What to expect as Biden authorizes release from US strategic oil reserve

ABC News’ Rachel Scott and Yahoo! reporter Alexis Christoforous give insight into President Joe Biden’s release of oil from the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve to ease gas prices and inflation.

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Author: Rafael


50 thoughts on “What to expect as Biden authorizes release from US strategic oil reserve

  1. Biden is releasing 50 million barrels over the next few months which will have zero effect. In 2020, the United States consumed an average of about 18.19 million barrels of petroleum per day, or a total of about 6.66 billion barrels of petroleum per year. What idiot thinks this will lower prices only 32 million go to lower price the other 18 million they are selling to other countries. Florida and the entire east cost has ports why will companies not go to other ports. This makes no sense.

  2. Biden and this whole administration are idiots.

    He's going to release even more oil from our strategic reserves, so what happens the Saudis are going to produce less oil.

    So what's our strategic reserves are depleted and we are beholding to the Saudis you watch gas prices go to 5 to $6 a gallon.

    If there was ever a real case for impeachment this president has definitely stepped across that line.

    We have more natural reserves of oil underneath our country here in the United States than any other country

  3. While I am sure that some people knew about our reserves, but I hate it when our government is so stupid they feel the need to make an announcement and name the city where these reserves are. What happened to the old days when the government use their brains and did not release information like that? Surely, Biden knows that our enemies listen to all of our news. What is Biden trying to prove? China has already said that they do not see the need to compete with us. Yet, Biden feels that he has to make the U.S. look like the world power. We all know that is not true. Just look at our armed services- murders, crime within the ranks, disorganization when they were pulling out of Afghanistan. (Yes, Joe-Joe is to blame, as well.) The North Korean army and China army both put ours to shame. No, I am not a Trump (gag me) and I am definitely, not a Joe-Joe backer. Independent here.

  4. The U.S. uses on average 20 million barrels of oil a day, the U.S. reserve is 605 million barrels roughly 30 days of oil and then there will be nothing left in the reserve. This will make the U.S. totally dependent and at the mercy of the oil producing countries, is it wise to have nothing for the nation to fall back on?..nothing? the country will come to a grinding halt without oil.

  5. Liberal media disabled the dislike button with everything related to Biden. Surely, they will inflate the like button. The media is a joke.

  6. The SPR is an insurance policy for our military, in a scenario that could cut off supply during war… NOT something to be drained because the President's poll numbers are tanking & midterms are approaching. This 🤡 shut down domestic energy production!

  7. This entire administration is just stupefyingly inept at their jobs. What are they doing? What are his advisors doing? What is going on with his intelligence teams? Just amazing how unaware they all seem of basic economic principles.

  8. Why would you use up your reserves? Why not just increase energy production like Trump do? Why do anything if your so worried about greenhouse gases? Why be such a hypocrite?

  9. Biden is a dumbarse, he is releasing large chunks of oil reserves to Russia and China who currently need the oil reserves for their plans of invasions.

    One of the things holding China back right now from invading Taiwan is literally a petrol crisis they have and USA is going to help them out with that now while also telling Taiwan they support their Democracy.

    It's a big joke. I actually can't believe it.


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  11. Does any body doubt that white house is returning favors to specific countries? Biden is about to make a communist currency komptroller! and she wants to get rid of banking system. In confirmation hearings she said several times what she wrote is not what she meant. Which 2 countries will benefit if Biden gets rid of emergency oil reserves?

  12. He closed the gas and oil pipes which made thousands lose their jobs, and gas and oil and food prices skyrocketed. Why did Biden take America from being the world's leader in gas and oil production, to gas and oil shortages across the country, and coming into Christmas and Winter? His Motorcade uses more gas than people can afford in a lifetime. His Plane uses even more. Will he trade them in for a Horse and Cart and a Hang-glider? Makes one wonder how he won an election from his bunker in the first place. Only he was present.

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