Why Texas Doctor Defied New Abortion Law Despite Possible Legal Consequences

NBC’s Chloe Atkins breaks down why a Texas doctor, who has been practicing 40 years, violated the state’s new abortion law despite the possible legal consequences, and why he believes it was his “duty of care” to do so. 
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Author: phillyfinestnews


22 thoughts on “Why Texas Doctor Defied New Abortion Law Despite Possible Legal Consequences

  1. It makes no difference how you look at it or Define the law of many different ways and find a right to give abortions which abortion clinics is like a massive business it's a big money-making business Corporation but no matter how you look at it a baby inside the womb or outside the womb is a living soul and basically when you destroy that fetus you're destroying a life so actually you're sacrificing a child to the devil and committing murder at the same time most lame brain thinks it's okay to give abortion because they don't feel the need to be burden but they don't mind to take time out to have fun under the covers

  2. "Peoples of the earth, you have hated life, you have polluted My garden! Diseased and awful generation, you have destroyed the garden! And so I am come to cleanse, and to wipe away! I am come down, My face is very near! Do you feel the heat of My wrath, O ignorant and vain peoples?! You retain no knowledge at all! Only greed and wickedness, wickedness upon wickedness, passes before your eyes without ceasing, and oh how you love to have it so!
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  3. Many people with careers in the field of science have refused to move to Texas for work because of the anti-abortion bill. If the bill stands, Texas would become an anti-intellectual theocracy

  4. Dr. Braid, you are a hero. Such bravery to stand up to such a totalitarian law. Such integrity to do what’s right for your patient even when you know there will be consequences. I deeply admire you for not letting the dictators seize control of your patient’s body and performing the necessary procedure. I hope your heroism is what overturns this ban!

  5. If a person selfishly refuses to try to raise a child, there are thousands of people out there desiring to adopt. Instead of murdering an innocent baby, why not give him and other people a chance to have a loving family?

  6. If you disagree with abortion, then go stand in line at an adoption agency. Half a million children in the foster system waiting for pro-life families to adopt them. The foster system is already over burdened, not enough pro-life families willing to help. It is estimated that nearly one out of every four prisoners and seventy percent of prostitutes came out of the foster system. Many are homeless the moment they’re adults. If you truly love children, then if you’re going to force them into a potentially brutal life, then you ought to advocate for an increase in welfare to help pay for them as well as begin adopting.

  7. If 500,000 average Americans from all states, pro choice people, filed lawsuits, 1,000 lawsuits in each of 500 different courts throughout Texas, the entire justice system in Texas would be paralyzed for 3 years. It would cost the state of Texas $1 billion or more.

    The plaintiffs don't have to go after the defendants for a significant sum of money, or even care if they win or lose, necessarily. Pro choice groups could raise money to pay the lawyers on both sides, and/or pro choice lawyers could work pro bono, for both sides.

    The Texas legislature would put an end to the law, and no U.S. state would ever try another stunt like this again.

  8. The concept of bodily autonomy has always been an alien concept to many Americans. Just look at how prevalent infant circumcision is in their country. Infant circumcision is clearly a violation of bodily autonomy and yet many of them still support the barbaric practice. I hope Americans would wake up and realise that. Bodily autonomy is for all gender.

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