New details on final moments of deadly Ethiopian Airlines flight

The New York Times reports that controllers saw the Boeing 737 Max 8 tilting up and down and “moving unusually fast.”


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  1. I agree the pilots followed all procedures recommended by Boeing for someone who did not know what the two big striped wheels on both sides of the center console right next to both pilots legs indicated when they spun or what the two very prominent big switches right behind the striped wheels on the center console labeled "STAB TRIM" did or how an airplane maintains its trim. My question is… How is it possible to have two pilots in the cockpit who have no idea what these switches do or what the two big wheels that sometimes spun around indicated and/or how an airplane maintains its trim? Had the pilots known these things, and they should have, they would have known instantly what to do and not have to refer to the book. There is a reason Boing put these wheels and switches in such prominent locations but if the pilots have not a clue to there function or even wonder what the two big wheels right next to there legs that sometimes spun around indicated… I would investigate both of there Licenses. The purchasing of Licenses, Degrees, Diplomas. etc is common in Africa. This needs to be looked at!

    The striped wheels spin when the stabilizers are moving.

    The switches labeled "STAB TRIM" return manual control of the stabilizers to the pilots. (All Pilots know this otherwise its tug of war & you lose)
    The stabilizers are what controls an airplanes trim.

    The trim is what direction the nose of the airplane is pointing.

    and I somehow missed… Who prepared the report?


    Alessio Vinci, Aerospace Engineering Student from Ventimiglia, was found dead in Paris with a cipher on his Computer titled ETP. Abbreviated to stand for Ethiopia, the cipher detailed an operation to plant explosives in the plane and control the flight characteristics through the MCAS and ACARS systems.

    The cipher then went on to detail the characteristics of the plane, its flight controls and frequencies, and the flight names of at least 5 of the last major air tragedies. The one page found on his computer after his fatal meeting with ? in Paris, left Italian media concerned about the plans he was involved with. He was flashing money in Paris, and gave his father a fake receipt for huge casino winnings in Monaco. Through the coordination of this one page's ciphertext, the code left was a key to the matching sets of ciphers that were found in Alster. Stuffed in different containers and tossed into the lake in Alster, Germany, these 'Messages in Bottles' were found over the course of at least 4 years, dating back to their origin from around the time of the MH370.

    Looking into them closely, they make no sense to most, but the data and the listing of coded information and abbreviated letter groups highlight almost every part of the flight controls of a plane, with small symbols added to show which dials and knobs they are associated with.

    When they were found they sparked some worry as they also seemed to list information in regards to the manufacture of TNT, and the creation of them in a sequence was something that was noticed as a possibility, yet was not fully recognized as a working plan (vs. a fantastic theory) until the death of the 18yo Aerospace Engineering Student left the key behind to unlock them, and reveal a statement from their maker.

    The page I made shows the details behind the play-by-play events by the associations that the US Govt has used to mask these affairs.

    Please read it carefully and take note of the complex nature of the ciphers. Also note the textbook methods used to derive the information with a consistent tone, matching the handwriting between the two with a template/key structure to its matrix.

    I am a forensic cryptographer that has contacted the Ethiopian Airlines the day after their flight was lost, to confer the information to them as soon as it was deciphered. I have had a long talk with them and have been assured that they are taking this information seriously, and that the data within them at least points to evidence behind a group that had knowledge of the flights, the pilot's name, and other data related to it's Codeshare ID on the Star Alliance networks. There have also been witness reports and news briefs showing that the flight not only had a technical malfunction, but that there were flames and smoke coming from the plane as well, corroborating the information that is found in the ciphers with the events that transpired.

    I am making this post to attempt to show ABC the information and to also offer my research for any questions/interviews that may be needed to explain these ciphers or how the information was deciphered.

  3. B 737 Max 8 can not speed up overwhelm stalling if fully loaded . If it reaches enough speed knots nobody can stall it because anti-stall system . what is wrong with this aircraft ? Do not fly fully loaded .. something goes wrong with the engine .. Mostly crashes occur engine failure ..

  4. Looking at the way those birds descended on there longitudinal axis movement was like there was engine torsion where the engines twist the aircraft disrupting lift (wing bending) airspeed & true angle of attack, not sure how much the computers are relying on mechanics but maybe altimeter wasn't calibrated to standard pressures there's hysteresis error maybe being parked on a already high altitude for some time there was a drag or drift from mechanics to computer maybe the vertical velocity indicator maybe a lag in the two pressures taking 6-9 seconds to equalize giving the computer the wrong in indication specially when abrupt altitude changes causes erroneous indications due to the sudden airflow change over the static ports maybe the angle of attack indicators being the potentiometer type maybe with the turbulence determined the wrong angular difference between local airflow & the fuselage reference plane maybe AOA transmitted correctly but computer wasn't sync to it maybe the pilot static system leaked another theory air pressure & turbulent air direction to the turbine blades caused blade weight & spin loss being lighter composite type maybe even blade flexing I guess there could be many things bugs who knows hope & pray they find out. R.I.P to all the passengers.

  5. Ethiopian airlines has four star on safety record. Airlines like United and Spirit have only three stars (Go find the link online for further info). So
    please leave the pilot alone and let his soul rest in Peace . Just saying.

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