Missing 15-year-old may have run away with 47-year-old: Authorities

Domeanna Spell’s family said that the teenager had baby-sat Cory Stephen Disotell’s children and that they alerted police about him after seeing texts to their daughter.




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35 thoughts on “Missing 15-year-old may have run away with 47-year-old: Authorities

  1. She wasn't raped by him she was molested by her father and she trusted him bc he was a family friend and she needed to get away he never did anything they checked for signs of rape but now that she's off the news she's a monster I used to be her friend and we were bestfriends but when she started dating my other friend she accused me of all sorts but yea she ran away willingly with this guy to get away from her father it's sad how y'all make up stories when y'all don't know the truth

  2. I can understand running of with a 20 sonethin even 30 something if he looked younger then his age but 47 what hes almost 50 but still shes underage and hes a ephebophiliac not pedophile and what hes doing is wrong.

  3. Oh my dear God what the hell has the World come too????? Jesus Christ I say off with his head!!! Bring back the Rivalité des Seigneurs de Guerre. Damn 😐I miss the days 😬😔Pirate's were hung. 😭🌾🌾👣🌾🌾Oh please don't even✋😂.

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