Burned-out millennials take on alternative work lifestyles

From working on the road to maximizing their 401K savings in order to retire early, several 20- and 30-somethings have looked for ways to replace the 9-to-5 grind.


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42 thoughts on “Burned-out millennials take on alternative work lifestyles

  1. What BS…previous generations could do the same thing…if they DIDN'T HAVE KIDS. Let's be honest this is the first generation to design a camera that takes a picture…of YOURSELF. Where do you think their priorities lay…no kids…want the government to pay off their student loans…want a 4 day work week or just work from home.

  2. Typical shallow mainstream media presentation of people who are drifting…with the mandatory identity politics…but when did corporate media ever veer beyond clichés…another great reason never to subscribe to cable….

  3. A millenial has seen the dot com crash of 2000, financial crisis of 2008, and the 2020 pandemic. 3 major crashes in 20 years. And I understand why they feel this way. I would too if I was younger. Live your life and find happiness. Everything else is BS.

  4. I don't believe their story is entirely plausible without an inheritance or similiar. They saved aggresively for only 6 years, and they were political consultants – not investment bankers or white-shoe lawyers. You need at least 1 million dollars to live off of capital returns alone, and it's difficult to believe they could have saved that much in that amount of time. The reporters honestly should have probed them more on exactly how much they made and saved – or not bother interviewing someone who isn't willing to disclose.

  5. Haha what a bunch of bs this is. Why don't you show the real US citizens that have retired 'early' and are living in poverty or on the streets! Yeah we know there's a lot of privilege but not enough for the majority of 'we the people'!

  6. Here I am a year later…..do these people still have a job? With COVID and the World at a standstill? The working around the world looks like what now? I would like a follow up on this.

  7. I wonder how they did this…..Even investing half of what one makes does not add up unless they are making some serious money. I do not believe that these people are truly ready for retirement. I think mommy and daddy are sending money to them. I know a woman that has a doctorial and is in her mid 20s, and is NOT working and I know that mom is still send money for rent and other expenses. They choose to have student loans, everyone makes choices everyday. If I can hire a woman at 70% of pay that a man makes, I would never hire a man for anything.

  8. Everything was fine until that idiot Psychologist opened her mouth. No, we don't want out of the workforce because of some idealized lifestyle we think we deserve. How condescending. We see that we don't have to follow the same path past generations did, there are other avenues, and we care more about happiness than physically going to a job everyday! Having a job does not make you perfectly moral OR happy.

  9. soooooo ummmmm I hope they bought gold bars with all those pieces of paper. i dont care enough to investigate but i call BULLSHIT . 1st dead give away millennials dont have garages and even if they did they certainly wouldnt have all that shit in there . Just another attempt of the media to project " look how the economy is treating smart millenialls " its all lies guys or they just cherry pick the facts. Wouldnt be surprised at all if they
    left out the fatty inheritance .

  10. The lack of facts in this story is apalling, lazy journalism. For anyone wondering, a widely used metric is to calculate your cost of living, (exclude the amount you save for retirement) and multiply it by 25 times. That is the fund you need to FIRE. I am going more cautiously with 33x annual expenses, and managed to retire at 55 years. 24x allows you to draw down 4% annually ($40,000/year from a fund of $1m for example). Invest your money in index funds and average growth over the years will at least replenish your annual spend, allowing your 4% draw to keep up with inflation.

  11. Most of these are white privileged people who didnt have student loans, mommy and daddy helped them through everything. However, this is definitely a must to do because the truth is companies do not care about their employees. Save save save and get out of the 9-5 and if you can dont have kids. Period.

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