Former vice president responds to allegations of harassment

Former Nevada lawmaker Lucy Flores says an “awkward” encounter with Joe Biden happened right before she took the stage at a campaign rally.


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27 thoughts on “Former vice president responds to allegations of harassment

  1. This has been going on for years with Creepy Joementia! It’s not just women! Look at all the little girls he tries to feel up and sniffs their hair ON FILM! Don’t even act like he’s ok! He’s sick! And you know it! So do Americans!

  2. Hey. Biden is a dog who has a habit for stimulating himself anyway he can. Smelling hair or touching, rubbing people's body parts. Or saying no dates for you till your 30 to women and children

  3. Anybody born after the 1980s was taught that ANY physical touch is bad. It's sad. Those generations even think it's weird when parents kiss/hug their own children after a certain age. Don't ever travel outside the USA bc touch is a normal worldwide form of communication.

  4. I am an INDEPENDENT voter, not Democrat, not Republican. With that I feel the need to remind everyone of the two things most people are forgetting here.

    First, Joe Biden is over 70 years old. He has been hugging, kissing and physically touching men, women and children for decades, but this doesn't mean he is doing so of a sexual nature. Affection was once a thing many years ago, as proven by most of our grandparents and scores of old movies on TMC. Whose grandparents didn't hug and kiss them hello every time they needed a hug or said hello? Hell, they even did this to our friends who were no relation. It's just the way their generation was. Times have changed and we no longer accept that as "appropriate behavior" (which in a way is kind of a shame because I sure miss my grandmothers hugs and kisses) but that doesn't mean anyone who does it today is being "creepy" or "perverted!" It is just how that generation was raised and Joe Biden has explained that, stated he will try to adjust to modern practices, and I, for one, believe him.

    Secondly, why is everyone so upset (especially Republicans) about these minor little moments of "affection" (not perversion), by Joe Biden, but yet they support the biggest pervert, accused rapist, and admitted "Grab 'em by the P***y" President that every sat in the White House!? You can't have it both ways people! You can't demand the condemnation of Joe Biden, yet exonerate and support Donald Trump! That's the very definition of HYPOCRITICAL!!!! How many women came forward to declare sexual assault and abuse by Donald Trump during the campaign, yet they still voted for him to become President? If you're going to condemn/accuse Joe Biden, you damn well better start condemning and accusing Donald Trump, Liar in Chief!

  5. It's been a long standing criticism of him that he often encroaches upon people's personal spaces in a creepy way and ironically it's always women. You never see him rubbing the shoulders of grown men as he stands behind them sniffing their hair or kissing them on the head. None of this is new, it's just that we now have someone actually saying something about it. It's fucking creepy and it's always been creepy as I've been saying for the past decade.

  6. Lucy Flores is far too fragile to be in the public. If she's ever touched a man without permission she's guilty of what she accuses Biden of. By her standards if she's ever picked up a baby or hugged or kissed a child that wasn't hers, she's GUILTY of inappropriate touching. Point being, there's a HUGE difference between what Biden did and sexual assault. Glad I'm 69 because we're headed to a society where everyone is bubblewrapped and ANY contact is negotiated.

  7. The difference between this guy and Mignogna is the latter not only apologized on camera for making women feel uncomfortable because of his touchy feeliness, but he has never been seen on camera with his hands wondering where they shouldn’t be. Biden not only does not apologize, but has been seen on camera practically groping little girls. He always gravitates toward the kids and touches them.

  8. He kissed the back of your head OMG!!! Get over yourself…. I'm quite sure worse things has happened to you than this… as a female I am absolutely certain worst things have happened . This is so stupid

  9. It is difficult not to take this personally. Joe Biden said that I am a Dreg of Society.
    This from a Child Molesting Liar who has been caught on video more than once fondling children as well as verbally contradicting his own so-called principled positions.

    When asked if he is going to run for President, Joe Biden has said he doesn't think he can stand the rigors of a campaign. If he can't stand the rigors of a campaign how is he going to stand the rigors of actually being President?

    Unlike Joe Biden, I don't have a dead Marine son to hide behind.

    Joe Biden is ALREADY a nothing and will be lost among the trash heaps of history.

    In the same way that most of us do not know or do not care who the Vice Presidents of the United States have been so it will be with the name of Joe Biden.

    Who? Who Dis? Who cares.


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