fear, under control… These parasites couldn’t let the people rise to there greatest potential, without losing power,control, of the planet. This is bigger than a Virus my friends, educate yourselfs, connect the dots, if not, it’s going to get worse. 🙏🏻❤️☮️🌏

  13. Such BS!! Where to hit harder and make Parents buckle, than to mess with our kids. They aren’t carriers, stop exploiting them!! This is BS, Political, Money Scam!! For those of you letting your children get this experimental shot, shame on you to be so manipulated into someone else telling YOU, what to do with your Children. As for Education, American Kids are at the bottom due to this. Wake up!!!

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