Escaping Polygamy: Bonus – Elite Groups in Polygamy (Season 3) | A&E

Jesse Raynor, a member of the AUB polygamous group, struggles with certain mandates the church imposes on its members in this bonus clip from “Family Under Fire”. #EscapingPolygamy

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Escaping Polygamy
Season 3
Episode 22
Forbidden Love

Escaping Polygamy follows three sisters who left the Kingston clan, a secretive polygamist group in Utah known as the Order, and who now help loved ones and strangers break free of polygamy. The series follows three sisters Andrea, Jessica and Shanell who, over 10 years ago, bravely escaped polygamy.

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14 thoughts on “Escaping Polygamy: Bonus – Elite Groups in Polygamy (Season 3) | A&E

  1. Haha ha there was only Adam and Eve, one couple on the whole earth. God tells them to multiply. Why si en t he gave Adam several wifes when it would have been "understandable" and since the wold is overpopulated they need polygamy. Read your bible, genesis. The first man who took 2 wifes was a descendend of CAIN…. telling….

  2. My dear young man, the answers you seek can only be found in the Bible. Jesus said He is the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Him. He loves you. Confess your sins and repent, we all need to do this. Ask Jesus to forgive all your sins and come live in your heart and save you. Believe in him. Then get baptized and you will be saved. You need to read the Bible for truth, not some man made cultic book

  3. Good seeing some men profiled here. It’s not just women and girls who suffer in these cults. Then there are the Lost Boys who are thrown out so the older men can have the young girls and women for “brides.” These young men, some as young as sixteen are sometimes dropped by the side of the road with nothing.

  4. the 8 major groups in Utah are the AUB, The Blades, the FLDS, the Kingstons, The Knights, The Assembly which is extinct, TLC also extinct, CCI also extinct, and the independents which are active but their leaders are in jail. Centennial Park is in Arizona everyone leaves them alone because they fallow the law and the Jeffs excommunicated them. As of 2017 most of these groups are extinct only the Kingstons and the FLDS are active but the FLDS are facing extinction because Lyle is in jail only Nephi Jeffs is out but he is a marked man and the FBI will get him and Minnesota will kick the bigamist out like South Dakoda did when Lyle was arrested. most of the cults went extinct before Escaping Polygamy and Breaking the Faith came on but according to Amanda's and Leah's blog the new law that Gary Herbert signed is weakening their hold. AUB is extinct they faced infighting and the Sister Wives Scandal destroyed them Jesse my be doing an interview but last I checked he and all the AUB men are in jail Cody who is the leader of the AUB is also in jail. The Blades got shut down because of their suicide pacts, and the rest died out because of infighting. The Kingstons are under investigation by the FBI and Mary Nelson AKA "The Insider" is doing all she can to shut them down. the FLDS are almost extinct because outsiders have taken over their town and God sent the flood that took out Warren's wives and the UEP was taken over by the FBI and the Utah government everyone in Hildale has been evicted and Colorado City is next with their corrupt police force and the God Squad first to go.

  5. search the Bible study the scripture for in them you have eternal life. seek God's face. first you must believe that God is! and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him. read the book of Acts in the Bible. that book tells you what you need to do to be saved.

  6. I applaud this show for helping people get out of a toxic cult environment, but I don't think they know what Polygamy is. Polygamy isn't purely based in cults, but is practised by thousands of people. This show should be called Escaping a Cult, or Escaping the Order. There is no reason to focus on that particular aspect????

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