Mark Zuckerberg says he’s ‘confident’ about 2020 election

The Facebook CEO said he’s proud of the progress the company has made in combating the spread of misinformation and major privacy breaches since 2016.

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg tells George Stephanopoulos he’s ‘confident’ about 2020 election: ‘We’ve learned a lot since 2016’

Just over a year after the Cambridge Analytica scandal threw Facebook at the center of a global controversy, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told George Stephanopoulos he was proud of the progress the company has made in combating the spread of misinformation and major privacy breaches.

He defended the company’s actions after terror attacks including the recent mosque attacks in New Zealand that were livestreamed on Facebook, and stressed that the company needs to work harder than ever to “amplify the good things that people do and to mitigate and remove as much of the negative as possible.”

Zuckerberg also expressed confidence about the 2020 U.S. presidential elections and expanded upon his vision of privacy and regulation.


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48 thoughts on “Mark Zuckerberg says he’s ‘confident’ about 2020 election

  1. He's confident because he paid 300 million in key battle states. He should go to jail for buying the election.
    You spend more than a few thousand on any candidate and you go to jail, but not Zuckerberg.

  2. Good thing he toured America since it wld probably be risky to go around anywhere in Public again. Mark fuckerberg is so stupid he doesnt understand that execution is a legal term. Im an Alabama Construction worker who did not finish high school and recovering addict and i know that,but this man who plainly stole fb idea from the Winklevoss twins did not? Then he is a liar and thief or hr knew that and banned me for a month for calling for a legal process. Silencing trump shows all the world and history what the truth is, you all have fckd up and only the stupid or hate filled believe you now.

  3. 500 million dollars

    That’s how much money zuckerberg legally laundered into a non profit to influence the election. If we (non billionaires) went 1$ over the personal contribution limits, we get spent to prison.

    What he did was technically legal, but I’m getting sick of hearing democrats complain about the 1% and special interest when they just turn a blind eye to the hypocrisy of the DNC and Nancy Pelosi. Her district is where all these tech conglomerates are and liberals continue to scream tax the rich, while they willfully get played by their representatives. What’s troubling is this is all public knowledge that you won’t ever see in a headline.

  4. Yes, of course he was confident because he poured more money into the u.s. presidential election than the government and the candidates did. BOYCOTT Facebook!

  5. 2020 election was corp. sponsored event.
    z'berg said i'll give u $300m+ if u have 800 mailin boxes in phile (blue district) and almost none in rural areas (red districts).
    he did same pattern in all swing states.
    Mark bought himself a potus

  6. He's committed the biggest election interference in history. He has to be arrested, and his assets should be seized by Trump! He's caused a lot of damage with his $500k Million infusion to the Democrats!

  7. He's confident because he spent a half a billion dollars on Joe Biden. Mark and his communist friends in China made sure that We have no other choice. Welcome to the new America.

  8. Russia, Russia, Russia. Facebook seems to be public enemy number 1. Maybe a couple F-22 Raptors armed with hellfire misses over Facebook headquarters would send a clear message. Dunno??

  9. Russian collusion what's that? he's confident we shouldn't fret over foreign interference after investing over 350 million in these Democratic controlled cities

  10. Hate Speech isn't real. It's only a thing that exist in artificial interactions between two parties, like the internet.

    Hate Speech doesn't fly in actual reality, at least in the countries where these companies headquarters operate in.

    You literally can hate anyone you want for whatever reason irrational or not, it's your brain you can think whatever and hate first manifest as a thought, then it is expressed vocally which is still legal, once you have expressed it physically against another persons will is only when you've broken a law. That's called a hate crime. Hate Speech is artificial.

  11. Such censorship seems to be something which would be common practice in China. But it doesn't belong in a country such as the USA whose values are built on freedom. I don't like what these so-called liberals are trying to do with free countries.

  12. Aayayayyah .who cares about money and free speech …….you are all doomed anyway as us Rich BOSSES do what we want and not what you want …..remember….I only wen't to college and now I'm a Cuntry…….

  13. He was confident because he was planning on donating almost 400 million dollars to help with election operations in democratic cities and swing states to help Biden win.

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