The Debrief: Nipsey Hussle suspect caught, ‘Varsity Blues’ parents in court | ABC News

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35 thoughts on “The Debrief: Nipsey Hussle suspect caught, ‘Varsity Blues’ parents in court | ABC News

  1. This brother is speaking the truth. The issues plaguing the Black community are devastating and self regenerating. Years of poverty, race hate, self hate, economic inequality, disenfranchisement, miseducation, imprisonment and broken families are only some of the problems that we deal with in this country and in our communities. Tragedies like this make it difficult to have faith and continue to strive for a better condition, but that’s who we are as a people and that’s exactly what we will do. We will continue to fight and RISE up for our children’s futures. RIP NIPSEY YOUR MESSAGE IS WITH US, YOUR IDEAS AND POSITIVE IMPACT WILL LIVE FOREVER 🙏🏾💯

  2. The original hip hop music etc goes way back to early days when coloured folk really did have something to bitch about, as slaves etc. As did poor whites, incident LY and some still do in this age. Hip hop is the coloured poor folks' self expression and others can listen to it, even enjoy it. But, it is so fake when you see so many very affluent coloured people pretending to be Oppressed hard done by Black folk, bitching about stuff they have never actually had to experience personally ie they are fakes. So who'd want to bother buying something that is so fake? And, as for whites doing hip hop, fancying themselves as poor Oppressed coloured folk? They just look ridiculous, a bit like Africans, Asians etc who dye their black hair blonde to try and 'be white'. People would be more likeable and acceptable if they were to stick to just their own authentic cultural heritage and be the very best specimen possible for their own culture, social class, ethnic group. etc. If you are honest and authentic, instead of just another fake, we might find your genuine, natural 'diversity' interesting, maybe even grow to like or at least Tolerate your 'difference'. It is OK to be who/what you are. Poor, black, yellow, female, disabled, whatever. But never OK to be so fake as so many are now in modern society because fake is basically Dishonest, really. You are being deceptive, lying etc eh when you have that plastic surgery, cake on that make up, dye your hair, pretend to be part of a cultural class or race etc that you are not and could never authentically be, no matter how much money you make, often by fraudulent etc means or how many sets of false eyelashes women get etc or how many slanting eye correction operations Asians have to 'be western' or all the skin bleaching blacks and Indians etc do, when they are perfectly OK as they are, even likeable, to some whites who love dark or coloured skin looks. The fakeness of people's appearance is an indicator of thefakeness and dishonesty, lack of authenticity, integrity of their character and when so many do this, as is fashionable in multicultural, feminist Australia, where all want to be white, rich, beautiful, rich, uni educated etc, by any means, including crime and fraud, all done very respectably, or of course…Well, what do you get? A crap, fake, dishonest, very ugly society, like modern Australia now is. And then the very citizens who who complain about crime, violence against women etc ie the very ones who practise such fakeness and dishonesty, well they are the very ones who contribute to its escalation. By being the way they are themselves ie fake, dishonest, unfair etc. Then they scream to the government for help and protection. When they are the ones who need to take responsibility as individual citizens and members of something bigger than their own greedy selfish dishonest fake multicultural feminist and environmentalist, millennial etc selves. Everybody can help improve our society. Simply by not being so fake and dishonest and calling out and ridiculing publicly those who keep doing it, until they get the message that it is Not cool to be fake, no longer fashionable. True, appearances are merely superficial but they speak volumes about what you stand for and you are judged on them. Within 4 seconds of your appearance, like it or not. If you act and look a certain way eg fake, like a hip hop gangster type or some nasty selfish Aussie feminist super bitch workplace boss type, you will eventually become that very ugly personality you aspire to be like in how you look, dress, act etc. When enough ugly people join an ugly trend they think it is cool to follow and identify with eg hip hop culture, what do you end up with? An ugly crap violent etc society. Like Australia now is and other formerly nice places eg New Zealand are now also imitating, to get with the global or at least Australian trends, which follow the US ones, though the Asians and coloured breeds here want to make us an Asian colony or part of their own culture, trying to influence our culture, change it, so that they can take over and displace the original earlier dominant Anglo and European based culture. Creating a better society is every citizen's responsibity, even poor Powerless Uneducated folk, like coloured people or the welfare recipient class. Not just a government one. All the government can do is provide a bit of welfare, protection and security, health care etc and seek to steer and direct society in the right direction for its continuity. The rest is up to the people who constitute society. They need to be clearly made aware of this eg women who complain about domestic violence, rapes, etc need to understand how they themselves behave, dress, look etc in a way that contributes to all their woes they continually whinge about. Men, too, if they wind up in jail or unfairly accused for eg making that sexiest comment or leer or touching etc of a female that was completely unnecessary, given the nature of their relationship eg on the job, strangers etc.

  3. Things like these LEGO games are OK as fun activities kids can be given as little rewards for trying hard to master serious basic important skills eg language, math, how to be a decent citizen etc in society. But they do not constitute the real, essential stuff education is about. However, they could help teachers/parents amuse and try to give some low level education to kids who are never going to master or be motivated to learn anything more useful to society. If they are amused in harmless, albeit worthless useless pursuits, they can carry these activities into adulthood, as useless adults and at least it keeps them from doing dangerous things like crime, violence etc. The government could invest in improving citizen safety etc from such types by issuing them all with free idiot games, video games, survival level welfare etc. So they feel secure and amused and not go out doing violent crime, robberies etc because they are bored, feel deprived economically etc. The government to decide which sorts of games, videos games etc because this can be used as a tool for redirecting their thinking away from violent etc themes and maybe teach them some useful non intellectual type skills that could make these misfits in society potentially more productive, less of a liability and burden on society.

  4. RIP Nipsey Hussle. Thank you for the goodness in your heart. You will be greatly missed. May God bless and consoled the hearts of your beloved ones. Thank you Reverend for your powerful words. Much love everyone and God bless 🙏❤️

  5. Nothing will change but it has to be better than that Neo-Con rat Rahm Emanuel, So that is something. Her being an open lesbian is not relevant really, Nor is the woman's skin colour, It is all about what She brings to the table that can serve the people best and that She isn't crooked/corrupted by other's higher up that would make sure that no potentially good policies are tried out that could genuinely bring about positive changes that can move things along. That is what is important, Not her sex, sexuality or anything else.
    What a real tragic loss of a proper decent brother, Hard working man that was an absolute asset, Gem to His community. Murdered by a useless scumbag, Someone that I'd expected is a real no good waster that has done nothing at all except be a negative, destructive force in the community. It's depressing stuff, The good people who are lost to the no good people far too often.

    Giving access to stuff with a simple interface for commanding/coding stuff like Lego gadgets is a good use of technology for children, It is combining quite a few areas of STEM into a whole without it being boring. As the children can come up with an idea, Start to plan and build the device which they will be then using a very simple and user friendly code front-end system inside of a computer in order to program the devices/gadgets with whatever it may be that they have thought up as their project and then being able to actually watch their work in action, That is a hands-on method which textbooks can never come close to matching.

    The more hands-on teaching/learning methods that can be used the better as it has a way superior chance of not losing the attention of children, That is likely a far more of the issue when it comes to teaching these days than anything else, You have to capture their imaginations as well as get a hold of and maintain their attention, The method of working through mundane textbooks is akin to being like a Lego gadget being programmed, That is just such an extremely flawed method which has cost generations of good educations already, So again that is a good place to start and eventually a learning environment can be completely revised so that potentially many good minds are not wasted away through a giant disconnect and flat out boredom, Funding is often only a very small part of much bigger problems that are begging for different approaches to be given a chance, Not simply throwing more money at system with way too many holes in it.

  6. Nobody care until it’s too late. Nipsey lived a good life—he came up and helped people. That’s what we all should be doing, but everybody too damn selfish and greedy—hooked on materialistic bullshit..! You people need to re-evaluate your priorities and many of you should be ashamed of yourself! Nobody should be homeless or hungry..! He not coming back, if you care change your life and help other. All people do it TALK!

  7. Update: After switching off MCAS the plane would still not respond! So, they turn it back on hoping to regain control according to black box information just release. Besides, what engineer worth anything would design a system with a single point failure which, has the capability of killing hundreds of people. [Maybe they cheated on their examines?]

  8. Sending Prayers to nispey hussle entire family and friend especially his soulmate lauren London and their children god bless you nipsey if people only knew all you've done for your community from opening up a S.T.E.M (science technology engineering mathematics school in crenshaw to give the kids of impoverished communities a chance to excel and be somebody

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