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  1. This is tough. Our emotions tell us that because he was being a bad husband and cheating on his pregnant wife that he had to of been the culprit. But Lets use our brain……is it possible that Lacie was walking the dog when she came upon the burglars next door? it could be possible. Also, why have we never heard of law enforcement attempting to rule out if Evelyn Hernandez ( the other pregnant murdered Lacie) could be connected? Perhaps they were killed by the same person.

  2. Can’t get past the fact that he had motive. The boat, the anchors, where her body washed up, all the lies he told Amber, the police. If he’s not guilty, then he must be really dumb. It would take a lot more than the mailman. I’m a mailwoman and I know every dog on my route. Dogs are creatures of habit and are fairly consistent but there are many days I can sneak past my daily barkers and they not see me, this means nothing. Scott’s behavior shows his guilt. He deserves to stay in prison.

  3. He was an out of town Caucasian disliked by the illegal Mexicans in town he’s innocent it will all come out one day if OJ gets off and Scott doesn’t something is awry in amiss in the American judicial process

  4. ok so hear me out, laci was apparently really sick throughout her entire pregnancy right? I think that he (scott) had a strong desire to be single again and he didn't want a child so he poisoned laci throughout her pregnancy but maybe noticed that it wasn't killing her, so he decided to make things quicker. this is just a theory, it isn't real!

  5. Yeah so those burglars must've murdered Laci Peterson as well as Sherri Rasmussen – solved!

    Oh and also Oscar's girlfriend, Reeva….

    …along with Chris Watts' entire family.

    Those pesky globe trotting burglars.

  6. Just Awful. Extremely biased and full of twisted facts and misinformation. If you think for one second that Scott Peterson is innocent or didn’t get a fair trial, congratulations. The producers got exactly what they wanted. Another sucker to believe their twisted narrative. Don’t believe me though. Go read the appeal responses from the courts. You’ll find the truth in there and you’ll be mad you were lied to for 6 hours straight. This is equivalent to Fox News producing a ‘documentary’ on Democrats in America or CNN doing a ‘documentary’ on Republicans. Best way to describe this. Definitely a platform for the Peterson’s…I bet they didn’t count on Chris Watts doing the same thing a year later though. Kinda throws a wrench in the whole thing. Lol.

  7. Scott tells Amber he lost his wife a couple of weeks before she went missing, and this would be his first Christmas without her.
    On the day he said that to Amber he bought a secret boat no one knew about.
    He also made five anchors, four of which were never recovered. The one that they did have, didn't match the cement in the driveway, which is where Scott said he'd used the rest of the missing cement, proven in court.

    Laci didn't know about, nor had she ever been in the boat, yet, a couple of Lacis hairs were found, wound tightly in some pliers.

    Agreed to take a lie detector test, but backed out after his father advised him not to.

    Upon returning home, he immediately washed his clothes, ate, and took shower. After getting out of shower, instead of just calling Lacis cell phone one more time, he calls her mom and tells her Laci is missing.

    He told, at least, three people he'd been playing golf, before finally sticking to the fishing story.

    He said going fishing was a 'last minute decision' yet, he had already purchased a two day license dated for the 23rd & 24th. So, why lie about it being a last minute decision, when it was so obviously planned for?

    When he took the detectives to his warehouse, he led them to believe the power was out, when the truth was, only his office in the warehouse had lighting, but the warehouse, itself, was only lit by a sky light during the day.

    On the night of Dec 24th, the day Laci went missing, Scott was already inquiring about grief counceling for Lacis family. Really??? She's not even yet gone a full 24hrs! I've never heard of anyone doing that over someone being missing for only a few hours! It just seems like Scott knew she wasn't coming home.

    The next day, Scott called the detectives asking them if they'd be bringing in and using cadaver dogs. She hadn't even been gone a full 24hours, and, he is inquiring about cadaver dogs! This was a huge red flag to the detectives working the case!

    He sold Lacis car while still missing, before her body was found. And, inquired about selling their home before she was ever found too! He even wanted to sell it with all their furniture! Supposedly, he doesn't know if Laci is dead or alive, but has no problem selling her car and their home, with all their stuff in it?

    He told lie after lie after lie. Of course the big, well known lie was when he called Amber during Lacis vigil. Right before, during, or after just doesn't matter, at all! His mistress should've been the last thing on his mind at any moment during that event.

    When he did his Diane Sawyer interview, he was already refering to Laci in past tense. Another huge red flag!

    It was well known he didn't want children, and wasn't thrilled about Laci being pregnate. Even telling his sister-in-law he was hoping for infertility. Laci telling her mom Scott wouldn't touch her belly to feel baby kicking.

    He didn't participate in the searches for Laci, opting instead, to secretly go to the bay, park his car, and just watch the search that was going on in the bay.

    Instead of showing grief about his wife being missing he, instead chose to flirt with his sisters baby sitter. Offering to make her a drink he called, "flirtinis". The baby sitter was so weirded out by Scott, she left!

    In one of the recorded calls with Amber, Scott tells her that if the police find any evidence, he'd lose his freedom. Not a confession, but close enough!

    When the due date, of the birth of his missing baby came around, he didn't have a gathering of friends & family to remember Laci & Conner. No, he didn't do anything at all to remember them. And, that would've been fine, if he chose to do nothing, no problem. But, he DID choose to do something. Since that day was also Ambers Bday, Scott chose to celebrate it, by hiding a bag of jewelry and a CD, etc for Amber to pick up. It seems it was Amber he wanted to remember & honor, not his missing wife & baby.

    When a body of a baby washed ashore, and then a body of a woman who had been pregnant washed ashore shortly after, within just a couple of miles from where he says he was 'fishing', he never even called anyone about it to see if it was Laci.
    About a week or so later, he was caught trying to flee with just about everything he owned, BUT his golf clubs and golf shoes. I add that he didn't have his clubs & shoes because Scott tried telling the cops that he was just going to play golf, not flee! However, the list of things he had with him is just as long, if not longer than my list here of the evidence!

    I could go on & on! I know there's more, but I'm drawing a blank on the rest. Can anyone else think of anything I've forgotten?

    Okay so, one or two things on this list would be maybe a coincidence. three or four things — sketchy, but okay.

    All these things plus more — he's guilty, guilty, guilty! And, I don't even have it all listed here.

  8. Complicated case, I feel like if the media weren't as present as they were, The outcome would've been different. People like Nancy Grace don't look at evidence, just her opinion, and try to shove it in people's faces. There were evidence against him, yes, there were evidence making him innocent, yes. But There wasn't really a timeline or an explanation as to how he killed Laci. They made the decision based on what the media wanted.

    In my opinion they left alot of valuable evidence like the burglary, the mail man's time recorded, the witnesses, he using the computer at the time he did in the warehouse and so on… Plus, if they hadn't publicly said where he was (the bay) when she went missing, maybe they would scratch the possibility of someone dumping her after the location was mentioned.

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