Authorities give update to ‘Rust’ movie set shooting

The sheriff and district attorney in Santa Fe, New Mexico, give an update on the investigation into the Alec Baldwin movie set shooting.


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  1. A prop gun was used for target practice with live ammo and was generally not under lock and key and then later used in the filming of a scene . The armorer failed to notice that a live round made its way into the gun when it was handed to Alec having it accidentally discharge killing someone.

  2. If the gun was left unattended on a cart between the time the armorer handled it and the time the first AD picked it up it doesn't matter if the armorer loaded it or didn't load it. Anyone could have inserted a live round into that gun while it was unattended. Seems to me they're going to have to be doing a lot of fingerprint checking.

    Also, regardless of anything else that happened, Alec Baldwin should have checked that weapon to determine that it was empty for himself. He is responsible for not doing that, and as a result is responsible for the death of that young woman and the injury of the director.

  3. Ive been around guns 50 years daily
    You dont ever point any “type” of Gun at anyone fake or real or dummy ammo ! A blank gun could kill you one grain of sand in a barrel and a blank The powder could blind you
    Alec is not a child he should have cleared the gun himself they are all to blame all idiots. If they need a real gun there should be a separate armorer taking responsibility Unlock the gun and lock when it its done used and should never have left his sight. Why would a working gun be sitting with dummy guns Regardless never point a gun at a person anyone who picks up any gun they need to clear it as a back up to the armorer in case he or she is an idiot. Theres nothing else to be said. Even starter guns are aimed in the air and never aimed at people and treated as a firearm.

  4. It doesn’t really make any difference who grab what off of a cart no live rounds is supposed to be on the set that’s the rule if they is we already have a problem we already have somebody that’s responsible and he’s or she is guilty

  5. I just watched an interview with the armorer's attorneys and they are not doing her any favors. They said that a live round was potentially placed in a box of dummy rounds and they look so similar that it would basically be an honest mistake for her to check the loaded rounds and not notice a live round. That is ridiculous. Her job is to know the difference. I have learned about these different type of rounds and it is clear that there are noticeable differences to the look of these bullets. I don't think this is all her fault, however, I think her attorneys statements were more harmful to her case.
    The biggest issue here is that the movie was low budget and they were trying to cut corners, so the armorer was working as both armorer and prop master. Baldwin used the gun without the armorer present, which is a huge safety violation. Is that her fault, his fault or the Assistant Director's fault? I would say all three of them had a hand in this tradegy and should face charges.

  6. Stop trying to make excuses, Baldwin and MSM!!! You're pathetic. It just goes to show that you have very bad character if you refuse accountability, just like corrupt politicians and corrupt law enforcement officers.

  7. It’s kind of hard to imagine the actor has no real training or responsibility in this. I don’t think Alec intentionally killed anyone. But being around guns all my life I can’t imagine taking a gun from someone without checking that it’s safe myself. Just my two cents, for what it’s worth

  8. Why is there still no arrest or arrests? There was clearly negligence on this set! Charges would of already happened if it was anyone else, several at fault here.
    They talked about shooting cans out back in between sets. S9me9ne used live rounds to do that!

  9. To bad no one on the set practiced gun safety rules as taught by the NRA, gun clubs and ranges.
    The liberals are afraid and ignorant of how to handle firearms and consequently want to take EVERYONES fire arms away, because of THEIR ignorance!
    1 Always handle a firearm as though it's loaded.
    2 Always check a fire arm to be sure it is not loaded when handed to you!
    3 NEVER point a fire arm at anyone for any reason!
    4 Only aim at your target when ready to fire and check that it is clear behind your target!
    5 NEVER put your finger on the trigger until you are cleared to fire at the target!
    IF any one these rules were followed no one would have been shot and guns DON'T shoot unless SOMEONE pulls the trigger!

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