Biden Speaks On Anniversary Of Americans With Disabilities Act

President Joe Biden delivers remarks to celebrate the 31st anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which the president co-sponsored as a senator in 1990.

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Author: phillyfinestnews


45 thoughts on “Biden Speaks On Anniversary Of Americans With Disabilities Act

  1. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have promised, on their campaign site, that their adminsitration will make sure that mentally disabled people, like autistic people, like me are guaranteed to have the same as or as much as humanely possible, the same rights and liberties as non disabled nuerotypicals. These rights would've been guaranteed to disabled people like me, had Biden and Harris moved as fast on their promises as Trump did with his. Unfortunately, even though thankfully, I've never been put under any kind of Gaurdianship, instead of making sure that states respect the rights of the mentally disabled to have least restrictive alternatives, and have the same parental rights as nondisabled nuerotypicals, as the Biden Administration DOJ promised, they have been going after parents and political opponents that speak out against CRT. And this is not the first time the FBI has been used to crack down political dissenters. Just ask the pacifists and socialists during WWI and the Red Scare.

  2. "Mr. President, What can you tell us about Tapioca Pudding? Joe Biden: "I Love the Stuff, I Eat it 3 times a day It Keeps me regular" Handler: "Ok Folks that's enough questions for today" Media: "But that was only 1 soft pudding question" Joe Biden: "Oh Goodie, Tapioca Time!"

  3. Joe Biden seems to get worse every time I hear him speak ): I sincerely hope he is OK, it is not good to rock the boat in the middle of a global crisis… Several global crisis, really…
    Tiree (sorry for butchering the name), faith in God and love, I am humbled by your story (:

  4. Iraq 3. Biden fought in the 2 previous Iraq wars. He was shot 200 times, but still managed to win the war. Worst president in American history. However, he is the best liar and thief. His ratings are below sea level today despite the fake news MSM trying to say otherwise.

  5. What has Biden done to help Americans with disabilities? All the things the VP described was in place before Joe even thought about running for president. This was just another opportunity to pat themselves on the back and push for banning voter ID. What did this moronic speech failed to do was clearly define what this administration is going to do for those with disabilities? This was simply political mumbling and posturing with no real content. God bless the artist and may she heal and grow stronger. This was the administration again taking credit for something they had little or no part in bringing to fruition. The disability act was signed by a Republican and real progress began.

  6. Biden , What a EMBARRASSMENT ! Just More Biden Lies ! Yes Biden Is SENILE ! Pathetically Sad ! Biden Is A Joke ! Liberal Hypocrites , Dividing Americans And Destroying Our America !

  7. Need to look into the CMS Final Rule.

    There is far more individuals with disabilities then the community wishes to recognize.

    The community is NOT ready nor is it capable of accommodation to individuals with disabilities such as severe autism, cerebral palsy, aspiration risks, behavioral challenges etc.

    Restaurants cannot accommodate individuals whom need their food thickened, pureed blended, etc.

    We need public restrooms with durable equipment such as raised or lowered toilet seats, hoyer lift, changing tables.

    We need more training for security and police and other officials to recognize someone has a behavioral disability or is sensory sensitive.

    But BIGGEST of all. We need everyone to be accepting of those of ALL abilities. Some may be loud, some may stutter or be soft spoken, some may be non verbal, some may move differently or make sounds differently, some may just not be ashamed that they just needed to fart or burp.
    Some may need to eat food that looks like baby food. Some may be triggered by environmental changes. Some may be extremely friendly wanting a hug or just to talk..

    Until EVERYONE can stop looking at these individuals like they're stupid. Until people stop using the R word. Until people stop and just realize that just because something is different does NOT mean they are bad or need to be stared at..

    Sincerely a concerned citizen, but most importantly a Service and Healthcare Coordinator for amazing adults of all abilities that has 10 beautiful years of experience professionally and a lifetime of personal experience within some of my own family members.

  8. We all know The DEMS want the Drugs to come into the US – it keeps their base happy. The DEMS want the illegals to come in – It Keeps their base strong. The DEMS want the Voting laws relaxed so they can get the illegals to vote. The DEMS are now the Marxist Party. VOTE EM OUT – 2022 – TRUMP 2024-2032

  9. He is an ADA and has been for 50 years. Do nothing loser that gets rich off of his office mainlly through pay tp play schemes involving countries that do not share American sovereign values.

    You are ADA clown. Your disability is not observing the reality around you. We see an open border, you see bought future illegal voters. We see showing an ID to vote as the only way to prevent illegals from voting, you see a roadblock in destroying our country with fake votes. You’re cliowns with ADA.

  10. Here's a President who entices people to break laws of our country and illegally cross our borders,yet, ignores the needs of American citizens. Here is a president who violates his oath of office to uphold the Constitution. He's the perfect example of someone who should be impeached along with his legs up VP.

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