Biden Stresses ‘Urgent’ Need To Address Climate Change At Major Economies Forum

President Biden spoke at the Major Economies Forum on Energy and Climate to discuss worldwide goals for climate change. The president promoted his administration’s jobs and infrastructure plan as a way to address the issue.

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Author: phillyfinestnews


48 thoughts on “Biden Stresses ‘Urgent’ Need To Address Climate Change At Major Economies Forum

  1. Biden is so concerned with climate change he only had an 85 car motor cage on his way to the Vatican to discuss climate change!! Yes BS biden and definitely changed the climate!!

  2. Without China, India and Russia onboard the U.S. is not going to change world's climate. Then Biden rambles 200 million people might be displaced from all the "poor areas" in the world. Canada has a TENTH of our population with huge geographic area. Let them start carrying the Load for a change. There are hundreds of cooler countries these people can live in. The U.S. is not the Only place Biden. We have over 380 million people. Wake up imbecile.

  3. Biden's Climate Change is a farce. It's once again "RULES ARE FOR THEE, NOT FOR ME" I'll believe Democrats are serious about climate change when (1) cackling, do-nothing Kamala Harris flies with other Politicians and NOT by herself on a chartered 737 for a Virginia campaign, and delivered in 4 gas guzzling Chevy Tahoe's, (2) When Mitt Romney flies commercial and NOT in his private gas guzzling jet. (3)When Biden has one energy guzzling mansion and NOT own 6, (4)When Bill Gates downsizes to a 2500 square foot home instead of a mansion larger than 6 Costco stores, (7)and Obama lives just 2 feet above sea level on the East coast. (8) When Gavin Newsom demands California do "forest management" so half of California isn't belching tons of CO2 into the air every summer due to wildfires. I'll believe the world is concerned about climate change when in Beijing China one can see across the street after the pollution is gone. Climate change is a farce because Democrats do NOT believe it is a problem and if they did, they would set an example.

  4. so at this point 453 people would rather have problems…due to anthropogenic climate change, then invest in US citizens having no public health problems…but trillions is just a number and 100 years ago those people who died…are dead…what about you? Do you look to the past or future?

  5. Putting all sources of energy on a power grid to control is not going green. It is going Green Party Socialism. Meanwhile they criminalise homelessness to target those who live with nature off the land. The owners of the big companies well haven't worked a day in their life but reap the benefits of our labor. That is slavery. The money they give is chump change to keep us out of nature where we can live freely with nature as intended. We are being held captive by the religious laws of the church who has banked for centuries on the poor and sick. They make us sick and keep us poor. We take back the power by denying religion and politics.

  6. Maybe address the Biden Regime destroying American – Border Crisis, inflation, failing economy, Afghanistan disaster with Americans w/ Taliban, Critical race theory destroying our schools, loss of freedoms with vaccine mandates, run away energy prices , defunding of police , woke military agenda and many others that are destroying our constitution!

  7. Notice that Grandpa Joe is sitting in his fake White House set across the street from the real White House.
    The fake set was created so that an "easy to read" teleprompter can be installed for him permanently.

  8. Tackling The Climate Crisis' at COP26 in November means United States being surrendered by Biden to the unelected, self-appointed Scientocrats in Brussels, their IPCC Climate Caliphate demand for years '$2,700-a-CO2-Ton' mandatory energy austerity jizrah tithe. Put that in gas tax form: $30.47 a gallon (EU6.91 a liter). That is a Millennial Holocaust. Not just 1,000s starving/freezing to death each winter, 1,000,000s starving/freezing to death. A Scientocrat Dark Ages.

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