‘Briefing Room’: Mueller probe, Manafort trial, Space Force, Melania’s parents get citizenship

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Author: Rafael


42 thoughts on “‘Briefing Room’: Mueller probe, Manafort trial, Space Force, Melania’s parents get citizenship

  1. space force is trump-dump a money pit. Melania and parents our ok to be immigrant but not other that do follow legal protocols, ultimate favoritism before patriotism.

  2. Every citizen of USA can sponsor his or her parents. First the parents get a Green Card, and few years later (3 or 5) if they so desire, can become a citizen. Of course they have to be decent law abiding people, not some criminals. Melania did right by her parents.

  3. Wait uneducated liberals ! Malania sponsored her parents back in 2006 it took them 12 years to get citizenships leagaly! Why didn't ABC or CNN or MSNBC tell you that? Because you people believe what they tell you and they know it ,so if they don't tell you that it sounds bad! There all fake and minipulating news! Go look it up! And the chain migration there refuring to is were 700 of there families members just all come at once and you have to let them in ,no matter what! It took her parents 12 years! Use a few of your brain cells once in a while! Just go on YouTube and look what's happening to other countries with illegals pouring in! There shit holes crime ridden ,hell the main people there can't even go to some places in there own country! Wake up sheep! Your all sheep surrounded by wolf's!

  4. Retired people coming into country who have money do put back into the economy. They buy houses, volunteer in community, tithe to churches, participate in community organizations. They travel the country, adding to tourism. They come with wisdom of years + assist other families.

  5. Oh ya her parents get citizenship. Yet kids who grew up in US are getting deported to countries they havent even been too. TRUMP IS PATHETIC HIS MORALS ARE ALL WRONG


  6. Why does Donald Trump promote fear in all Americans . If he carries on like this he will be the cause of any uprise . I didn’t think you were a military state . And where will the money coming from ?

  7. So old toddler gave that girls parents Citizenship ,No Test Like All Other People Have To Take, just think how many people HAD to take That TEST !!!! Invalid for them. WHERE ARE THEIR TESTS?????

  8. It always baffles me how the more people throw around the bible, preaching against people who are different to them, and instead of following Christ's teachings, they promote hate and war and violence instead of the opposite. I am not Catholic, but cannot help reading about how the Pope encourages peace, love and the end of wars. It is my perception that these Bible thumping people are such hypocrites and they have no place in our world.

  9. Hey why not call it the power rangers,Space force if I'm not mistaken was a cartoon type show with puppets that pops up every now an then on TV called Space force, i thought was pretty bad to watch when i was a kid.
    So the name is not all that original.

  10. Is tRUmp and pence, military strategist? HELL NO 2 THE HELL NO💯%!!!!!!
    #tRUmp Draft Dodging Yellow Coward, Five Times 💯%!!!!!! #pence, No military service at all💯%!!!!!! Our enemy's are LOL HYSTERICALLY💯%!!!!!!

  11. It is so unimaginable that we allow one citizen [Teflon Don] a narcissistic sociopath to screw up the whole planet on an ego trip that may take decades to recover from

    Look at the chaos he has caused in just 18 months. the list is endless. He has the Tea Party Congress and Senate the majority members in both, the same one that President Obama had to work with his last four years in office, also known as the do-nothing-Congress and Senate, obstructionist in Obama's time, now afraid to stand up to Teflon Don because it could lose them the evangelical vote in Nov. 2018

    I seriously thought voters had learned their lesson from the most recent Republican Presidents time in office

    Richard Nixon — Republican. Ever heard of Watergate? The scandal that became so synonymous with the scandal that “gate” is now affixed to anything remotely scandal like. Nixon had to resign and was only saved from prison by a pardon from his hand-picked successor. 69 government officials were charged with crimes. This includes his Chief of Staff and multiple members of his cabinet — as high level as it gets. Of course, this was only after his original Vice President was convicted for an unrelated crime (tax evasion — but it was a settlement related to allegedly “accepting more than $100,000 in bribes”).

    Nixon (R) – 6 yrs in office. 76 criminal indictments. 55 convictions. 15 prison sentences.

    Ronald Reagan — Republican. Ever heard of Iran-Contra? Many high-level indictments, including the Secretary of Defense, the Assistant Secretary of State, and two National Security Advisors. Presidents Reagan and Bush claimed they didn’t know anything, though people involved said they did. I only say indictments because Bush pardoned 6 of them before the trials were done. “The presidency of Ronald Reagan in the United States was marked by multiple scandals, resulting in the investigation, indictment, or conviction of over 138 administration officials, the largest number for any U.S. president.

    Reagan (R) – 8 yrs in office. 26 criminal indictments. 16 convictions. 8 prison sentences.

    George W. Bush — Republican. Too many scandals to name. More than a dozen members of the Bush administration pleaded guilty to federal crimes. Dozens more resigned under dishonorable circumstances, including his Attorney General, White House Counsel, and other senior members of the administration.

    Bush, George W. (R) – 8 yrs in office. 16 criminal indictments. 16 convictions. 9 prison sentences

  12. So now that the In-Laws have citizenship they want to make it almost impossible for others THAT ARE HERE LEGALLY to obtain Citizenship…. and people with a green card exposed to possible deportation!

  13. The News women said Mueller doesn't work for the President But he is working for the Justice Dept. You Guy's are so Full of Bull Schiff and Bias Your Obama was the worse President in History And on his way out the Door Gave a known Terrorist Country a Bunch a Money And you brought up the Military They Hated Your Obama!

  14. The “Space force” is just another BS military industrial complex budgetary line item! Another excuse to dump unlimited amounts of money somewhere other than where we truly need it!

  15. What hard to understand about needing some other country to use a satellite on you. Comms for surveillance or more dramatic sound waves would break you down in no time without damaging anything. Get the frequency resonance right and you would suffocate.

  16. Those sort of investigations have all been arranged beforehand and the questioning is done smaller offence and is only a tiny part of the situation and doesn’t reflect reality of competition. And so on, what’s a drop in an unknown ocean worth? There is a sort of witchcraft to it where people in power control the illusion , when you know the truth and see what they can do, you would know what I mean.

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