27 thoughts on “The Murder of Laci Peterson: Finale Sneak Peek l Premieres September 19 l A&E

  1. The Lacey sighting witnesses had all seen lacy in a white sweater top and black spandex pants, supposedly that day on Christmas Eve 2002. When Lacy's remains were found in the bay a few months later , she was wearing tan pants and a white sweater top. That's why I think Gallegros didn't use this as evidence in Scott's defense, in court. It would of shown that the witnesses got their days mixed up or saw some one else that morning; who was pregnant walking their dog discrediting what ever they actually saw that Christmas Eve morning.

  2. Something just wasn't right with this case from the beginning. As his appellate attorney said the jury didnt get the complete picture of what happened. There's no real forensic evidence here it's all circumstantial. Yes Scott is a liar and a cheater but there is so much reasonable doubt here.

  3. 11 people see laci walking the dog when she and the baby were suppose to be dead in the boat and no evidence was found anywhere other then the one cement made anchor that was used to anchor the boat.

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