(Dis)owning Hispanic: Inside The Variety That Is Latinidad

From “no sabo” to “ya tú sabes,” Latinidad comes in different shades, accents and attitudes. NBC News speaks to some Latinos about their identity and why they haven’t always felt represented. » Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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#Latinx #Latinidad #HispanicHeritageMonth

(Dis)owning Hispanic: Inside The Variety That Is Latinidad


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17 thoughts on “(Dis)owning Hispanic: Inside The Variety That Is Latinidad

  1. As a Latin American living in Latin American, we will not accept Latinx since it’s a gringo invention our inclusive language is latine with the e on the end . 2) we are not Hispanic many of us will never accept the term Hispanic it reminds us of our colonization

  2. I identify as an AMERICAN. CUT THE BULLDOO DOO. Don’t HYPHENATE ME. I was born here raised here and love my USA. Now if your from somewhere else, go ahead and hyphenate yourself, but don’t throw me in that mix.

  3. I hate latinx it’s a stupid word and it’s an offensive word. I’m Latino and it’s not are problem that your parents didn’t teach Spanish and didn’t teach you the culture but don’t go make up a word that we in the Latin community do not like. I guess I’m just say I speak spanishx.


    When I was growing up nobody said I'm a Catholic American I'm a Jewish American I'm an Irish American I'm African-American I'm anything American we were simply ALL AMERICANS!!!

    THIS is one of the MANY big problems today! EVERYBODY wants to think that they are so unique and so special, THE SICK TWISTED EGO CENTER FOCUS OF ME, ME, ME, LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME…

    THIS keeps us in separate camps…

    Most people don't want to accept the FACT that we ALL came from a line of people, starting with Adam, that GOD formed from the dirt and Eve that GOD formed from Adam's rib… WE SHOULD BE THE MOST HUMBLE AND THANKFUL PEOPLE ON EARTH!!!

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    [1]Ibn Hajar, al-Isaba, Vol. 4, p. 312.

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  6. Hispanic Heritage month starts half way through the month???…I am not on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, but I noticed the news outlets (including Amazon) starting the celebrations halfway through the month. Is it just me? Regardless, this is not really important, just wondering….But I have noticed every few years I am classified as something different. Whatever, I am what I am.

  7. Guysss stop. You all need to take an anthropology class and realize you’re all just dividing yourselves from other humans further. We’re all the same no matter what man made culture you believe in. This is coming from a Hispanic, latina, Mexicana, whatever I and anyone else chooses to identify me as. It’s all redundant.

    And then you picked the whitest girl to highlight the most about her tiktok? Dale.

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