Alabama’s youngest poet laureate discusses need for reparations

ABC News’ Byron Pitts speaks with Ashley M. Jones, Alabama’s youngest and first Black poet laureate, about her writing and her latest book, “Reparations Now!”

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38 thoughts on “Alabama’s youngest poet laureate discusses need for reparations

  1. I want reparations. For 1,000 years by ancestors – right up to 1900 were forced to work in the tin mines of Cornwall from dawn till dusk, dying by age 35 of black lung. Also, my grandmother was full blooded Cree and her people's lands were stolen from her at gun point. I also think that ALL the descendants of the 110,000 white men who died in the war to END slavery deserve reparations which should be greater because they DIED!! Where do I sign up? Also, we should support reparations for the estimated 10+ million Europeans taken as slaves by North Africans and Arabs – not to mention the 13+ million Africans who were taken as slaves by the Muslims right up to the late 1900's. Let it be reparations all round. I suggest you all do some research and find out who did your ancestors dirt. As to America. Let's determine the name of every descendant of slave owners from 1860 and take ALL THEIR MONEY and give it to the descendants of the slaves that they owned. That would be fair – right. I think that we should also consider reparations for the Brits who suffered mightily when the Celts invaded what is now England and took all their lands and killed most of them. Then the Celts can claim reparations from the Romans!!! We're on a roll!!!!

  2. Dems about to lose the black vote once this settlement gets inked.

    How do you vote dem 90% and you don't get reparations BUT illegal immigrants get reparations.

    Thats going to be one nasty dem divorce. Dems going to try to play the race card to win blacks back. But at that point blacks will know. THERES NO MONEY ON THAT CARD. 😂

  3. When you tell the group who voted for you the most that reparations for mass incarnation, stolen land, tulsa bombing, redlining, crime bill , jim crow ect is not realistic. Then proceeds to give Afghans 6 billion, Native Americans 30 billion and illegal criminals 456k per child in reparations…

  4. I am delighted to hear about Ashley Jones – CONGRATULATIONS are in order!!! I am full with emotion to hear her speak about the book "Reparations Now" (I concur), loving her city/state, (I am a Birmingham girl), proud to wear her any way I want hair, her beautiful words and great speaking voice. Continue on Ashley – "You Are Who We've Been Waiting For" From King Family of Birmingham, Alabama. Dashanaba King a/k/a Queen Mother Dunenyo 1st of Ghana

  5. Beautiful voice but Black people are not getting reparations from Democrats and you definitely not getting reparations from Republicans. And that is a fact. Black people played their last hand when they went out and voted for that senile Biden. I think we cemented our community to bottom cast status by voting for that fool.

  6. I mean our money goes to so much nonsense and needless wars, there’s definitely a lot worse things we can do with the money than pay back a people who were abused in horrifying conditions. I get it. I just don’t see how you make that work with how all over the place America is. There are black people here who’s ancestors weren’t slaves. Or they could be only in this country for a couple decades. Do they deserve the reparations? And should my tax money as someone say Jewish or Slavic that’s also suffered tragic injustices go to them even if my ancestors never owned a slave?

  7. For those in the comments who believe POC don’t deserve reparations for slavery. That’s fine it was over 100+years ago. So instead of reparations for slavery, how about Jim Crow? The Tulsa Massacre? The Civil Rights Movement? Segregation? Some of those Americans are still alive to this day so how about paying for those hardships? Or are you just scared of accountability?

  8. We shouldn’t be asking our open enemy for nothing even though our ancestors were robbed of what was due to them. If you think like me, UAK what time it is💯 just look at their grandchildren as the ones who are reaping the benefits of what was stolen from us.

  9. Asking for a Pay check for life or for generations does not mean the institutions and their evolved descendants will be changed. It's systematic. IT'S ONE of the FOUNDATIONS of the country. Which means total factory reset is necessary. They not ready to hear that everything that made other races and immigrants successfull was to put the foot down on the neck of one race for others to feed off and call it the American dream.

  10. Forty acres were promised and broken after the Civil War. Segregation and Jim Crow and reclining etc. The best thing is to provide loans to those who work etc. Critical History but the minute you add race its over. Whenever legislators ban something then you know the obstacle is the past. Ask for Bible they are on every corner . Ask for history books and for voting rights. Watch what happens

  11. Since 9% of the population owned slaves and all of them were democrats I propose that the socialist/marxist/communist/democrat party track down the genealogy of all of those fellow democrats who owned slaves and take the reparation money from all of them. Punish the evil doers who held slaves, all of them were democrats.

  12. If ASIANS were also slaves in America, 150 years ago, in your opinion would Asians in America today make more, or the same, or less money than black people do today? They currently make MORE money than even white people do. Your thoughts?

  13. we going about this ALL WRONG! WE need to expose WHAT THE USA and EUROPEANS are doing in AFRICA! NOW how in the HELL the US and EU are sanctioning ZIMBABWEE which is illegal to make them pay REPORATIONS To the WHITE FARMERS; do to the late great MUGABE! TAKING the land back and giving it back to the indigenous AFRICANS WHO STAY THERE!! 2nd USA is making SUDAN PAY REPORATIONS to those victims in a WAR in which the USA BACKED THE rebels of that war!! do to the Abraham accord it makes those countries acknowledge Israel as a state. The USA backed a cout de taute that killed THOMAS SANKARA in BURKINA FASO AFRICA! USA BACKED rebels that killed PATRICE LUMUMBA! then after they killed him they chopped him up put him in acid!!! very SAD HURTFUL STORY! WE need to do what MALCOM X Said " WHEN we make a connection and build a bridge between us and AFRICA there is nothing from that day forward will stop us" COCO CHOCOLATE 75% comes from GHANA AFRICA! cobalt the material needed for cell phone Batteries and COMPUTERS 80% in the CONGO AFRICA! ALUMINIUM FOIL BAUXITE 70% COMES FROM GUENEA AFRICA! GOLD let me tell you how important GOLD is a satellite in space! Spacecraft has to be coated with the gold so it can with stand the Temperatures!!! DIAMONDS I mean AFRICA is NO way shape or form a poor country! its the EUROPEANS and AMERICA that keeps them in an unstable situation so they can be GREEDY and OPRESS people France puts 196 billion in AFRICA FOR AIDE BUT TAKES OUT 500 BILLION its ridiculous!!!!! REPORATIONS!!! NOW HAITI PAID REPORATION TO FRANCE lol I mean know your history and u will understand why thing are the way it is!!!

  14. The soul that sinneth, it shall die. The son shall not bear the iniquity of the father, neither shall the father bear the iniquity of the son: the righteousness of the righteous shall be upon him, and the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon him. – Ezekiel 18:20

  15. Black people won't get reparations but the migrants arrested and separated from their children, as you would for being arrested. They are about to get $450,000 per person. Near $1 million for families. But sorry my African American brothers and sisters you will be left out. Again.

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