Biden Rejected Advice On Delaying Afghanistan Withdrawal, New Book Says

According to a new book by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, President Biden rejected advice to keep troops in Afghanistan longer. Biden has faced fierce criticism for the chaotic withdrawal.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Biden Rejected Advice On Delaying Afghanistan Withdrawal, New Book Says


Author: phillyfinestnews


45 thoughts on “Biden Rejected Advice On Delaying Afghanistan Withdrawal, New Book Says

  1. The Taliban let the Afghan people down, not America, Biden or anybody else. We were there for 20yrs, spent $billions and supported a democratic government there. But they fled.

  2. Wasn't that Biden I saw the other day on the Pentagon steps singing "Just what the evil is, I can't say anymore…."

    Sure, "probably."

    You'd get tons of alerts and insights from me on 1. the real problems; 2. the solutions and blueprints…

    If you were entitled.

    What does it take, dum?

    I can hold my breath as to your brainlessness, longer 'n you could ever live, even in your imagination.

  3. We trained that Afgan Army, we gave them weapons and vehicles and they upgraded thier uniforms, the President of Afgan said he would oppose the Taliban… we gave them advance warning we were leaving, Trump made a deal with the Afgans to leave… after all that the Afgan army saw some taliban coming so they layed down thier weapons and ran away.. the prez of Afgan ran away like a coward… None of this has anything to do with Bidens decision, it is ALL on the AFGANS… they are ok with the taliban running the show, otherwise they would have stopped them and they could have, the numbers of taliban have increased since they took over. Blaming it on Biden is simply ignorant. Especially since many in the military and almost the entire right wing in the USA was demanding we leave that country.

  4. Biden-"We will not leave any Americans behind". "The Taliban are professional and businesslike"
    "Our drone strike killed ISIS K members". "There is no problem at the US border". "There will be NO
    Federal mandates on the vaccine".

  5. Biden checking his watch 13 times for every soldier that died disgusts me. The guy thinks he's the smartest guy in the world without having served. Him talking and not listening to the familes of the fallen show me he is not fit to lead

  6. Brief summary: China dare not initiate war on its own initiative. Many of their internal conflicts are under great pressure. The outbreak of war is first of all civil strife, and the international situation is not on China's side. The Soviet Union, which supported the Chinese Communist Party, has also disintegrated, and Russia is not the Soviet Union now. So, U.S. lawmakers can put forward more offensive demands or severe sanctions against China.Unscrupulous


    Because America is so irresposible
    A very irresponsible country to leave Afghanistan in the hands of Taliban. Taliban is not legit why recognize, Saleh must replace Ghani.

    Trump signing the agreement will soon reap another 9/11 and his buildings will be one of the targets because he gave the Talibans connected with All Quaedas to become stronger. And Biden is an irresponsible leader.

    And UN should act, and put in mind they are on top.

    Support the NRF, nations should support the Massoud they will liberate the Afghan people from the harsh rule and killings and genocide, and women oppression of the Taliban.

    UN, Europe, Australia, Russia, India and others must act now
    Help the NRF, help Massoud they will liberate the Afghan people from the harsh rule of the Taliban, killings, women oppression, genocide and Taliban soon they will becomecso powerful to attack other nations

  8. Soros and the U.S. military on Wall Street still hold the American people’s pension and invest in the CCP. The Biden administration of the U.S. is still playing a two-handed strategy. The people of Taiwan doubt whether the U.S. is anti-communist. The weapons sold to Taiwan are not high-end. Taiwan We need to develop nuclear weapons, and our country must save it by itself. The deep-seated government of the United States says and does one thing. If Taiwan falls into the hands of the CCP, the world will be the end of the world, and Wall Street will definitely be liquidated because they don’t understand the evil of the CCP. , Because they are a gangster group, there is no morality, as long as they fall into his hands, they will be used as slaves and can take away all your investment anytime and anywhere. The American people should wake up.

  9. Biden didn't think twice about tearing down every thing the previous administration did, or ignoring many plans made by Trump so why then is he using the excuse "Trump made me do it, it was his plan" when it comes to Afghanistan. Not to mention the fact that the previous administration had a made a deal to leave only if the Taliban followed certain restrictions put in place by the US.
    This disaster falls squarely on Bidens shoulders.

  10. BIDEN did the GREATEST SERVICE to his nation AND world. He had the guts and knows what is right. Why waste resources for 20yrs. Might as well invest in US infrastructure & green tech           Let the Muslim nations & brotherhood, OIC, Muslim champions – Turkey, Pakistan…..assist their "UMMAH". Why are they silent? Watching, blaming US/EU/others, except themselves. JOKERs

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