How We Got Here: Timeline From Jan. 6 Riot To Committee Hearing

NBC News’ Maura Barrett explains the timeline of events leading from the Jan. 6 Capitol riot to the committee hearing.  
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Author: phillyfinestnews


43 thoughts on “How We Got Here: Timeline From Jan. 6 Riot To Committee Hearing

  1. look at the difference of how those ppl who created their own (short-lived) government by blocking off sections of a city yet we're ENCOURAGED by certain politicians to do so with no repercussions even though people died because of it, versus how others stormed the Capital (even tho they shouldn't have) are being held as terrorists AND certain politicians are trying to blame Trump for that.
    I say blame lies in letting the first group succeed this making the second group seek the same treatment.

  2. "The country wants to know what happened on January 6th, who was involved and make sure it never happens again." Darn right we do. And we don't care if you are some politician Congressman trying to hide from the law. My dad fought and was seriously injured by people who wanted to destroy our country. We love our country. We want to know who had any part in trying to tear it down.

  3. The Court has arrested 450 protestors and penalized them for breaking into the Capitol. No one was found participating in a "domestic war" against our democracy. The Capitol receives 2 billion dollars a year which is enough to have good security in the building. Perhaps is time to remove The Speaker of the House.

  4. The whole Jan 6 debate is nothing more than a Democrat slide of hand to draw attention away from all the horrors they are doing.
    Was Jan 6 bad? yes, it was but come on look at what is going on surrounding it and tell me it's not being blown out of proportion and why that is??
    You guys voted for Biden the worst President to ever sit in the oval office besides Carter and now you keep blaming Republicans as a way to deflect what really is going on under a democratic nightmare..
    It's a "Sleight of Hand" Trick.

  5. The repubs are always screaming they have no bipartisanship from the dems. The dems are moderate mitt Romney Republicans who have changed for the repubs and the repubs are never bipartisan. NO MORE BIPARTISANSHIP

  6. How many police officers have been outright assassinated since the birth of BLM and the constant MSM/Political narratives of police being inherently racist and targeting innocent black men? How many of them were killed throughout the repeated, violent riots across american cities throughout last summer alone? Now these same politicians/media personnel all care about cops? 😑

  7. trump has tried to break the system. First time in history there was not a peaceful transfer of power. An insurrection attempt on 6 January where the certification of the Presidential Election was underway. Incited by the president at that time. He did not follow or abide by the US Constitution. ♥️🇺🇲♥️

  8. Document conservative comments.

    Conservatives are fascists.

    There is no such thing as a non-racist conservative because conservatism is rooted in racism.

    Conservatives have no soul. They are depraved.

    U.S. conservatism raises depraved domestic terrorist children.

    The republican party is a party of bloodthirsty fascists.

    Document every morally depraved comment made by fascist conservatives.

  9. Why is Trump not in prison?

    It because laws for rich people are different from the laws of working-class people?

    Why the f is Trump not in prison?

    Trump is a fascist. U.S. conservatives are fascists. The GOP is a fascist party.

    The coffee doesn't wake up and smell you.

    The people have no confidence in mainstream media that never tells the whole truth.

    Our government is half fascist, and other half smiles.

  10. This was all for nothing this show me too many sick people out there that have no brain 🧠 where did it all end up think 🧐 sad world that your kids and grandkids have to deal with for their future unbelievable and again all for nothing

  11. My grandfather was part of the assault against Kakazu ridge on Okinawa, and barely teared up, holding them back when he told me a few stories, and then there’s Adam kinzinger who bawled like a baby thinking about a broken window and grannies taking selfies in the Capitol building during a 20 minute bozo fest.

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