1st Muslim, Native American women elected to Congress

ABC News’ Mary Bruce reports on the new faces in Congress and what to expect as the Democrats take control of the House.


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41 thoughts on “1st Muslim, Native American women elected to Congress

  1. Our commander-in-chief is Representatives have stated that the Deep state in our deep government officials are 70% traders traders to the people traders to America and they are bought and sold out we got O'Connell married to a china doll and not just the homes home lady this woman is a business woman and O'Connell was with 60 million dollars or 600 one of those and then pelosi with Gavin newsom he runs all the Democratic Governors they don't listen to Trump they live in listen to Gavin newsom so we have a deep State problem just because Trump was President for four years and they gave him s*** all through those four years I don't want to see Biden come in because of those four years of b***** lies a virus that was put upon us because of trump so what I'll back Trump because it could have been anybody but they want this corrupt government to keep going now tell you what I'm not happy about Obama bringing 3 million Muslims in the country are you I'm happy that Trump closed the borders so we wouldn't have an invasion a South American invasion into our border Texas all the way down California would have loved that

  2. My question is with these three million Muslims refugees that Obama brought to Michigan so that this woman could be voted into Congress are they going to enter the military and fight for America against their Muslim Brothers that's the question you want to know are you American enough to be an American or are you a Muslim American and say no I won't fight my brother I see there's a problem here

  3. Any devout Muslim who takes up a position of power/influence within a Christian country’s political party, such as the USA, Great Britain or Australia, does so for one purpose and one purpose alone, to DESTROY and DIVIDE that country’s Christian foundation and way of life! The sooner the reality of this sinister and dangerous ISLAMIC OBJECTIVE is EXPOSED, widely PUBLIZIED and REJECTED at the ballot box the better it will be for each country effected generally.

    Muslims can NEVER be good citizens after migrating to a Christian country. The religion of Islam is founded on the KORAN which STRICKLY FORBIDS the acceptance of any other religion (Quran 2:256), the allegiance to any other religion, forbids them to make friends with Christians, forces them to submit to their spiritual leaders (Mullahs), instructs a man to marry four Women and beat a wife if she disobeys him (Quran 4:34), forbids their ACCEPTANCE of the US CONSTITUTION and British or Australian RULE OF LAW, since it is based on Christian Biblical principles when they believe the Bible to be CORRUPT. Most importantly, SHARIA LAW, or ISLAMIC LAW is a religious law forming an INTEGRAL PART of the Islamic religion and tradition. It is derived from the religious precepts of ISLAM, particularly the QURAN and the HADITH. So when you witness a MUSLIM DEMOCRAT swearing allegiance to the US Constitution using the QURAN you are actually witnessing TRAITOROUS HYPOCRACY in its purest form. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

  4. 09-11-01. 13 devout muslims hijacked 4 jets and slammed them into the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and crashed in a field trying to hit the White House. Did I say they were MUSLIMS?

    Wake up America. Muslims are not our friends. They are deceiving you. Never forget. The Quran/Islam wants you dead.

  5. They are not Aboriginal native Americans but native yes, i.e just born in America is Native and is not Aboriginal to land or from the original tribes that were always there… once agian like $5 dollar indians i feel they are simply assuming the culture to reap the political benifits…..this is no victory for Aboriginal tribes of America and its true people who are called and think there black or African American, which both are in any case not terms or words to identify Nationalty or our ancestral original tribes and land..a genocide on paper (birth certificate ) and psychologically evicts who ever exepts there real titles or names from there own Aboriginal land thinking where black? or African.. a great trick ofcourse and reinforced by fake so called indians poseing as us whether in government or living on our land…. imposters if you asked me seeking benifits

  6. She reversed her stance and admitted she lied.
    By Chris Agee
    November 17, 2018 at 8:29am

    Minnesota Democrat Ilhan Omar, a Muslim immigrant from Somalia and a newly elected U.S. representative, is facing backlash for her inconsistent stance on the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign against Israel.
    In a statement to the Muslim Girl blog days after the midterm election, her campaign made it clear that the congresswoman-elect supports the movement.

    “Ilhan believes in and supports the BDS movement, and has fought to make sure people’s right to support it isn’t criminalized,” a statement explained.

    However, as Jordan Schachtel of Conservative Review noted, “The statement marked a stark reversal from Omar’s previous position on BDS. Prior to the election, Omar told Minnesota Jews that she was opposed to the boycott movement.”

    “I think that the particular purpose for it is to put pressure, and I think that that pressure is really counteractive,” she said at the time. “Because in order for us to have a process to getting to a two-state solution, people need to be willing to come to the table.”

    Omar went on to say that the BDS campaign “stops that dialogue” and is “not helpful in getting that two-state solution.”

    Are you concerned about Omar's stance on Israel?
    The soon-to-be lawmaker expounded on her pro-Palestinian views during her interview with Muslim Girl.

    “For me, that particular issue really is about making sure that we are people who understand that there is oppression happening, and speak to that as you would for issues that are safe,” she said. "I know I said I was not against Israel but you must say certain things to get elected in the United States."

    Omar has also received criticism for her antisemitism expressed in tweets from 2012.

  7. Minnesota DOESN'T deserve that SOMALI RADICAL woman !

    She WILL DESTROY the very nation that has given her so much !

    MARK my words : The HATRED she has for American VALUES & CULTURE is unbelievable !

  8. I’ve seen Rashida Tlaib holding her flag up and people making that Arabic celebration sound that goes lalalalalalalala wow our country going down to hell and this is why you see illegals taking advantage while politicians are to busy excusing and fighting and corruption while illegals taking over

  9. Islam=death. Islam=racism islam=incest islam=rape and a lot more. What were you thinking America. Looks to me like voter fraud. Oh and Islam is definitely not a religion of peace. I'm not racist as Islam is an idiolgy not a race.

  10. Why are non-native born Americans able to be elected into congress? Whether it be this Somali immigrant or the Canadian-born Ted Cruz it doesn't seem right that foreigners should have the right to dictate the rights of the American people, especially since, in this particular case, she openly advocates for the rights of her people to immigrate to the US regardless of the opinion of the American people. This should not be held as a victory but a matter of grave concern.

    Other thoughts.

    Good to see Natives in power, in spite of their numbers they do deserve some say in the affairs of the nation.

    Glad to see that the overall results of the election were pretty balanced. The blue and red waves crashed into one another, prolonging the life of what little democracy the US has left.

    Seems ironic that Brazil just voted in a capitalist whilst NY just voted in a Socialist. The world's truly going topsy-turvy.

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