Bernie Sanders announces 2020 presidential run

The Independent senator from Vermont, who conceded to Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, sent a message to supporters announcing his campaign.

Sen. Bernie Sanders launches 2020 presidential bid

“I am writing to let you know I have decided to run for president of the United States,” Sanders wrote in an e-mail blast to supporters officially announcing his candidacy, “I am asking you to join me today as part of an unprecedented and historic grassroots campaign that will begin with at least a million people from across the country.”


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50 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders announces 2020 presidential run

  1. Of course all the lazy want this freeloading socialist loon thinking they’re getting a free money tree! Guess what clowns, it’s going to come out of your taxes when this clown raises your taxes! There is your free money tree!!🤦🏻‍♂️😂 Trump 2020 all the way!!

  2. This guy is more than likely going to get the nomination. He will not win the election though.
    Sure he has a strong following of young and ignorant people, but that's not going to be enough to win.
    His supporters are amongst the people protesting President Trump and saying that President Trump is in Putin's back pocket, but Sanders is the one who has been in love with Russia for decades. He loves Russia so much he took his honeymoon there and did so while it was the U.S.S.R.
    Neither Socialism or Communism works very well at all, and all anyone has to do is look at the countries that have been down that road.
    Take a good look at how happy the Chinese people are doing. Forget about the coronavirus; before that epidemic started the people were protesting, and demanding Democracy, because the people are sick and tired of the oppression Communism causes.
    This isn't made up propaganda when you hear or read about how horrible Communism is. These are facts. How happy do you think North Koreans are in that Communist state?
    Trump haters call him a horrible dictator, well I don't think any of them know what a dictatorship is actually like, and that is what you get with Communism and Socialism. It didn't work for Nazi Germany, it didn't work for Venezuela and it hasn't worked out well for Cuba either.
    Bernie says he is gonna go after the top 1% and make them pay more on their taxes. He talks about how we don't need a big Richie as President and that the wealthy business owners and owners of multiple properties are going to foot the bills to help out the poor.
    Does that include himself? He is extremely wealthy with multiple very expensive homes. Is he going to personally shell out his own money to help the poor? I doubt it.
    He swears he is gonna get that minimum wage up to 15.00 HR all across the board which to an ignoramus working at a restaurant probably seems like a dream come true.
    But you see when the wages go up and a skill less employee at Burger King makes 15 hr, prices on products will skyrocket not just your burgers and fries, but everything will.
    Milk, cereal, soda, booze, vegetables, gas, everything will go up and not just a few cents but way up. On top of that people will be put out of work and replaced by automation.
    The bottom line though is even though Sanders has a strong following, the numbers of those opposed to socialism out number those in favor of it by a lot.
    He won't win. Doesn't stand a chance against President Trump

  3. Bernie bros need to realize that Yang is everything Bernie stands for and some. Not to be age-ist but Bernie would be 79 if elected. I love Bernie and all but Yang is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the US and the world. We need 21st century solutions and need to start thinking about the future.

    To add on to the age point. If Bernie was to be elected what are his chances of him running again in 2024 at the age of 83 to end his term at the age of 87 😦. And even if he did….do you want someone that old in the WH? The chances are slim which means it’ll provide an opening for Republicans to take the WH again.

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  4. Once One Study's History Of Failed Countries Who Installed Socialism, And Then, And Only Then, The Choice Is So Clear, Keep Your Socialist BS To Your Self, America is A Hard Working Country, With American Values, A Day Of Hard Word For Pay Which We Use To Support Our Family's!!! Take Away That Human Drive to Succeed in life, Then Our Great Country Will Fail!!! Americans Are Leaders, Lets Not Let That Be Taken By Socialism BS Promises, I Stand to KEEP America Free!! 🙂🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🤗

  5. Social democracy is the best option. Like in Sweden or Canada, Europe. It's better than the conservative version of capitalism in the U.S.  Social democracy blends capitalism and socialism in a democracy. And I believe means more central control of the economy. No real monopolies. More social programs and small Debt. But still with outside investment, trade and tourism. Democratic socialism ends up being undemocratic socialism, in reality. Poverty and corruption in those countries leads to that.  I hope Bernie clarifies his position in the debates on his really being a social democrat, and not socialist. I think if he makes that distinction clearly, he could get a large percentage of both moderate right and left wing support. If Maduro reads this, somehow, I hope that he'll consider going to a social democracy, (not socialism), and acceptance into the international community.

  6. Bernie is old, angry, an a multimillionaire that owns three mansions. He is a man that wanted 100 tax while in HighSchool. He is a Dem communist that has accomplished nothing while serving & collecting taxpayer gov checks, perks, & benefits. Wake up Americans! We are NOT a Socialist Country!! You love America? Vote all Republicans in every election-local, State, Federal.

  7. The man is a millionaire with multiple houses. He got called out for not paying his workers his minimum 15 an hour wage so he upped their wage and cut their hours. His wife borrowed money on false promises to buy land for the university she was president of and ended up bankrupting the university. The man has never held a real job. He admires communist China where the individual has no rights. Where dissidents are killed or imprisoned. The man is hypocrite and a snake oil salesman. Fee stuff comes at the price of freedom. It always has. You want free medicine, don't expect to be seen in a timely manner, you will be assessed and gotten to when it is convenient. My uncle who was having a heart attack in Italy was left on a gerney in the hallway for over 48 hours at which point he pulled himself up and left without ever having been seen by a doctor. The government decides whether you or your illness is worth addressing. Maybe you're too old to spend the money on. Maybe you have some rare disease that isn't worth the investment. In this system there is no money to invest in new groundbreaking studies and experimental drugs. Who is going to do the research? And what would entice young people to get into medical school and work the gruelling hours it takes to learn the materials, pass the exams, intern if there is no financial reward. Are we suddenly all selfless philanthropists? If so, you don't know anything about the human psych. How are we going to pay for free colleges? You don't think that the teachers and administrators are going to work for free, do you? There is still a debt to be paid. It will come from rising taxes.

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