‘Time to move on,’ Democrats ‘refuse to accept that’: Mulvaney on Mueller report

On “This Week,” ABC News Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl interviews acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney on the Mueller report, immigration and health care.


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  1. If the Billions+++a year in AID we give to to many 3rd world countrys went to Help those People being why we give it to them..if it actually went to those people and not kept by their Govt..they wouldnt be coming to america for jobs Cash and FOOD. STOP GIVING OUR MONEY AWAY..use it to fix a few 1000 VETs teeth to start build simple apartment complexs for homeless vets Virgina spent $75 million to build housing for MUSLEM MIGRANTS not for americans 😳 MAGA

  2. Mick Mulvaney: :Gee, folks, we told you what's in the report! Time to move on … Move along, move along, nothing to see here. Oh, alright! Read this, here – right here, between the blacked-out spaces – see? Nothing. Now, move along …".
    It ain't working, Mick.Just have Barr give the Intel Committee the actual, unredacted report and get this show on the road. The leaders have the needed security clearances. If it's as Barr says, what's the problem?

  3. The combative attitudes against all things perceived to be in Trump's favor is really starting to annoy those of us who are aware of the real motives of the opposition. We've been reluctantly putting up with propaganda, childish tantrums and even violence from a lot of these troublemakers for too long. It's time to lock it up! Kill game. Enough is enough. They haven't seen us mad, yet. Why are people having a hard time understanding that Muller and his team were brought in to weed out the plants and the spies and uncover other corrupt processes being used and who's behind them. I heard Trump say that if ANYBODY in his campaign is or was colluding with Russians, then he wants to know about it. He knew that Muller would find other crimes instead and that would open the floodgate to branch off and investigate all kinds of other crimes all over the globe because fisa works both ways. Two years into investigations, there is a combined total of over 93,000 mystery sealed indictments waiting for arrests and none are for Trump nor his children. Talking about careful what you wish for. Now that the Muller blockade has expired, Trump and his team is free to investigate and go after the more serious criminals in our government and others. I guess he's really motivated now.

  4. The Dems chose "The Mueller Report" as a means to put off or avoid impeaching a right wing bigot. Trump advocates kidnapping and caging children yet Pelosi and co. wait years for an FBI investigation that we may never read.

  5. It's almost stunning the sheer numbers of useful idiots in this country. A perfect example is this idiot below "ruth depew": "The spinning barr has zero credibility".


    Does this idiot even know who William Barr is? This is a guy with a stellar reputation without the shadow of corruption hanging over him like Obummer and Hillary and their army of hacks.

    These are people who simply don't read. This is the target audience of the lamestream media. Those idiots who are too stupid and too lazy to study the issues and READ.

    As I've said over and over again; These are the "social" retards as in Social Justice retards who are culturally and historically illiterate. Which is why you see the Jew hatred spreading across this country. Again; Not readers who have never heard of Leon Uris or his book The Haj which clears up this "Palestinian right of return" sham that these college students are running with today as they shill for Islamic terrorists and murderers of Jewish men, women and children. That's how lazy and stupid they are.

    I've asked hundreds of these morons; "What do you read?"

    I never get an answer.

  6. Mulvaney, of course half the country wanted to roll back the 'election' since the opponent received 3 million more votes, in a supposed Democracy. The 'electoral college' was designed partly to prevent someone lacking the skills to be president to be inaugurated. The E.C. having failed, half of the country cast about hoping to find another remedy. Smirk on…..

  7. I had to check one of these fake news leftist tubes to see if there was still some IDIOTS lingering and no shit, tons of them. In all seriousness, do you people have EYES and EARS, are you this IGNORANT ? What happened to your Faith in Muller ? Nobody is going to do a better job turning over rocks to find the TRUTH, He DID NOT FIND ANYTHING !!!! By our Constitution, Barr cannot release certain info even if Trump says go ahead, it is a protection for all citizens that are not guilty, get it ! Muller did not charge him with ANYTHING. You IDIOTS , Morons, look at yourself in the mirror and you will see a REAL NON AMERICAN, might have been at one time but if you agree with what the DemocRATS have done and are doing to OUR COUNTRY then you have lost your LOVE FOR OUR CONSTITUTION and OUR COUNTRY, PERIOD, and you should leave , go south cross the border, live by their Laws. WAKE UP DIPSHITS

  8. A note for those who might be getting the wrong idea about the Mueller report.

    The report does not encompass the entirety of investigations involving Mr. Trump or his associates. The Mueller investigation was limited in scope, but parts of it overlapped with the separate financial crimes investigation. That could explain why Mr. Trump can be cleared of conspiracy but not obstruction.

    Mr. Trump can be innocent of campaign conspiracy but guilty of financial crimes, which is a separate investigation from the Mueller investigation. This is where a lot of people supporting Mr. Trump and a lot of people against Mr. Trump are mixing things up. There are two big investigations, and they are for separate crimes.

    If Mr. Trump is guilty of financial crimes related to Russia from BEFORE the campaign, then it wouldn't necessarily make him guilty of conspiracy (during the campaign) but would explain why Russia would have a vested interest in helping Mr. Trump win the presidency, why Mr. Trump is so resistant to sharing his tax returns, why Mr. Trump has been submissive to Mr. Putin on a number of occasions. That's just speculation though until the separate financial crimes investigation concludes.

    The reason why financial crimes would matter is that if Mr. Trump is guilty of financial crimes related to Russia from before the election, it would have made Mr. Trump effectively ineligible to run for office if caught, and would mean that he is going to jail as soon as his term in office ends, whether that be in 2020 or earlier.

  9. Funny, exonerate a President. So, then back-stepping that Pentagon first look to redacts before disclosure to Source/ways/means; only allowed. Why chance flocking or trusting the herd.?. Can't believe Demarcates want to get sued in disclosing pre-arbitrary Q/A's. Very dangerous and destructive, leadership ideas!
    No idea how US being a Democracy of British Empire got lost that WE are a Republic since July 4th. and so establish other Democracies/Dealing by States/Trade at equal, scales. Check the books who establishes the Republic of:…………………..

    A few cruise ships could tackle/handle, the lack of Ocean fishing, for now and buy space.
    Clearly, DHS thanked Mexico to outsource more because no offer of pay could be quickly advertised for volunteers that don't get paid to relocate to work. Wrong sector of knowledge of labor types.

  10. GIVE BACK THE PULITZERS….The only people surprised that the special counsel's investigation of Russian collusion did not confirm a lunatic conspiracy theory are consumers of the modern American media. For two years, our constitutionally protected guardians of the truth put out a stream of misinformation, promising viewers that Robert Mueller was going to reverse the outcome of the 2016 election. 

    Everyone at fake news MSNBC, marginally less fake news NBC, and totally fake news CNN — hosts, guests, legal experts and national security analysts — should be told, Clean out your lockers. Put all your things in cardboard cartons. If you need to go back, you will be escorted by security. 

    Instead, they are adamantly refusing to take back their years of lies about Trump and Russian collusion. This is not a time to let bygones be bygones. The boot should not be lifted from the media's throat. 

    In case you've forgotten what needs to be taken back, here is a random selection, from a single network for simplicity: 

    "Hi Nicolle, and if it is Monday, the Russian conspiracy is so much worse than we knew … The Russian conspiracy to help get Donald Trump elected was apparently wider, deeper, dirtier, more sophisticated and more pervasive than we thought." 

    — Katy Tur, MSNBC, Dec. 17, 2018 

    ** ** ** 

    "Well, this demonstrates that Robert Mueller is focusing on exactly what he is supposed to be focusing on, and that is Russia … We already have clear evidence of collaboration between the Trump campaign and Russian agents." 

    — Richard Painter, lawyer, MSNBC, May 1, 2018 

    ** ** ** 

    "You see all of these Russian connections — there's a new one every single day, and increasingly benign explanations for what the Trump, for what they're up to, benign explanations are just not credible." 

    — Max Boot, warmonger, MSNBC, July 21, 2017

    ** ** ** 

    "We have the most immoral president perhaps in American history particularly because of the foreign influence of Russia … it is hard to believe that a prosecutor of Mueller's testing and experience would come to the end of this and not have something to say about these terrible offenses." 

    — John Flannery, lawyer, MSNBC, March 18, 2019 

    ** ** ** 

    "I'll tell you something, if (Russia's 'inside man' is) not George Papadopoulos, then we've got a mystery person inside the Trump campaign who theoretically could still be in place." 

    — Frank Figliuzzi, former assistant director for counterintelligence, FBI, MSNBC, Jan. 9, 2018 

    ** ** ** 

    "I believe that what we have here is a very broad-based criminal conspiracy. … And Donald Trump is a walking example of how any intelligence officer can turn someone against their own nation. As John Brennan said, most of the time, they don't even know that they're committing treason." 

    — Malcolm Nance, counterterrorism intel analyst, MSNBC, Nov. 30, 2018 

    ** ** ** 

    "This is the linkage between Donald Trump and Russia in crimes." 

    — Jill Wine-Banks, assistant Watergate prosecutor, MSNBC, Dec. 7, 2018 

    ** ** ** 

    "It's going to be so clear that this has been a criminal enterprise from day one with the Russians and Trump …" 

    — Rep. Steve Cohen, MSNBC, Dec. 7, 2018 

    ** ** ** 

    "Were these gun rights folks potentially a conduit for Russian money alongside other forms of Russian government influence on our 2016 campaign?" 

    — Rachel Maddow, MSNBC, July 25, 2018 

    ** ** ** 

    "And what about Trump's ringleadership of his people, including family members and their efforts to win this award of a foreign power, Russia, to win the presidency?" 

    — Chris Matthews, MSNBC, March 8, 2019 

    ** ** ** 

    "And the Russians' investment in (Trump) goes back decades. … It may have been the situation where (Trump) decided, look, what Russia is giving us in terms of political help here and undermining Hillary Clinton's candidacy may be way bigger than any deal we could ever get in Russia." 

    — Natasha Bertrand, The Atlantic, MSNBC, Nov. 30, 2018 

    ** ** ** 

    "So, with this whole real estate deal and the claws that the Russians had into (Cohen), and what he was doing with that in terms of dealing with the Russians was all part and parcel of this conspiracy that resulted in their assistance in the campaign." 

    — Nick Akerman, assistant Watergate prosecutor, MSNBC, Nov. 30, 2018 

    ** ** ** 

    "An American president who has been compromised by the Russians faces the world." 

    — Chris Hayes, MSNBC, Nov. 30, 2018

  11. No one has their nose further up the orange cavity then lyin malignant tumor Mulvaney. He should go back to Fox News where the morons who tune over there believe his bull shit

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