Mueller delivers report to DOJ: ABC Radio

Special counsel Robert Mueller has handed his highly anticipated report off to the Department of Justice.

For nearly two years, Mueller and his team investigated how far the Kremlin went to interfere in the 2016 presidential election, including trying to determine whether any Americans may have helped those efforts.

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29 thoughts on “Mueller delivers report to DOJ: ABC Radio

  1. MainStreamNews is irrelevant
    How embarrassing it must be to the democrats…oh wait, they're still making it worse for themselves…lol
    Give it up losers.
    The declass is coming
    Your pain hasn't even started yet!

  2. I am far from a Trump supporter, but come on, no mentioned that those emails sent to wikileaks were not Russian as they say here that Mueller probably said to incriminate Russia and feed the case but we know tgat those came from DNC insider that appeared dead shortly later through a british diplomat provided to Wikileaks, about the election fraud by Hillary against Bernie Sanders. Those said were provided by Stone who knows if he really did, what and why and if they were of any relevance. Even Noam Chomsky said the Russian intervention in the elections if far from reality. There ir different than from the truth that Trump people were talking to the Russians business and political wise trying to make deals in case he won and if he did not. But that is more common that what is said.

  3. LOL bwahhahahahahaha Now maybe go look for big foot! You ABC have no credibility whatsoever anymore. You run the story on Russia every day for over two years to again be fed a poop sandwich. ABC is FAKE NEWS now with no doubts at all. You made yur bed now you can sleep in it. You truly are THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE Anyone with at least half a brain sees you have become the lap dogs of the LEFT. ABC is there an apology to the American People coming?? If not, we will bury you!!!

  4. Where is the collusion/conspiracy? Where is the obstruction? ABC lied to gullible people & got them to believe in a total conspiracy theory. It was manufactured from whole-cloth. They turned fiction into “news.” Zero credibility.

  5. Nepotism rules broken; having you're kids work for you in gov is not allowed.
    Conflict of interest rules broken; having your businesses profit from gov
    contracts you create is not allowed. When we take back our country,
    all those rules need to be enforced by an independent or co-equally
    owned Justice department. Having Justice under the executive is proven
    to be a problem.

  6. ABC which has been peddling the Trump/Russia collusion for two years, needs to wipe the egg off of its face.
    Will you boneheads be apologizing to the general public and to the Trump Family?
    Maybe you should do a PRO Trump story for once. The economy is booming, NOKO isnt launching any missiles
    and ISIS has been crushed in the Middle East by the Trump military.

  7. This is so obvious: Russia wanted and wants a parody of a president to be elected in USA, a man so incredibly wrong for any use as ever walked the Earth, that the Russians and every enemy of the US worldwide (actually very few like the USA at all), without any need for cooperation interfered in the election. Why involve airhead Trump in anything complex, or..well, why would anyone really WANT to involve Trump in anything? He just does not understand facts or laws, he says what he thinks and thinks with his head up that's why everything he says stinks, and he is a closed minded idiot with less knowledge than an average ten year old childMueller could maybe not prove that the Don knew that the Russians and their uncle (the fat guy in a bed in Alabama) gave him a fake victory. We Europeans never agree on most things, but we all are more or less looking at the 45 President of the USA as mad, mentally ill, plagued by personality disorders of all strains. So the Americans let he and his family enrich themselves immensely as this mafia gang dismantles all important infrastructure – like the Federal Aviation Agency that let the Max go down twice from a fault a "normal" Agency would have solved before hundreds of people were dead – oh I could go on … My point is that the Americans have the most dysfunctional complete idiot and most amoral and immoral president any sivilized society in history ever had. Poor Americans, you are so brainless that you think "problem solved" if this raging fool cannot be proven to know anything at all about any given theme, including the word "Collusion" and why everybody in his camp talked to Russians and tried to hide their talks with blatant lies… The problem remains the same, like Zep's songs, and is quite simply that the leader of the United States is making billions personally by letting the whole country go to hell.,still, he could stir up another world war and become the dictator of the US. As Bowie sang: "I am afraid of Americans".

  8. The sad part is that meuller could come out and say that trump was literally sucking off Putin and the trumpets would still wouldn't believe it. If trump showed up at a trump supporters house and said, with fingers straight up at waist level, " I have to take a shit but can only do it in a gold toilet or someone's mouth, you know presidents stuff" they would all plop right down and open up, as soon as they realize they have shit in their mouth they would find a way to blame it on Hillary and Obama.
    "Obama is so crooked" is what they always say..

  9. What do the Clinton Foundation, James Comey, Lisa Barsoomian, Rod Rosenstein, Lois Lerner, and Robert Mueller have in common with… Bernie Madoff or Nicolas Maduro?…

    Would it not be SIMPLY EVERYTHING???      <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< FOLLOW THE MONEY >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  10. "To rule with Satan is better than serving God"

    You may have heard this before but let me explain it's not just a saying anymore. If you want to know what time it is for the human race in history to this world this could explain it. Our time to this world is coming to an end. Lawgivers are incapable of doing their job anarchy is here to stay. The pity of Jesus is under attack, the old and disabled are forced to leave their homes and die homeless under a bridge so the rich can get richer. Children are choosing suicide over life in this world. Bullying shows strength, compassion shows weakness. Greed is good and civil rights are going expendable. To put it simply we have killed God and given this world to Satan. It's only a matter of time until the human race no longer chooses to live with each other and put an end to the problem. Nuclear self-extinction (Armageddon) is now working in our history book (the nuclear clock). I know people would like to laugh at me claiming the sky is falling but as people of conscience think also of this if evil knows it's nature how can we be so blind not to know what is going on ourselves? The good may have to die and be born again but evil is here to stay knowing what works already. Welcome to Hell a bottomless pit of despair I've heard it said before. All of this and free will, what more can the human race take hope out of in its judgment of each other in an eye for an eye? What is the point in creating a Hells kitchen in the eye of life to prove that we can? I think Isis has made that point already and money is not going to change it. You know the human race is going mental when you can see it repeating itself in spirit. Jesus Christ was forsaken by Judas (for money) then put to death to allow a criminal go free. Does any of this sound familiar… Jesus is not for sale and governments should not pretend to be something they're not! Making laws for other people to follow takes consciousness of heart, not greed to possess and be possessed. Criminals should not be made into lawgivers and churches should not be making money on people's souls saying they have been ordained by Jesus to do so! People God is good and I am pretty sure the Holy Spirit just doesn't work like people say it does today. People I am not judging for God but I can do the math. Here is another bet, if you rule with Satan the only thing you're the boss of is the misery that surrounds you, and misery is lousy at taking orders. Not very intelligent if you ask me.

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