Democrats press for release of full Mueller report

President Donald Trump and his allies are on the offensive, vowing to investigate the investigators, while Democrats are pressing for the full release of the report by next week.


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30 thoughts on “Democrats press for release of full Mueller report

  1. This is a continuous of their 3 year scam on the American Public and they will die before they give up the scam. They have to have their Socialist Dictator in office soon and they have to get out these Haters of dictators here in the FREE COUNTRY OF THE USA! Go dictate in hell.

  2. The special council is unconstitutional legislative over reach and treasonous to our constitutional laws here in the USA. They are not the DOJ, or FBI, or Judge or Jury. They are congress and senators. This whole committee needs to be abolished as a treasonous government over reach, seen for what it is. How about we let the FBI and Congress do to you what they did to Trump and everyone who's ever shook your hand and put it all out there for the whole world to see. Their scam on the world falling apart.

  3. What we know is that there is NO collusion NO obstruction and that NO Americans will be indicted.
    What we do know is that the Democrats colluded with the mainstream liberal media(it is obvious) and
    perpetrated a 2 year Russia collusion sham on the American public. What is worse than the Russians
    meddling in an election? When your own govt and MSM media do it to influence an election.

  4. Why is the corporate sensational media, which thrives in conflict, and have really botched this news, talking about Trump clear of collusion? Fat bloated, Fred Flinstone Bill Barr, wrote a letter or OPED stating that a president should not be charged with obstruction, before Trump, picked him, surprise, surprise, stupid media. That's why the Orange Agent picked him, to do what he did; lie, spin, and clear Trump of obstruction or collusion or anything else. And to top it off, this is not the first time Barr has done this, he covered up for the Bush Administration as well, look it up, Duh!

  5. Mueller refused to exonerate Trump when pressed by Barr. There are too many unanswered questions. Mueller had a narrow mandate and was largely restricted. After 2 years and $30 million, Mueller FAILED to connect the dots. There is plenty of evidence but not for a tightly wound boy scout like Mueller. We put way too much faith in Mueller. The Dems must keep up the full court press and get to the truth. Otherwise Trump's lawlessness, attacks on the rule of law, and his complete failure to do anything to strengthen our election system win the day. If Pelosi walks away from Trump Russia, the Democrats will LOSE MILLIONS of votes. Yes we care about health care but more importantly we care that our country and our democracy are not destroyed by the lying criminal narcissist Trump.

  6. Trump and his cronies have always been offensive, they are just too stupid to realise this…
    Wouldn't it be so funny if the investigations into the investigators, went ahead and showed up all of Trumps attempts of interfere with their investigations…
    Maybe Trump might be best to just count his blessings while he has them….

  7. So, the question now is if the Mueller report so exonerated Trump, why are Cheetolini's cronies like sewage slime McConnell moving to keep the full report from public view???? Proof of directly conspiring with Russia notwithstanding, Trump has broken laws all over the place and continues to undermine the Constitution. Money laundering, payoffs, fraternizing with Putin, beholden to Russia due to his business ties, hoarding taxpayers money, etc. McConnell, btw, should be buried in an unmarked grave beneath a sewer.

  8. The problem is the "Mueller Report" It's a republican report. Republicans picked Mueller, who is a far right Republican.

    Mueller was known as a right-wing political lackey years ago. BS was Trump pretending to dislike Republican Mueller.

    The American deserve a real investigation. Americans get it that Trumpgop colluded with Russians. Why didn't they pair Republican Mueller with a Democrat investigator.

    Well now the House should continue to investigate.

    2020 vote trump out and indict. Lets finish the job against these un-American Republicans.

  9. There is so much wrong with Trump, but this whole investigation has been a waist of time, energy, and tax money… Yang 2020! We dont need these bull shit politicians leading our country ANY LONGER, but we also dont need a idiot…. We need someone with actual ideas that can benefit all Americans not a certain class, race, or culture. Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump were born in the 40's! They were in there 60's when the 1st Iphone was released…. The cannot lead us into the future. There experience is no longer needed or valid…

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