Heated Battles Over Vaccine Mandates Grow Across The Country

From Florida to Arizona to New York, legal challenges to vaccine mandates are mounting across the country. Meanwhile, the president is doubling down on his plan to require all private businesses with more than 100 employees to mandate Covid vaccines or weekly testing. » Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Heated Battles Over Vaccine Mandates Grow Across The Country


Author: phillyfinestnews


49 thoughts on “Heated Battles Over Vaccine Mandates Grow Across The Country

  1. I’ve always prided myself with being a good worker, never received flu vaccines in the past.. I always thought I was required to show up for work prompt and determined, now work has become so much more personal all of a sudden,

  2. The vaccines either don't work or immunity falls off quickly. How many boosters are we going to be told that we need before people realize that these vaccines don't work? What legitimate vaccine developed in the past has this low of a success rate and requires boosters like this? Side effects and no data on mid-term and long-term effects from the vaccine make it very risky, especially in our children. Only those at high risk, such as the elderly, should take the gamble on this vaccine if they wish to be vaccinated. For the rest of the population and until a truly safe and effective vaccine can be developed, infection control procedures and therapeutic drugs with resulting immunity are the answer, not these quack vaccines designed to enrich the pharmaceutical industry. 👿

  3. Jesus gives warning signs and one world leader will take over the entire nations….Revelation/Ezekiel 38-39/Matthew 24:1-50/2 Timothy 3:1-9. Read your Bible and take God seriously before you get left behind.

    We must fight for our 1st Amendment “Freedom of Choice.” Some Christians or non-Christians got the vaccines and some didn’t. So it’s about giving people the freedom to choose, not be mandate to all citizens. This is when communism will creep into USA. We must fight. Satan is very crafty to deceive people…1Peter 5:8. If we don’t we will be like China, N.Korea, Middle East, etc…etc…WE THE PEOPLE MUST NOT ALLOW AND FIGHT FOR OUR FREEDOM!
    You don’t feel this life style until you live it once it becomes a socialist country. You, young people think you know it all. Wait til it comes then you wish you spoke up and fight for it then but it will be too late. Fight for it before it’s too late. There are many countries protesting this mandate, not just USA. It’s not plaster all over media. Why is that??? You guessed it. Govt doesn’t want people to know. Fight like it’s your last breath. God bless the people who are taking a stand and I will too. Pray to Mighty God where many have walked away from Him. If we all come back God can turn this around as He has mercy on people who acknowledge Him….🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽👍👍👍👍

  4. i heard this isnt a vaccine, its gene therapy, and that's y i will NEVER!!!!! volunterily take the jab, bc the ppl who have the patent on this crap can basically own u, u would become a GMO like how Monsanto owns the seeds, RESIST MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS!!!!!!

  5. I mean if businesses do not want to recover from this garbage the govt. created for us, go ahead turn away 50% of the population that walks through your doors because there is always another looking to profit off of someone else's loss. The public will always find someplace else to go. So if these bu. owners want to cut their own throats-so be it. When they lose their business I'm sure someone they've turned away will be more than willing to take it off their hands for them.

  6. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. Within the republic in which WE stand, ONE nation under God with liberty and justice for ALL!!!!! Nowhere in there did it say divided nation or Liberty and Justice for the chosen

  7. If you’re already vaccinated why would you be worried if someone else isn’t? All the risk is on them not you.

    2 weeks to flatten the curve.

    94 weeks later….

    It just came out they never did the fda mandated shedding studies, and fda says when 80% of the rats die in 24 hours you have to stop the trials not continue with them.

  8. The vaccine does not stop you getting or spreading Covid. Those that want the vaccine can have it. Those that don't want it should be free to make that decision. Here in Europe what governments aren't telling the people is that most of those now dying of Covid are fully vaccinated over eighties or those with co-morbidities. It's become a propaganda war and the only winners are the drug companies.

  9. Is tyranny worth it???? The coming epidemic of the vaccinated in the USA. >>>The latest numbers from the UK reveal the covid infection rates among the vaccinated now exceed the unvaxxed in every age group over 30.

  10. Thanks for the card photo! Much appreciated! I AM ANTI a-hole joe. Pull your kids out of school! The same people that are holding your lives hostage are brainwashing your children!!!! The Mad Hatter and his tea party of chaos has taken over the building people…..time to put them out of their misery.

  11. In the best of times, our days are numbered anyway. So it would be a crime against nature for any generation to take the world crisis so solemnly that it put off enjoying those things for which we were designed in the first place: the opportunity to do good work, to enjoy friends, to fall in love, to hit a ball, and to bounce a baby. ~ Alister Cooke

  12. Dumb people that do not want vaccine. No matter how many were against the vaccine who- from their death beds said they wished they would have gotten vaccinated- told others to go get vaccinated— the ignorant continue to act like fools ! Some people never learn

  13. So what about folks who can’t obtain a passport due to severe reaction to one dose? Does this mean we will never be able to participate in society again? Seems like straight up discrimination. I can’t help it that my body had a severe reaction. I really wanted the vaccine, but it just didn’t work for me.

  14. I dont recognize your USA the country of freedom. I think This is not either human right or racism, This is discrimination between rich and poor people. Super Rich could produce and sell unknown quality vaccines. Poorer are forced to vaccinate

  15. Hate to say, I agree with Biden. But, I am a disabled vet, living in a senior/ disabled high rise. At my and at sister high rises in the city, several unvaccinated people have become hospitalized, or have died of covid. They have also, because of the heavier viral load, the unvaccinated, covid infected people carry, infected a few vaccinated people.
    I used to volunteer, doing karaoke, and movies, at my high rise, and at an assisted living center. That has all stopped,and we were gifted with a shutdown, and a proven practically useless mask mandate. We need a vax mandate, and the 35 percent of anti vaxxers, in our population, have to go or get vaccinated.
    Hey, if they leave and they are right, and we all die,they will inherit the earth. They can all drive around in a tank, if they want. They'll have a blast, until measles, or swine flu kills them off. BECAUSE THEY WON'T GET VACCINATED.

  16. What you hear in the News:

    They inflate the numbers of covid19 cases for the unwaxxinated to try to sell it to society to try to get people to get waxxinated. Like for example if someone dies in a motorcycle or car accident, they get counted AS a covid19 case, by what you see in the NEWS. Same if someone gets murdered etc. And people blindly believe it.

    They are SEVERELY DOWNPLAYING any bad effects of the "So called waxxine"

    The truth is these "so called waxxines" Are not waxxines, but a bioweapon. (99% Graphene Oxide) Which is EXTREMELY TOXIC to the body. We need to RESIST and not give in, whatever it takes. WAXXINES are VERY DANGEROUS and don't listen to anyone who says otherwise.

    More people have died from THIS "WAXXINE" than from ALL other waxxines COMBINED.

    PLEASE: Tell your FAMILIES and FRIENDS, Neighbors, People on Social media (Even if they censor you)

    They are going to eventually make it mandatory to EVEN go to the Grocery Stores and Bank/access your money!


    We NEED to FIGHT BACK against the government at ALL COSTS!

    We need to pull out ALL the STOPS

    Don't Give Up, Be RESILIENT These people that are forcing the "Waxxine" are like 200 pound cancer cells!!!!

  17. The CDC clearly states that the vaccine does NOT stop the spread. A vaccinated person can get and transmit covid equally. The vaccination will only minimize the severity in some who are vaccinated. How is forcing 1/4 of Americans out of a job going to help anyone. Then replace them if even possible with less skilled vaxxed people who will spread the same virus .
    If you have to go to the hospital for a serious issue a large portion of the medical staff will be ill equipped to save your life. Because biden forced the highly qualified people out. We already have a serious shortage of qualified medical staff in a pandemic. Its like throwing gasoline on the fire.

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