Memorial service on Parkland shooting anniversary

Thousands will hold a moment of silence to honor the 14 students and three staff members killed one year ago at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.


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38 thoughts on “Memorial service on Parkland shooting anniversary

  1. Roger Stone close freind of Trump helped Broward county sheriff Scott Israel into office , probably Israel and Roger Stone had communications while the investigation was ongoing Stone than brief Trump in the Whitehouse and governor Rick Scott verified what Roger Stone got from Israel ,the president of the USA not just compromised but undercut the FBI's investigation president Trump has profited of the death of 17 children by receiving information from his freind Roger Stone ,whats makes it worst than in 2017 Trump was using his personal cellphone witch may be in the possession of the special council,Trump was greedy he wanted to stay on top of things to protect the NRA and the NRA interest within the Republican party, governor Rick Scott role was to verify the information he received from Stone ,the president has compromised the investigation and the defense attorneys of the shooter have the legal right to know.

  2. Nancy pelosi said the next democratic president could call a national emergency on guns. How about we call one on mental health in this country instead and start lessening the amount of lunatics that want to hurt people. No matter what you think, there are too many guns in this country to get rid of. Even if you went door to door and took every gun you could find, there would still be millions of guns left unaccounted for. There are already background checks on gun purchases in every state and even when you buy online. Every "common sense gun law" you could think of is already being used. The states with the strictest gun control laws still have shootings, but the people in those states don't have the ability to defend themselves from a lunatic with a gun. Someone wanting to hurt people could do it with a knife or a hammer if they wanted. The tool used doesn't matter, Its the mentally ill person behind the tool.

  3. We put gps tracking devices on our cars, cellular phones, laptops and some cases our pets to track our location, somthing lost ,stolen or where were going. Do you think its a good idea putting them on weapons of mass casualties such as the ones used in these recent mass shootings to warn schools ,our children and authorites when someone is traveling with an assault rifle on property? Is this a better solution then having people surrender their weapons or anything else that society cant agree on? If so please support or raise awarness thank you and God bless the familys, friends and innocent victims.

  4. Some of the comments below from the so-called supporters of the Second Amendment are the most vile hateful horrible things that can be said.
    All are untrue. And to say these things about school children…
    I hope that the venom and hate that these people cause returns to them in spades.
    I hope they are turned into “crisis actors” and buried.

  5. Let's see.  Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel's police department (Who visited Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz's home due to over 30 domestic violence calls.  But didn't even place him in custody of a mental health hospital for an overnight mental health observation), Nikolas Cruz's guardians (Who were familiar with his mental problems.  But let him buy firearms instead of telling him "I am sorry.  But due to your mental health problems, you are not allowed to buy firearms as long as you are living under our roof.  My house, my rules!"), Nikolas Cruz's high school (Who was so familiar with Cruz's threats of violence that some teachers actually banned him from bringing a backpack to their classes), and the FBI (Whose Washington D.C. office received a tip that Cruz was planning a school shooting a few weeks before it happened.  But didn't pass the tip to the Florida office). >:(  But hey!  Let's continue demonizing the NRA and millions of responsible, law-abiding, American gun owners! (Rolling eyes)

  6. February 14 is happy 2nd amendment day. Because we as citizens declared it as. Never forget the day America tried to make fools of its own people the day America tried to banish human rights , freedoms and tear the constitution to shreds. They have only made us wiser , they have only made us more patriotic, they have only made us stand by even more passionate the phrase "Shall Not be Infringed ". Pass as many laws as you can try but no one gives a damn about devils wanting humans to be defenseless .prayer is way more powerful than any laws and freedom TRUMPS any legislation that infringes in any way on the foundation a country of the free was built on.

  7. How much you wanna bet that there’s going to be a political stunt here ? If it’s not really a respect of the victims and approves of them doing another weapon assault a band Mob group again you’re only prove that it’s another political stunt

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