Wendy Williams reveals she’s been living in ‘sober house’

In an emotional, teary speech on her TV talk show, Williams revealed she’s struggled with cocaine in the past and “never went to a place to get treatment.”


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  1. Kids are on drugs because of her. This is so stupid. We should be shaming people that even do these things. What type of message are you telling kids? You get rich and paid and be on drugs is okay????? Wtf?????

  2. This is beautiful to see in a stream of other videos that are now coming out hating on her… It was all about laughing in her that her marriage was falling apart and she biz dealing with her addiction issues again I mean I didn't really think that's I came as much of a surprise… Now if you want to say that she is lying about her addiction issues and that she went into the sober living facility for embassy from her audience and it was all a ploy Etc… I don't care what it was it was inspirational and it takes intense bravery to get up on national TV and say that you have a problem at all let alone to admit that you have slipped or that you were thinking about slipping… I think it's terrible that people now are just trying to tear her down more and more and more and they feel privileged to do so because her job is to report Entertainment News therefore she has said some not-so-nice things about others so it's okay to say all types of horrible things about her? She's just doing her job and we all love watching her do it. She plotted and planned just that she does everything else because that is the type of woman she is. Whether she relapsed or not dot-dot-dot she inspired millions in coming on stage de-stigmatizing the face of addiction and saying that there are doctors, lawyers, TV host Etc that battle addiction. It is unbelievably true that addiction does not have a face it does not discriminate by race class gender excetera it is shamed in those categories differently but what she is trying to do is take that shame away so that people can get help quicker and that is saving lives. And anyone that can do that deserves to be honored not scrutinized just as she is coming out of a silver facility for whatever the reason may have been and getting a divorce regardless if it was planned or not she was married to this man for years she has a child with this man and has to feel betrayed in one way or another regardless of what she knew. I think her coming out with a book was genius I knew who she was being close-lipped about this for a reason I'm just glad that she was not close-lipped about her addiction because more celebrities need to come out and talk about this type of thing in mental health such a Charlemagne does because these are real issues in today's society that are killing people daily if not physically emotionally… I work in the social work field and I see people walk around like zombies and it is not a life to live and sadly it is glamorized and glorified in pop culture today. So I am team windy all the way and it's really sad that this was one of two positive videos about her out of the seven egg videos trying to rip apart her story and say that this was all a ploy for attention. I'm sure that she had a plan she's not a dumb woman she did not become one of the most popular women in daytime TV by being a dummy! And if she did go into the sober house because she felt herself falling apart and wanting to use good for her because Most people don't catch themselves before they slip and there goes 4 years of sobriety out the window just by having one drink and they are Off to the Races in dead in a week I see it every single day. therefore she was an inspiration to those that were ashamed of their addiction and needed to admit it, also those that are addicts and need to check themselves, wives that are dealing with cheating or abusive husbands, and kept us laughing through it all. I'm so so so disgusted by all of these negative videos about her. I just hope that like she always does she stay strong and keeps on because she truly is an inspiration and all of those YouTubers and bloggers hating on her are also trying to be just like her I need to show a little bit of respect to the woman that paved the way for them today being she was the first person to cover hip hop and R&B culture and gossip… And then get a talk show because of it and it's always the news with the craziest personalities and antiques on YouTube making these allegations that she planted and plotted this whole thing meanwhile trying to do exactly what she is doing As far as a career without giving any respect. If she were a singer she would get respect if she were a dancer or she would get respect but because she reports entertainment gossip people feel it is okay to tear her down every chance they get. This was a beautiful cover story for her and I hope it pops up more on YouTube streams instead of all of the ridiculous videos about her supposed lies excetera❤ #fabInterview

  3. I remember how she tried to shame Whitney Houston when Whitney had struggles. She kept dragging Whitney every chance she could. Then she revealed to the world that Method Man's wife had cancer, before the couple had told family and friends. Then she said she refused to apologize, he was a celebrity and should be used to people prying in his life. So, sympathy for her? She's calling people "smelly boys???" Nope Wendy. You big goon in a wig.

  4. I have 4 years clean and sober this year and it takes some form of constant treatment for me doesn’t matter if it’s meetings or working a twelve step program or for some people just abstaining (I am not one of those people I am in constant awareness partially due to working in a rehab) we must stay vigilant to it always I am aware if I let my guard down what will happen to me it doesn’t matter if I am a 10 years or 20 years sober I personally can not ever successfully use or drink/party again not socially nothing at all that statement in this video is correct “recovery is possible” and I truly hope she is able to find it and find inner peace and contentment in her life again🖤

  5. I'm sorry but the way she dragged Whitney through the mud day after day because of her addiction, her former relationship with Bobby, the fact that she was beautiful etc, means I don't have any empathy to give Wendy.

    She even spoke negatively about her grieving daughter who we all know didn't make it…

    When you treat people poorly, and literally make a living delighting in other people's pain, don't be surprised when nobody cares about yours.

  6. You know what, the media is always going to be the media. People are always going to give their opinion because Wendy, is in the limelight. She gets two thumbs up! For starting with "the man in the mirror" change starts from within. I don't look forward to seeing the Wendy. I look forward to seeing a faith-filled lady in evolution.

  7. Good for you Wendy!!! I've been clean for 2 years off IV heroin💉 thanks to me checking myself into detox and into a methadone treatment center. Ive worked the program and i have the maximum take home bottles possible and bi only pick up twice a month. Thank you for coming out and showing the world that addiction penetrates all walks of life and is an epidemic we need to treat as a social issue and not criminal. Good luck, stay strong I know how difficult it is

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