FDA Panel Votes Against Recommending Covid Booster Shots To Most Americans

An independent review panel of the Food and Drug Administration has voted against recommending a third booster shot for Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine to Americans over the age of 16. NBC’s Mike Memoli has details on the decision.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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FDA Panel Votes Against Recommending Covid Booster Shots To Most Americans


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50 thoughts on “FDA Panel Votes Against Recommending Covid Booster Shots To Most Americans

  1. Ya the vote was 16 no.. 2 yes and it was so bad 2 people quit why don’t you people tell the truth????? Ever???? FDA SAYS NO BUT THE WHITE HOUSE DOESNT CARE ABOUT OUR MOST PRECIOUS ELDERLY THEY ARE TRYING TO TRICK THEM,,,, sick!!!

  2. FDA recently approved Fukushima products into the US. Japanese are dying to export Fukushima products by suing other countries because their people won't eat them. There have been Japanese comedian and other actors died eating Fukushima products trying to give support. Japanese need to fed Fukushima radioactive products to their own people and clean up their own mess instead trying to spill them into Pacific Ocean and export them to other countries.

  3. so they should as NO STUDIES HAVE BEEN DONE as to what happens after a 3rd dose. Question is, do they know if the patient will live after a 3rd shot? We are witnessing GENOICIDE, and you better start reporting this, instead of pushing an experimental drug.

  4. The article published in the Lancet states the vaccine shots would be better put into the arms of those still unvaccinated, ignoring the fact that these individuals are unvaccinated by personal choice, meaning they do not want the vaccinations. Now common sense asks why save vaccines for a group of individuals who have stated they do not want noand will not take them? It's like saying we will save the hamburger in the supermarkets for the people of India who consider the cow sacred and will never buy or use that hamburger. Scientists sure are dumb.

  5. Woe to those who go to great depths,to hide their plans from the LORD, who do their work in darkness and think, "Who sees us? Who will know?" You turn things upside down,as if the potter were thought to be like the clay! Shall what is formed say to him who formed it, "He did not make me"? Can the pot say of the potter, "He knows nothing"?(Book of Bible, Isaiah 29:15,16).(Revelation 14:7)"Fear God and give him glory, because the hour of his judgment has come. Worship him who made the heavens, the earth, the sea and the springs of water". People are not livestock!

  6. Why are you ignoring those in the FDA who are saying that data is showing that for every covid death there are several deaths from adverse covid vaccine reactions?? Watch their own meeting from last week (go to hour 4, minute 20): @
    It's disgusting for you to make vaccine hesitancy a political issue. It's amazing. As a child I believed what the media said. As I've grown as a person I've learned through life to do my own research (especially after learning that drug companies pay the media their paychecks). Now I look at you all speak and I can actually see the lies on your faces. The dishonesty, the total disregard for truth and people's actual lives and more concern for your own careers. I can actually SEE it on your faces now. I can't belive I couldn't see it before. And I will continue to share and warn others.

  7. You know what, I’m happy with what is occurring now. Listen to science. Listen to those real experts. As we all know, Biden really tried hard to push vaccine as well as booster. However, once those experts rejects the booster because of lack of data, he wasn’t shouting or yelling or tweeting those experts “traitors”. He respected the science and know those experts must know more than him on this. This is a good leader for me. I don’t need a leader good at everything, which is impossible. But I want my country leader will be humble to listen to others. We are on the right track.

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