‘We’re just trusting God’: Friend of kidnapped American missionaries in Haiti

ABC News’ Linsey Davis speaks with Carleton Horst, a friend of one of the families kidnapped in Haiti, on his community’s response and the work of missionaries in Haiti.


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49 thoughts on “‘We’re just trusting God’: Friend of kidnapped American missionaries in Haiti

  1. Yeshua-HaMashiach is working in Ayiti as we speak! We are in the age when Yeshua-HaMashia is revealing himself. All the world powers are going to fall soon. People from all over the world are going to flock to Ayiti for refuge. Remember the first will be last and the last will be first. IF YOU ARE OF AYITIAN DECENT LEAVE YOUR WICKED WAYS BEHIND AND GET RIGHT WITH THE MOST HIGH. HE IS PREPARING HIS PEOPLE TO GO REBUILD THE PEARL OF THE ANTILLES

  2. All of you speaking on the screen are all foolish. Why are you not concerned about the killing of Haitian President Jovenel Moise whose assassination was carried out by the puppet murderer prime Minister with the help of the criminal American state department. Am just hearing rubbish. Disgusted!

  3. God is all powerful, god is all love. He can make mountains move! But he can’t or shall not do nothing because god gave free of will to the good people of this world, and also gave free of will to bad people so one day we can all be judge!

  4. There is no one religion on Earth that is approved by God. I asked the angels in mid heaven Which religion is the right one that I may follow it. The answer I was given was to seek God. That is the only true religion is to Seek God It doesn't matter if you're a mormon is a mormon or Jew Because when we face God we are going to realize we know absolutely nothing we are completely ignorant We must apologize for our ignorance and seek God These people do not seek God God they worship against God it's called and then they eat god's creation

  5. God said do not help the cursed. Or you will be cursed. There are some people you just do not bother with. And these people who eat other people and who worship the devil. I'm not saying all but a very large majority of them do. And if God has judged them and cursed them you you are not going to save them all you're doing is getting yourself curse. Believe me there's no need for cannibals and devil worshippers in heaven

  6. It's not their feelings their country needs help the innocent humans it doesn't even matter their American okay maybe should be kidnapping anyone what what's up with that we need to help that no one's ever told anybody that he needs help like that it's all been hidden from us that the Mennonites free and other Americans will help what do you mean they don't they don't like Americans what are you talkin about that they need help other asked a whole Americans are going in there not helping at all if you know what I mean unlike you guys this do talkin unlike the Mennonites they were going in there and not helping acting as if they were helping Mennonites go us Americans not know how bad your country was I personally want to help yes true to like other humans are going in there and bothering them spiritually they need help I need help they need food I need whatever they need America's help they look normal to me🐾😇🌻🧡🐈💞🌲🚒🇮🇹🍀💜

  7. Will you kidnappers please just let the Mennonites go look at look what's happening to their country what about your babies in your country don't you care about 🇭🇹?? Yeah they're dies exactly their their country is suffering now take the gas away and now that the hospitals aren't working I think yeah it is God right and everybody else here praying to to let them free their innocent take care of your country why are you freaking kidnapping innocent humans are trying to help you guys now will we will help if you let them go please thank you safely🐾😇🌻🧡🐈🦮 God has to tell us kids never to let him go okay please Jesus angels God in heaven please please let those Mennonites go please this is affecting Haiti also do they care about their own country?? The work they're doing is being a nice human not going in there like other ones you know what I'm talking about the Mennonites are the good ones

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  9. Contact Jeff Bezos and Musk and US Government to pay the Money and never again step foot in such a Dangerous Country. If Governments or Churches want or feel the need to help that Country fly over and drop wooden boxes with supplies and camping gear and whatever but do not step foot in that Country!

  10. Guns for gangs in Haiti: CIA front companies: Global Dynasty Corps; Junior Joseph, Jimy Joseph from Orlando Florida, and James Anzalone the president of Compliance Assurance LLC, Lake Worth, FL. Arm the opposition or destabilize a country.

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