Jury continues to deliberate in Rittenhouse trial | On Location

Jurors are deciding the fate of Kyle Rittenhouse for a second day. https://abcn.ws/3HGWi8L

Plus, Americans are spending more money despite disruptions in the global supply chain. https://gma.abc/3Ck6FLL

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Author: Rafael


48 thoughts on “Jury continues to deliberate in Rittenhouse trial | On Location

  1. Bye cuckoo rioters. ProBiden insurrectionists who beat kill and burn don’t get to win. Stay in San Francisco, Portland and Seattle and ruin those cities

  2. We know this has to end in a mistrial because the deep state will send in rioters if he is found not guilty. We also know he is innocent.

  3. Burning a business and claiming morale high ground is like cutting a Divers air supply and saying its just a piece of rubber.

    Defending a business is defending your means of survival and by extension your life.

    Arsonists can burn faster than we can build back better.

  4. Failure to defend your city will result in the loss of your city.

    This is the natural result of police and firefighters inaction.

    Imagine a village that allows bandits to burn on morale high ground because the bandits didn’t hurt anyone. Just their means of doing business and providing for their family. Burning businesses is an attack on our livelihood and therefore our lives.

    Declare any protest with property destruction an automatic warzone and authorize deadly force and deputize the citizens to protect their property.

  5. The Jurors Requesting the Self Defense Laws, and the Judge's Instrucion, they didn't ASKED to Review the Videos, Not in this Segment of Reporting. Pretty much IT Could Point they are going to Let Kyle Rittenhouse walk Free

  6. It Pretty Much, has been Decided. Anything else is PURE THEATRICS. What's so Difficult About this Case! The Guy got out of his House with a Deadly Weapon, that Obviously was Planning to Use, dream of Using, so He Stated in Another Event. Rittenhouse Sure didn't Hesitate to Fulfilled his Dream..

  7. So far EVERYONE I’ve talked to who thinks Kyle is guilty think the victims are black and haven’t even watched the video. These people I’m talking about have masters degrees. It’s sad how easily misinformed people are.

  8. This case is pivotal for all of us because it will set the precedence that none of us will have the right of self defense. In blue states where bail reform legislation is being enacted, prisons are being closed, violent criminals are being released and police are being defunded good citizens will not be able to defend themselves and will be harmed or killed.

    If I was the jury I would delay the verdict until the streets are cleared of these thugish protesters.

  9. The video is available to see. The Rittenhouse is running away from the people attacking. Clear shows a kid who didn't want to shot anyone. It's clear in the video it's self defense. This went to trial for political reasons……

  10. It’s such BS people bus in from other cities and scream “our streets” having never lived or contributed to the community. Then burn down the communities business, home and livelihoods. Disgusting BLM organized crime.

  11. I hear if Rittenhouse didn’t go there this never would happen. Well if rioters, hadn’t been there this never would have happened Play dangerous games. Win dangerous prizes!!!!!

  12. Rittenhouse was wrong for putting himself in that position but the video clearly shows that the mob turned on him and he defended himself with deadly consequences.

  13. “If Kyle didn’t go there in the first place…”
    “He wasn’t supposed to have that gun…”

    Those are actually a stupid arguments. If a 16-year-old girl sneaks into a 21-and-over nightclub and someone tries to rape her, she does not lose the right to self defense even if she uses an illegal knife to defend herself. You can charge her for sneaking into a nightclub or for possession of an illegal knife, but she will still be deemed innocent of murder if she was justified in defending herself.

    Self defense is not as complicated as the news tries to make it. Two simple questions to answer:
    1) Did the attacker pose a threat of serious bodily harm and demonstrate hostile intent to immediately commit a hostile act?
    In this case, all 3 attackers were shot only after they tried to attack. First guy tried to grab his gun – a lethal weapon that Kyle was handling safely; that justified self-defense. The second guy tried to bash his head with a skateboard; that justified self defense. The third guy pulled a pistol and pointed it at him; that justified self defense.

    2) Was the defender demonstrating similar hostile threat and intent before interacting with the attacker?
    In this case, no. Rittenhouse wasn’t walking around aiming and pointing his rifle like a sniper at random people.

    His social media posts, political views, and whether he was out past curfew are all irrelevant when trying to determine if self defense was justified.

    Based on the video footage and eye witness testimony, Rittenhouse was attacked before he fired his weapon and he only shot people who attacked him first. This is such an easy case for self defense. He’s going to walk free and many idiots are going to be dumbfounded because they don’t understand how self defense works. This case is so simple, it shouldn’t even have made it to court.

  14. 💯💯💯…First off how can Rittenhouse claim self defense knowing that their was violence going on in Kenosha, and still go to Kenosha with a loaded weapon and walk the streets of Kenosha with a loaded weapons daring the protestors to do something as he was the only one banishing a loaded weapon..The real paramedic took his weapon out to stop a active shooter,as there are always threats of violence from WS GROUPS AND individuals all the time from these situations, as seen Rittenhouse flashing the WS SIGN ON HIS MEDIA POST OR OTHERS POST. TO BRING A LIVE WEAPON TO A VIOLENT SITUATION IS LOOKING AND ASKING FOR TROUBLE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD 🌎..WHAT THIS CASE HAS OPENED IS FOR ANY GROUP MILITIA OR NOT OF ANY RACE,, RELIGION ,,TO INTERVENE AND STOP ANY OTHER GROUP FROM CAUSING DAMAGE TO STRUCTURES,,OR VIOLENCE, OR THOSE WHO THREATEN AMERICA'S LAW MAKERS AND POLITICAL LEADERS TO CAUSE HARM OR OUR POLICE OFFICERS IN ANY FASHION IT IS THE DUTY OF THE AMERICAN CITIZENS AND PATRIOTS TO STOP ✋ THESE ANTI AMERICANS , JUST LIKE WITH THE JANUARY 6TH SITUATION TOO…TO ME THIS IS THE BOX THAT WAS JUST OPENED…

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