New questions arise about the safety of Boeing 737 MAX jets

New details have emerged about the final moments of the Lion Air flight that crashed last October and the FBI has joined the investigation into the planes’ certification process.


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27 thoughts on “New questions arise about the safety of Boeing 737 MAX jets

  1. You CAN NOT just fix a design flaw with a system feature, furthermore it was never even tested or communicated with the people that were going to be flying the damn thing!!!!!! as we all know from past events. SYSTEMS FAIL.
    One system failing should never bring down an aircraft, or that system should never be used. The FAA and Boeing are to blame 100%

  2. Ethiopia Boeing 737 Max Black Box Get Check And Investigation In France Country, Hope Can Found What Its The Reason Make Ethiopia Boeing 737 Max Crash, Hope Not MCAS But Failty Engine And Boeing Fail Electrical And Electronik Fail And Mall Function, …. Cherrio02*Win''.

  3. Ethiopia Boeing 737 Max Black Box Get Check And Investigation France Country, Hope Can Found What Its Reason Make Ethiopia Boeing 737 Max Crash, Hope Not MCAS But Failty Engine And Boeing Fail Electrical And Electronik Fail And Mall Function, …. Cherrio02*Win''.

  4. The focus should be on discovering the reasons for the two crashes and ensuring that such crashes do not recur. The focus should not be to hide facts or try to save Boeing's reputation or it's financial losses due to grounding. Grounding and financial losses are not permanent but temporary.

  5. Boeing is a favorite of Trump who pressures foreign governments into buying Boeing products. Is this the way jobs will return to the United States? Boeing needs to be thoroughly investigated and punished for selling half cooked products where safety had been compromised. Criminal behavior.

  6. Wow… The scandal simply gets uglier ! Glad that the Chinese CAAC was the first regulatory agency to ground their 96 737Max8 (within 22 hours of Ethiopian Airline crash on safety concerns) setting the momentum for global grounding. Otherwise, this ugly FAA/ BOEING scandal would NEVER have surfaced… AND the root cause of the second crash would have been happily swept under the carpet (just like the first Lion air crash)!!!!!

    God blessed… else MORE flying coffins with hard landing!!

  7. It looks like there have been coordinated
    efforts to diffuse the attention to the true cause of Boeing 737-MAX8 crashes,
    which is the flawed MCAS design. The purpose of the new MCAS system was to
    prevent the angle of attack of the plane from becoming too high that could
    cause the plane to lose control and crash, because manual operation could no
    longer do the job. If MCAS had to be turned off frequently or routinely during normal
    flight, it would obviously and definitely defeat its purpose.  Why Boeing deliberately skipped the MCAS
    operation from its training program?  Simply
    because it couldn’t answer an expected legitimate and crucial question from the
    pilots: how can we control the angle of attack of the plane safely after
    turning of the MCAS system?  In other
    words, Boeing’s safety program must teach pilots to choose between two evils,
    and it was impossible.  In summary, the
    devil is the flawed MCAS design that can’t be fixed easily by software upgrade
    or a cockpit indicator.

  8. Boeing designs an aircraft that is prone to stalls and tries to fix the problem with a software program that takes contrtol of the aircraft. The result, is hundreds of people dead already. Time to’stop the killing!

  9. Nice that Boeing put their hand up and admitted that it was their fault. When the modified fully tested revised software is installed then the aircraft will be passed as airworthy again and folks will get compensation for their losses of loved ones etc. Well done Boeing. Personally I'll never fly another Boeing again because if their Engineering compliance testing is so poor and not thorough then what other faults might be unreported and unidentified on any Boeing aircraft. I'll opt for Airbus thank you.

  10. Lion Air should have grounded the particular aircraft, and should have put out an emergency bulletin to their own pilots about the problem, then followed up with regulatory authorities. They could have protected their own aircraft and passengers.

  11. Airplane crashes are tragic, they are also dramatic and this media frenzy against Boeing is ridiculous. The aircraft has been a stellar aircraft. I've been an aircraft mechanic for over 40 years and Boeing makes a fantastic plane. The general public has no idea what they are talking about. They just read journalist articles who really don't understand the operation and the need for pilots to be vigilant for the possibility of failure. That withstanding, I do see Boeing failed in terms of making the pilot aware of a stall sensor disagreement light/warning and more actual simulation training of this condition especially following LionAir crash.

  12. Ok. Wait. SO JUST SHUT THE SYSTEM DOWN? OK. SO WHAT ABOUT THE FEAR OF EVERY PASSENGER? WHY GO THROUGH THAT? imagine being on that flight when it starts going nose down, nose up. FIX THE DAMM SYSTEM OR GET RID OF ALL OF THEM.

  13. Boeing 737 Max 8 is a new very bad and unprofessional way engineered, technically failed and unsafe version of the commonly very old Boeing 737 airplane based on the 1960´s airplane engineering. Boeing 737 was originally envisioned in 1964 and the first Boeing 737 made its first flight in April 1967. Boeing wanted to save money and avoid long time expensive tests of new modern airplane models engineering "wanna be modern" Boeing 737 Max 8 based on that old 60´s airplane model and new to it oversized and too heavy jet engines. Boeing 737 Max 8 has so bad flying and air balance that it needs all the time computers and sensors (full of technical malfunction possibilities) to make safe flying possible and Boeing didn´t even want to tell about that to the pilots flying that plane. Politically corrupt FAA, under lobbying influence of the US aviation companies and airplane manufacturers, then accepted Boeing 737 Max 8 without proper professional safety tests, mostly because the US short term national industrial and economic interests.

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