Critical shortage of 911 operators across the nation l GMA

The International Academies of Emergency Dispatch reports that some centers are struggling with as much as 30 to 50% vacancies.

Mother speaks out after urgent calls to 911 about child’s medical emergency go unanswered:

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  1. My mom has been a 911 dispatcher for 29 years. Explore what has happened to their benefits and salaries and THEN you’ll have your answer. 🤬

  2. Pay the people what they are worth. Stop treating them like they are line cooks at BB a local fast food restaurant. Cities, companies, and agencies curious, If there was a National walk out, what would you do? Oh and I’m 22 years behind the console, plenty of time to have seen a lot of things that need improvement. But y’all never listen.

  3. Most dispatchers only last 2 years in the profession. I lasted 34 years. To be truly qualified, it takes more than 1 year of training. Not only do you take training courses, you have to become CPR certified, Medical Dispatch certified, you are put with a trainer who should document everything, you learn about the varyious types of liability, just to name a few things. You start out answering non-emergency calls (oftentimes emergency calls come in on non-emergency lines), you “graduate” to taking 911 calls. You cross train in Police,Fire,and EMS dispatching, teletype,and anything else your agency requires. Typically, shifts are 12.25 hours, oftentimes there is mandatory overtime and callback. You eat at your work station, you have to get permission from your supervisor to use the bathroom—I had a supervisor who once denied me this and then told me to “make it quick”….Really??!! You are not considered part of the Public Safety umbrella yet you have to be there during snowstorms,hurricanes,etc. if you have kids, you miss out on so much. Callers cuss you out, you are guaranteed PTSD. Imagine listening to someone being shot, handling a call where someone found a spouse hanging, giving CPR instructions to a parent to perform on a child, not being able to take a couple minutes to get it together because there are more calls to answer. Imagine working for an agency that dealt with a terrorist attack (I did)…imagine having a spouse who is a first responder (I did). Imagine barely getting five hours sleep only to have to wake up and do it all over again. Imagine driving home and dozing off while driving (I did) or worse, getting into an accident. Imagine the only break you get is to run to the bathroom and “make it quick”… you work 24/7,365…. Holidays, family functions, weekends off —say goodbye to that.
    With all that said, there are positives. Until you’ve sat in the chair as a calltaker and dispatcher, stop your Monday morning quarterbacking. Place Emergency Communications Centers under the Public Safety umbrella. Those dispatchers are truly the first in a line of first responders.
    I loved my job.
    💛 #IAM91

  4. Perhaps, just perhaps we continue to classify 911 dispatchers as what they are, "FIRST RESPONDERS." Then we work on getting them better pay, access to better mental health services to handle PTSD that is a direct result of dealing with other people's traumas. This is a job class that continues to be under and misrepresented and misunderstood. Just like other first responders, not everyone can do this job and the continued undervaluing of those that dedicate their lives to helping those in their worst moments takes its toll. This is a profession that requires 24/7/365 staffing but is not regarded as anything more than clerks by most states and people.

  5. There is going to be a shortages at every level in society, thanks to the fake Bidens horrific policies. No worries they will just hire illegals to do the jobs.

  6. Also ppl don't have the compassion these days to take a job like that anymore, I mean cmon ppl are so sensitive nowadays ppl can't mentally handle these kinds of jobs today.

  7. you mean there is a shortage of Call Tankers and NOT dispatchers, dispatchers talk on the radio and not everyone knows how to use the radio/radio etiquette. Callers takers start at the bottom….

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  9. Yeah let's talk about the first responders and and the fire department and the police wait for the even greater number of nurses and doctors who didn't get the jab either

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  12. The city I live in released a letter to citizens that they are not answering certain emergency calls. We lost 40% of our police department due to defunding, demonizing, and vaccine mandates.

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  14. it's 2021 and about time that AI is used for most emergency calls… for example, is a human 911 dispatcher really necessary if the caller required an ambulance immediately for a life and death situation?(as long as he/she can provide an exact address and age, sex or other medical conditions of the patient)

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