When the system is rigged: What to know the about college admissions process

In the wake of the high-profile college admissions cheating scandal, experts weigh in on what parents and children should know as they apply to colleges.


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49 thoughts on “When the system is rigged: What to know the about college admissions process

  1. This is why college should accept anyone, not based on their high school grades or high school gpa. It ruins dreams, it ruined my dreams. As I am currently graduating high school I can't go to college because of my parents making bad financial decision making and because the high school system is rigged. The high school put in hard classes prematurely and they screwed me over!

  2. There are more than one non-merit ways for the kids to get accepted into elite colleges. Choose one that works for you:
    1. Pay through the side doors illegally to get in
    2. Donate million of dollars legally to fund the school’s needs
    3. Legacy
    4. Athletic so to become the money tree of the school during your school years there
    5. Born Black gets 450 lower than Asian American in SAT. Born Hispanic gets 270 lower than Asian American in SAT. Born White gets 140 lower than Asian American in SAT
    6. Born Asian American studies really hard, does really well in school, outstanding in extra curriculum and awards and leadership roles, but just to get shut door one after another, just because you are being labeled as the Smart Asian American kid. Being unfairly treated by racism act.

  3. The majors available at lesser colleges are laughable. Try to major in Algorithm bias at a state school. This is just publicity for these schools. Save your moral outrage. The valedictorian will never be one of these idiots.

  4. Affluence privilege and white colour crimes that are eroding societies! Rampant in purpose inequality brings this kind of unfair and protective s$;:t for the rich! Look at Trump family in the WH! Do you think any of them are qualified or deserve to be there?

  5. before this is done many many people are going to be in prison many many people are going to be thrown out of their University or have their degrees taken away and many many people are bankrupt including several universities and they don't know it yet.

  6. BS?! They know what's going on – let's change it up from Rico organized criminal act to – joining clubs and parental pressure?! Its no wonder your called fake news its obvious which camp your in and its not the "common folk" who bust their asses trying to get their kids in college- sickening when wrong is wrong and y'all candy coat truth with this weak panel

  7. This is like pulling the bell peppers off a pizza, saying the bell peppers are tainted! when the entire pizza is spoiled and rotten. College is about money, selling books, loans, and influences from corporations, sports, The staff in schools, don't see lots of big money, bribes, scandal, blackmail, favors, entitlement, the system is like a corporation to only make money, leaving the student in debt and in an oversaturated workforce. Unless you're privileged, other then that is common law and structure, not how the elite do things.

  8. William Rick Singer, who pleaded guilty Tuesday in a Boston federal court to racketeering, money laundering, conspiracy and obstruction of justice charges, said in a phone conversation recorded by the FBI that he helps "the wealthiest families in the U.S. get their kids into school."

    Singer said he facilitated 761 "side doors" to admission.

  9. KGTV) – A Bay Area woman has filed a $500 billion lawsuit over the college admissions scandal, accusing specific individuals linked to the alleged scam — including actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin — of denying others an opportunity to attend elite U.S. colleges.
    The lawsuit was filed Wednesday in San Francisco by Jennifer Kay Toy

  10. Years ago, I was a volunteer tutor for a program in NYC that gives free SAT prep materials from Kaplan and Princeton Review to underprivileged kids. We taught from those books and I worked with some really intelligent kids. Unfortunately, their parents were very poor and/or these kids were recent immigrants so their English skills weren't great. These kinds of resources should be made available more widely in order to level the playing field.

  11. american people have had it….with politicians hollywood..all of it…we demand that all women and illegals sign military draft like the american males…we are fed up….understand what you are doing …..your personally creating a military draft..understand

  12. Everyone keeps saying this has been going on forever….honestly I didn’t know this type of thing happened. Yes I know about legacy admissions and families making big donations, but having someone take your SAT, photoshopping yourself on an athletes body and then getting an athletic scholarship and you have never played the sport….that’s new to me… wow!

  13. Why are these people being made scapegoats?  This is the white privileged culture. This has been going on before the Mayflower landed on "Pilgrims Rock"   The white and rich steal everything. So, why not steal an education?

  14. This shit is rigged… Democracy is a Lie look at it top down. There always winning and what fuck do we get out being part of this whole system? Break the system and Rebel!!!! FUCKING REVOLT!!! We turn the world upside down. REVOLUTION HAS NEVER ENDED SINCE 1775!!!! REVIVE THE MINUTEMEN AND FUCK SHIT UP!!!

  15. Non-sense. It DOES matter where you go to school for certain majors like business, economics, etc. Because elite schools allow for privileged networking. If it did not matter then WHY are people trying to BUY their way in??? Stop.

  16. I don't want to hear one more thing about "unqualified" poor and/or minorities getting admitted to elite colleges because of affirmative action. After this scandal, everyone should know that wealthy people get a leg-up in the process and these unqualified students get in because of their parents' connection or wealth not because of their merit.

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