Family Of Afghans Killed In Mistaken Drone Attack Demands Action

After the Pentagon admitted to mistakenly killing 10 innocent civilians, including seven children, in a drone attack, relatives are calling for the U.S. to get them to a safe place. With the Taliban now in control of Afghanistan, there are more protests over young women being excluded from high school while they form a plan to keep girls and boys separated.
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Author: phillyfinestnews


29 thoughts on “Family Of Afghans Killed In Mistaken Drone Attack Demands Action

  1. America gets away with whatever it wants. The only difference now is that the American people can see this fact from the eyes of other countries. Just imagine if Canada, or Mexico accidentally droned your car? And they just said, sorry – we had good intel. Move along.

  2. Boy what a shame we can never ever ever hold any American war criminal to account. Oh well, I'm sure if we do nothing this will never happen again, right? Surely? Which stacked up the bigger body-count of women and girls in the Afghan war; the US military or the Taliban. That's a serious question. Wish the news could be bothered to do the least bit of due diligence.

  3. You know what keeps this administration up at night? Suppose a terrorist got hold of a massive dirty bomb and exploded it over New York, killing millions of people… imagine the backlash against innocent Muslims! It's enough to make you toss and turn.

  4. One month after losing a 20 year war that cost $300M a day, US arms dealers are already back on the gravy train making submarines for Australia.

    America bombed Muslims in Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Pakistan, Palestine, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Tunisia and Yemen.

    Meanwhile the US Infrastructure bill is still being argued and Japan's oldest bullet trains from 1964 still embarrass the US.

    7 children now, no weapons of mass destruction then. US intelligence?

  5. Brief summary: China dare not initiate war on its own initiative. Many of their internal conflicts are under great pressure. The outbreak of war is first of all civil strife, and the international situation is not on China's side. The Soviet Union, which supported the Chinese Communist Party, has also disintegrated, and Russia is not the Soviet Union now. So, U.S. lawmakers can put forward more offensive demands or severe sanctions against China.Unscrupulous

  6. I am so happy we don't have that meanie pants orange guy who said mean things on twitter to people who did not have this country's best interest at hand. This is so much better! Printing currency so fast you can literally watch inflation escalate by the week! Awesome! The other countries who call us ally have made it a point of record to show they are more than just a little disappointed with our Afghan shuffle! Oh and what about the 80 Billion dollars in weapons we left there, Well, wait, our taxes are going up so that part is covered. And the humanitarian way we are welcoming tens of thousands of people out our southern boarder with out any process or rules of any kind, its awesome, because it balances out all the new rules we have to accept when it comes to Covid, I get it ,,, no rules for refugees,,, more rules for citizens, the equation balances. And thank goodness that pipeline that was making energy affordable, you know the energy that, when increases in cost sends a ripple through every part of the economy creating grave repercussions, and then we have to go out and beg OPEC to pump more oil so we can give more of our money to them so they can hate on us with less trouble. We sure wouldn't want that money to stay in the states or have gas prices low enough to be able to keep inflation at bay, nah, that's stupid,, high prices are awesome! Way to go Joe! you are batting 1000 my friend. I cannot wait to see what you have up your sleeve for next week, it should be interesting!

  7. The only action they are going to get is Ol' Joe walking over to the bed to take his nap. Trump is out of office, so the Dems do not care about anything like this. Additionally, the media will do basically nothing and move on as if this never happened. They promised to take it easy on Ol' Joe, no matter what.

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