This Morning’s Top Headlines – September 17 | Morning News NOW

An FDA advisory committee meets to discuss the future of Pfizer’s Covid booster shot, North Carolina hospitals set up triage tents to handle surging Covid cases, Capitol Hill braces for the Justice for J6 rally in support of the January 6th rioters. 

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50 thoughts on “This Morning’s Top Headlines – September 17 | Morning News NOW

  1. In the last 6 months we have had 16 cases of covid in my department, nine of them were unvaccinated, but seven of them were fully vaccinated. The only people that don't seem to get sick again are those with natural immunity. Why are the doctors not talking about that.

  2. I don’t believe this!!!! If any thing the covid rate should had increase in Louisiana due to there experience of the recent hardship due to there recent storm from Ida. The many people who loss their homes and the many people in shelters with no masks, no social distancing, all the elderly place in a ware house fending basically for themselves. No med’s and none of there basic needs being address. How now are you reporting no increase rate for Covid. This is a out right lie!!!! This lie your reporting is just a false form of advertisement to make the government mandate look good. Taking peoples rights and trying to force a mandate can never be seen as good.!!!! What government need to do is report what things are in place to help all those people who loss there homes and are now homeless due to the storm.

  3. Covid vaccine has the structure of HIV virus same as covid 19 virus to deceive our natural immunity system but unable to deceive the new covid 19 variant, it will permanently stay at human body to spread even you have fully recovered from covid infection or fully vaccinated. Covid vaccine is a resistance of covid virus to create new variant, it only able to hide the symptoms after get infected, at the same time to enhance your immunity system to against the virus temporarily like 'MURPHY', "against the virus not eliminated", currently the opportunity to the death of having vaccine injection is less due to it's ineffectiveness since vaccine maker has been modified it to be safe. Vaccine manufacturer can be sued now after FDA fully approve those vaccine, this is great liberty status evolution. A lot of people death or having long term adverse reaction in vaccination before, and the government still keep hiding the truth~33

  4. Its unfortunate people are sick but thats what rex get for what they did to me in 2018/2019 my name is angelica taylor they know what they did to me, and the rest of them. Its funny to abuse and mistreat someone and an innocent baby. Making him sick on purpose the health department giving shots I said not all will reap what you sow! Stressing me while having a cardiac episode, rex.


    Americans are internationally ridiculed and laughed at because of anti-mask and anti-vax disinformation.

    Americans love freedom but in reality New Zealanders are 25,575 times more FREE from Covid than the US.

    US Covid deaths 690,523 and Nuclear free New Zealand 27.

  6. It's selfish and insensitive for those vaccinated of their own free will and "protected" against unvaccinated to forcibly demand those unvaccinated to take the jab against their own free will.
    Many don't want the job because they fear the side effects which include death or they have religious objections. Some don't want the jab because they've recovered and have natural immunity Which is far more effective than the vaccine. How selfish and insensitive for those who freely chose to get the jab to now force their will upon others who don't. It's also cruel and inhumane to deny those who get covid drug therapies that are proven to cure instead they suffer some to the point of needing hospitalization

  7. ~ Wake up everybody, if the world is so concerned about climate change then they need to negotiate renewable energy sources with China. China is the #1 polluter of carbon monoxide in the world.
    ~ As opposed to popular belief that carbon dioxide is responsible for climate change, it is not. Carbon monoxide is to blame.
    ~ Carbon monoxide affects all other climate greenhouse gases.
    ~ When carbon monoxide is emitted into the atmosphere it affects the amount of greenhouse gases, which are linked to climate change and global warming.
    Carbon dioxide (CO2)
    Methane (CH4)
    Nitrous oxide (N2O)
    Industrial gases: Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) Perfluorocarbons (PFCs) Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) Nitrogen trifluoride (NF3)
    ~ This means that land and sea temperature increases, changing ecosystems, increasing storm activity, and causing other extreme weather events.
    ~ The use of coal as a primary energy source is the #1 source for carbon monoxide. China is the #1 global user of coal as a primary energy source.
    ~ Household appliances, such as gas fires, boilers, central heating systems, water heaters, cookers, and open fires which use gas, oil, coal and wood are most possible sources of CO gas.
    ~ It happens when the fuel does not burn fully. Running a car engine in an enclosed space can cause CO poisoning
    ~ World's most polluted city: Hotan, China

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