Meet The Press Broadcast (Full) – September 19th, 2021

Dr. Anthony Fauci breaks down the state of the booster shot debate. Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) discusses whether the GOP’s tent is big enough for Trump dissenters. Anna Palmer, Jeff Mason, Rich Lowry and María Teresa Kumar join the Meet the Press roundtable.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Meet The Press Broadcast (Full) – September 19th, 2021


Author: phillyfinestnews


33 thoughts on “Meet The Press Broadcast (Full) – September 19th, 2021

  1. Stop all the false flags…

    Everyone will get the ?? virus??/? bacterial pneumonia? because everyone is exposed the CONTINUOUSLY INCREASING electromagnetic induction and radiation due to all the upgrades (satellites, 5G, 6G, Network providers, client connectivity) to implement present and future technologies…
    Looks like Genocide determined by all the big investors and governments whose economic well being, now critically depends on walking down this foolish road.. the AI world..
    They don't care how many people die … and they will continue to deny knowledge of what is happening and there direct and deliberate role in all of this..
    God's laws of electromagnetic induction which was revealed to Michael Faraday since 1831…
    Once there is relative motion between a conductor (human beings, etc.) and a magnetic field (telecommunications-satellites, 5G, 6G, etc.) there will be an induced voltage in that conductor.. (we also know that the resistance a person's body is more or less constant).. application of OHM'S Law –
    Voltage = Current x Resistance
    V = I x R
    Thus the current through your body is directly proportional to the value of the Voltage induced (due to electromagnetic induction).. thus introducing currents, ..that are comparatively larger than that of your body's natural electrical processes.. and for long periods of time (NOTE: electricity also produces heat which is also directly proportional to the amount of current..
    Result is Electricution .. it's slower and thus forms smaller blood clots, the magnitude of which is determined by all of the factors mentioned above..
    A.E. Williams.. Electrical wireman, Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technician, Teacher Electrical and Electronic Technology.

    Question??? Why is the statistics showing low death rates due to ??covid 19?? in many countries prior to ?injecting? their population, as compared to what happens after their ?? vaccination?? drives .. (look at the big difference between Haiti and the Dominican Republic – (23406 cases, 658 deaths) and (374000 cases, 4,097 deaths) respectively).
    It is important to note that at least up until the murder of their President, they weren't being vaccinated.
    Question is .. what are the ingredients in these ?injections? and how are they reacting with our internal and external environment so as to produce blood clots in a large number of individuals resulting in deaths and other side effects.
    Note: where electricity is concerned, the choices are to increase your body resistance or decrease it. So are there any highly conductive particles in these vaccines??

  2. If we vote Republican in the next 2 years we will lose if we vote Democrat we may win we have to give the Democrat a years to incorporate the party to be able to do things for the people don't get blindsighted by the Republicans they have nothing to offer but everything to gain

  3. Fauci funded the lad who created the virus.Why. he's not in prison.He's still out here minipulating the public. Don't trust this devil, do your own research .Dr Paul Malone have information concerning the virus and other option people don't know about.

  4. Thank you people glad you're involved in dr. Anthony fauci very own experiment they don't seem to be able to develop a vaccine a real vaccine so they're going to keep giving you every 6 months their new concoction and you will be the guinea pig to their experiments have fun

  5. Fauci meaning in Italian is Sickle or one who makes Sickles.
    The Sickle is the object that is known to be carried by the Grim Reaper
    The Grim Reaper first appeared in the 14th century during the "Black Plague"
    So the guy we have in charge of the plague, his name literally represents Death and the first and worst plague in our history.
    Just some interesting tid bits.

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