Miami Beach announces new measures amid spring break chaos

Police will be more aggressive toward public drinking and marijuana use, and some cops will wear protective gear.


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47 thoughts on “Miami Beach announces new measures amid spring break chaos

  1. This is the forth report and possibly the worst coverage I’ve seen yet.

    Watching coverage of Miami Beach on several channels. And I’m seeing a trend that continues to show racial bias in the news reporting.

    There were 10’s of thousands of people flooding the streets, restaurants and bars, and Apparently the only fighting I see on this report was involving blacks, Asians, Hispanics, and more blacks.
    The footage on this story didn’t show the fight but was showing hundreds of predominantly black people, many shirtless, in the street. Meanwhile On another channel I saw a fight between two people, both black as well as and more crowds of blacks in the street. Then those crowds running and screaming.

    Shortly there after, they switched the story to focus on covid and a white woman was being interviewed. The scene was calm and during the day. And in this report here, after all of the chaos they reported again with blacks being the focus. They then switched to a group of white folks enjoying a hookah and laughing.

    This perception of blacks being embroiled in violence during the night, and whites going about their happy lives is a distortion. Even if you can argue these things were happening, the juxtaposition of these two groups behaving completely separately of one another, as if whites weren’t out in the chaos, being arrested (900 arrests reported) and as if no blacks were enjoying themselves peacefully, or had anything constructive to say.

    C’mon media. Stop letting your editors slant the news this way thinking it’s not noticeable.

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  3. Lol.. You wanted "Diversity", this is the result of "diversity". Fort Lauderdale Beach is even worse. Racial tensions at an all time high. It's virtually a time bomb and what they're showing is only the fuse being lit. Blacks, Whites, Latinos etc all divide up in large groups on the beach… All with a sense of entitlement.

    What they didn't say is that Miami just spent $330,000 dollars in tax money campaigning to bring spring breakers there.

    This is nothing like the spring break of the early 90's or prior in either place. Fort Lauderdale or Miami.

    They lied about what was going then to build condos for tax money… They kicked everyone out, the hood came in. And they're not leaving.

    It is widely known unbeknownst to those coming from out of state that Miami is the Latinos Beach, which they fight the Blacks for control.

    Broward or Fort Lauderdale Beach is now known as Blacks Beach. Which they fight the Latinos for control.

    Whites that came down this year where terrified to go to the beach. At least in fort Lauderdale. The city pushed to bring them here at the beginning of the Ritz hotel who's been 80 vacant for 20 years and one of the ones who pushed for spring breaks end so they could buy up the whole block to build their hotel with the blessing of the city council. As a last resort they asked that sorting breakers be brought back…

    But it was too late. The hood and wanna be gangsta bullshit, the wiggers aga every fat assed chick took it over.

    The rich don't want to go, the whites fled.. and to be honest. Fuck em!

    They called to destroy a world wonder we had. Killed the city economy for decades due to greed. It's they're bed, they can lay in it.

    And with the push for Diversity.. lol.
    Yeah, good luck with that added to the mix. Nothing but testosterone running rampant. And it ain't just during spring break, it's year round.

    It's diverse all right.. diverse ways to get robbed, mugged, shot, raped, pimped out, or beat up… Just count the ways. Very diverse indeed.

    Both cities got what they deserve as far as I'm concerned.

    Aga any one pushing diversity… Come here, see what diversity is in reality, it's not like some bullshit fantasy you made up on your head.

  4. Niggas getting tired with offbrands coming to their city and act like ain nothing, Miami just ain't about tourism, that is a melting pot, Dominicans, Haitians, Jamaicans, Brazilians, you can't come down there and think it is a rap video, you will be sadly mistaken.

  5. This is a race thing. They've been ignoring the crime and hooliganism of white college "kids" for all the years spring break has been around, but now want to highlight and complain about black kids doing the same exact things white kids have been doing since the 80s. They are clearly implying that the black kids don't belong there, when all those white college kids that typically go to spring break and cause the same type of trouble, are from out of town. Typical, hypocritical, racist Florida.

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