How Texas’ anti-abortion law is having long-term impacts on women

Two weeks after Texas’ restrictive abortion law took effect, NBC News’ Chloe Atkins explains how the law is impacting women’s physical and mental health as well as the economic repercussions of being ineligible for an abortion in the state.

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Author: phillyfinestnews


39 thoughts on “How Texas’ anti-abortion law is having long-term impacts on women

  1. Of course it's having long term effects on women, that's what the pro-life cult is all about, and also why it ignores IVF. Those precious little embryos aren't attached to women, so they're not pro-life's priority, and never will be. Abortion to save the life of poor mothers in the Phillipines is "out." Wealthy women in the Phillipines paying scientists to create a few embryos and toss them in a freezer until maybe they're ready to have children someday is "in."

  2. Humans are smart enough to decide whether they get pregnant.
    Farm animals are not smart enough, so humans have to decide for them.
    Ladies, please stop acting like stupid farm animals.

  3. Abortions saves the child from this trash world. Pro Life just want more people to be born so they can suffer. Pro Life want you to suffer. Pro Life is Pro Sadist. Just cause yourself to miscarry! No one can stop that so this ban means nothing and i know women will be desparate enough and they will just take matters into their own hands. So i am glad this ban is going to do nothing.

  4. Aye speaking of equality if women have the choice to have a baby or not. Men should have the choice whether or not to pay child support. Women shouldn’t be able to leverage children for monetary gain since we are speaking on equality and all.

  5. Abortion is not progress. It is another sad symptom of an increasingly morally bankrupt world. It emotionally scars many woman. People can play all the Jedi mind tricks they want however the only reason we can comment on this post is because our parents did not destroy our development. Life is precious and we should not destroy it.

  6. Moral of the story if religion didn’t exist people will still allow abortions but no people rather choose to devote their selves to something that’s not even real and this religion that’s a made up is not even a good one it’s just all about a person and nothing else humans always have a habit of making about their selves so that’s why this religion sucks choose a better religion like nature I don’t know just stop making about a person who knows all

  7. If it's supposed to be your body your choice then why are we forced or forcing others to take the vaccine me myself I'm pro-life but we are living in a country where everyone is free no I may disagree with your freedom of choice but at the end of the day it's your freedom of choice

  8. If it's your body, your choice, then why are you all paying taxes? It took your body to make that money. I know you all just really enjoy paying taxes right? It's your choice

  9. A parent's life does change when a child is born, but not for the worse. There may be dreams and aspirations that are harder to achieve, but no materialistic goal can come close to the fulfillment of being a parent.
    I'm sure some people that have abortions do so full of regret and for what they feel like are good reasons. But I'm equally sure that many do it because they are selfish and have no respect for life.
    And the fact that many of these leftists are vegans and yet care nothing for a human baby is a joke. Absolute hypocrites.

  10. Why to conceive at all when there are contraceptives? Killing a defenceless foetus is definitely an inhuman act.If one can't afford,prevent conception.There are so many in the world craving for a child.

  11. You don't want to have a baby?


    Or else you should live through the consequences of your unintelligent decision

  12. Note how its all against the woman
    No mention made about the MEN
    What is their accountability
    Abbott is going to now Predict these violations as if he’s the Minority Report

  13. Women should know
    No Sex=No Pregnancy =No Need for Abortion
    Have Sex=Chance of Pregnancy=You Are Stuck With The Baby. No Abortion Permitted.

  14. When I came home from the service long ago, I met young women who had had abortions. I knew I could never get serious with someone who had murdered their own kid.

  15. It is possible to get pregnant on birth control the chances are slim but not none. If women have the free choice to take birth control why can’t they make the decision for an abortion….it is sickening that men have power to decide what women do with their bodies!

  16. Your life, Your Body, Your Choice. All fine until you meet our creator and have to answer to. You will pay a big price for your choice and aborting a unborn child.

  17. With all the chaos in the world I can genuinely say to people who abort babies we could have World Peace by now but the people who could have ushered it in never got to see daylight

  18. In this country you have freedom with whomever you want. You are free to enter into non-serious relationships. But you have no right to evade responsibility for your choices. Your freedom should not be paid for by a poor fetus that came as a result of reckless relationships. .

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