Democrats propose billionaires tax to help fund Biden’s economic agenda l GMA

ABC News’ Rachel Scott reports on the latest efforts from Democrats to help pay for the president’s nearly $2 trillion economic package.

Democrats propose billionaires tax to help fund Biden’s economic agenda:

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35 thoughts on “Democrats propose billionaires tax to help fund Biden’s economic agenda l GMA

  1. Beau Biden, the first son of President Joe Biden, was killed by Jay Y. Lee, the chairman of Samsung. And covid-19 was first spread by him. The White House and the Blue House urgently need to arrest and investigate him. I am not joking.

  2. Beau Biden, the first son of President Joe Biden, was killed by Jay Y. Lee, the chairman of Samsung. And covid-19 was first spread by him. The White House and the Blue House urgently need to arrest and investigate him. I am not joking.

  3. I'm so sick of this "Rich hate". We have a nation full of jealous babies thanks to this stupid narrative that all rich people are evil. One thing is for sure, Rich people have the upward mobility to move out of an area that wants to rob them blind. When they leave, that burden falls on those left behind whom do not have that ability and that's not the fault of the rich. This is the fault of the idiots that can not stick to a budget. Why is it always "We need to tax to cover" instead of "We need to control our spending". That's what leads to leaving Billions of dollar worth of military equipment behind enemy lines while you force your military to flee like cowards leaving allies and americans behind. Who cares so long as they can make sure you don't make an extra $600 tax free. Where can we flee to now that we are experiencing taxation without proper representation?

  4. This is exactly why I am Democrat..
    Since the beginning..
    Most Republicans are Born Rich or Become Rich, off the back of America..

    Yet they cry, anytime they are forced to pay their share..

    For far too long, The Most Wealthy of Our Country, has gotten a Free Ride, Thanks to Republicans..

    But say, if an Common Wealth Husband and Wife, do not pay The IRS what The IRS claims they Owe..
    Their Credit Plunges and They Risk, Losing Everything They Worked So Hard For..

    To have such Substantial Riches, made off the Backs of, The Commonwealth American.
    To Profit Hugely, Quarter after Quarter, Year After Year…
    While Wearing Out, Our Infrastructure to do it..
    To have Gained Such Prosperity, off Our Country, Our Workers and Our Infrastructure..
    But then to Cry, About Paying Their Fair Share..
    Is like watching Reruns, of Mr.Scrooge Over and Over..
    Yet many of these Greedy Millionaires and Billionaires, make Scrooge Look Like a Saint..

    The Greed, they show to their country, is staggering to say the least..
    They have no problem, wearing out Our Highways, Airports, Rail systems, Grids and Securities ..
    But cry about, paying their share, to keep these things fixed and maintained..

    Republicans Fight, against President Bidens Infrastructure Bill, Says it All..

    America's Infrastructure maintenance and modernization, has fallen behind..
    Common Americans, has also fallen behind, by having to Pay Big Prices at checkouts, that allow the most Wealthy, to continue Their Greedlord ways..

    I often wonder, how can any of them, actually believe, they are Patriots ??

    They have spent years, working together, to rob this country, of its wealth..

    What ever happened to, 'Sharing The Wealth" ??

    Here we have Ten Percent or So of Americans, Holding most all the wealth, of Our Country..

    But Fight to keep from Paying, Their Fair Share, Back into The Country, that made Them Rich..

    The last time, I checked..
    I have to pay, the same price for milk and eggs, as anyone else..
    When I Listened, as Trump Bragged about, being smart enough to not pay Taxes, for Twenty Years..
    At a time, that America was struggling bad..
    I wondered, how many other Billionaires and Millionaires, had done the same ??

    But then reality, set in again..

    They have been allowed, to do this for Decades ..

    Mainly because of Washington Republicans, Passing Bills that allowed it.
    All While The Commonwealth Class , had to pay more and work twice as hard, trying to take up the slack..

    The Bottom Line, is this..

    If Mr. and Mrs.Smith, has to Pay Their Fair Share, in Taxes Every Year or Risk Losing, Their Hard Earned Stuff..
    Then Why In The Hell, Shouldn't The Most Rich Pay Their's ??

    The Greed in Our Country, has to Stop !!

    For Far Too Long, Good Hard Working, True Patriots has Struggled, So That The Most Wealthy, Could Keep Growing Their Fortunes…

    I am not saying, someone isn't entitled to become wealthy..
    I am, simply saying..
    If you are Fortunate Enough, To Become Wealthy In America..
    Then You Should Feel It An Honor, In Giving Back, To The Country That Allowed You, To Become Wealthy..

    It is, The Right Thing To Do and It Is, The Patriotic Thing To Do..

    Feel Pride in taking some Load off The Backs of, Working Americans, That Was Forced To Carry, Much Of Your Load, For Decades…
    After All..
    This is The Honorable thing to do…

  5. Would crash the world's economy I would pull my money out of the market. I'm sure everyone else would as well. Companies valuation would crash and 401k would crash as well. Bankruptcy foreclosure…. Need I go on? this can not happen!!!

  6. Biden is the epitome of why billionaires pay less taxes than the average American. Politicians like Biden are the problem not the billionaires who are simply playing by the rules and using loopholes set up by dirty scumbags like Biden

  7. They are 1 percent and even if heavily taxed it won't cover the TRILLIONS they are spending and programs that will go on forever. There is a reason the are doubling IRS agents because they know they are coming for middle class to, how dare you think you can leave anything to your kids.

  8. Joe Biden continues lie for American Citizens, while the border crises increase, inflation up, food shortage, mandate vaccine and others shits happen everyday he said " The economy is normal, this country is going very well " He´s kidding.

  9. 29 trillion in debt who put us their , so called educated politicians on both sides and joe wants to spend more , inflation do u want to pay 20 dollars for bread or a gallon of gas , think use your common sense .

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