Officer Fanone Walks Through His Bodycam Footage From Capitol Riot

Rep. Zoe Lofgren played out video from the Capitol riot that included bodycam footage from DC Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Fanone. She asked Officer Fanone to describe what was shown on video and what happened that day. This video contains explicit language and graphic images some may find offensive.
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Author: phillyfinestnews


44 thoughts on “Officer Fanone Walks Through His Bodycam Footage From Capitol Riot

  1. let's be real here if it had been blm or womens right activist they wouldve been more tougher to them than they were to the rioters let's be real mall security wouldve had more authority than what we saw on jan 6

  2. “Fake Cop becomes Fake News” perfect headline.. btw.. you should really take acting classes.. and dragging means – on the floor .. there’s a difference between dragging and pushing! Someone who had a heart attack concussion etc. going back to work in nine days you look pretty good to me! You definitely don’t deserve to wear a badge!

  3. I don't believe the people who were there should be punished. If an election was actually going to be stolen I would go out to try and stop it. Any good, rational person would. Protect the country, protect the democracy. Don't punish people for that. Punish those who created and spread the lie. Punish those responsible, not those tricked into defending themselves from a made up foe.

  4. IRENE BYRON, an NBC news director, told her employee to follow the JURY van for the Kyle Rittenhouse trial to find out where they are staying the night!!! Unbelievable!!! I think 30 days in prison for Irene Byron and this driver will resolve the issue.

  5. Every single person who attacked the Capital needs to be put in prison and have terrorist on there record. Give them the terrorist treatment. Absolutely ridiculous and embarrassing for our country. Thank you sir for trying your hardest to protect our nation’s capital.

  6. In my opinion, the DC Capitol Police and other law enforcement should be highly involved in the investigation, prosecution and jury selection of the insurrectionist. In addition, they should weigh in on identifying the law makers and others who helped fund, facilitate, organize and plan the insurrection. The Capitol Police worked with and know many of these people and should provide the committee with recommendations.

  7. This guy was awarded with money not to mention light duty I don't see any injury on this guy he is lying
    All he had to do is cry his way in and lie about it

  8. Congratulations to all the depraved 'special' individuals who committed these atrocities in spite of democracy, humanity, compassion, and freedom.

    I don't know who truly wore all the 'MAGA' gear and perpetrated the crimes upon the Capitol, but… yeah… you were real 'heroes' for boiling humanity all right down to barbaric violence. And all at the start of year 2021. Yes, congratulations. You truly 'made America great again'.

    Maybe you all acted individually, but 'together' once you'd all arrived. Maybe you planned it digitally and executed the insurrection attempt strategically. Maybe you did this because of a certain political party, stance, or influence. Maybe X, Y or Z. But no matter what, YOU'RE ALL HOT GARBAGE.

    I hope you all rot behind bars for the remainder of your pathetic existences. And may your empty souls be reminded of your cowardice for that same duration.

  9. Makes me sick watching this, simply heartbreaking!! Every single of this right wing jihadists who were part of this terrorist attack deserves to be locked in for life!!!

  10. Everyone will burn for that Riot, all except for Trump. Technically, he's the only one who didn't officially do anything "wrong" (though Democrats will continue to claim he did with their political agenda, and the lemmings eat it up). But i believe that's the whole point… People who stood up for Trump fry for it, and he stays clean and clear, so that'll make people hate and turn on him (so they hope) in preparation of him possibly running for President again in 2024 when people are tired of Biden!

  11. For all of you pretending to be concerned, were you crying or showing support for those killed or disabled by antifa and blm last year or those who lost businesses in the riots? America sees your hypocrisy.

  12. And the Academy Award for an actor in a supporting role goes to Daniel Fanone, along with a second Oscar for best makeup and costume. How many LEOs have you seen with a neck tattoo and are 40 years old and still live with Mommy. 😭

  13. What about the riots that took place all summer?? I could pull a bunch of footage to make it look as bad as possible . And btw I’m not trying to downplay it, I wish they woulda actually taken it actual armed I surrection

  14. Communist show trial.. what about getting to the bottom of why Ashli Babbitt got shot, where is the 14,000 hrs of footage, why there’s wasn’t more security and what pelosi and milly talked about in the phone call the day before… communists always have show trials

  15. I heard this pansy say January 6th was worse than anything he saw in Afghanistan, but he wasn't serving in Kabul under Joe Biden, so I suppose it's possible.

  16. Fanone is a weak liberal. Should not hire people like this to do that type or work. He needs to work as a bartender at the rainbow tool box.

  17. Not even a real police officers. Simply cowardly Capital security guards. Take the same road traveled that your fellow (suicidal) security clerk failures choose…What a complete disgrace, and coward you truly are!

  18. This cop is a partisan political operative.

    I want hear and see the videos containing the alleged racial epithets.

    Only 565 people have been charged with being inside the building illegally. None of these people have been charged with possession of a firearm.

    All of these police officers should have been armed with sidearms and tazers.

    If any of these police officers believed their life was endangered or the life of anyone else was endangered they would have been justified in the use of deadly force.

    And that would have ended this riot quickly.

    Where is the specific audio of the rioters screaming “Get their guns” or something to that effect?

    The lame stream legacy media keeps parroting the words ‘insurrection’ and ‘insurrectionists’ but not a single one of the more than 500 people arrested for participation in the incursion into the Capitol Building have been charged with ‘insurrection, treason or sedition.

    I find it it difficult to believe there were not reinforcements available for these police officers as soon as they made the call.

    I find it entirely plausible, based on democRAT leadership’s inaction during the Benghazi debacle, that these police officers were and are being used as unwitting and unwilling pawns and sacrificial lambs in this bit of continuing political theatre.

  19. That officer (& others that day) suffered tremendously, it is inexcusable what he (& others that stood with him) endured that day. I realized that he & all those officers are hero's that day that stood & did their duty in the face of all that opposition & travesty, truth be told, that should never have happened & those who incited, participated, encouraged & created that mess should be tried for treason & all those defending that compensated from the assets from those who are charged for treason. It would help with medical trauma unfortunately nothing is going to compensated the emotional & mental trauma experience at those hands. It was cruel & uncalled for

  20. The next time they charge, they should be armed. No one wants to shoot, but after what happened, I recommend these officers collab with the national guards and protect the capital armed.

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