Honda Pilot Gets a New Life at 200K

This video is (Part 5) of the video series where I rebuild the front suspension and powertrain on a 2003 Honda Pilot. By the end of this video, you will see the Honda Pilot driving down the road under its own power. Be sure to catch the previous episodes so you can see all the work that got us to this point. (Video links below)

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22 thoughts on “Honda Pilot Gets a New Life at 200K

  1. Mr Eric.
    Good morning / evening,
    It's totally well job done .
    I wish you can help me to find a solution for my Chinese made suv branded Haval H9 2020
    Iam suffering from a very noticed vibration while sitting inside it putting the gear in D position and more worse when the engine just started.
    There is no check engine indicate and the rpm is okay.
    I wish you can advise me of a solution for this.

  2. Out of curiosity is there a reason you went with a different throttle body instead of putting a new sensor in the old one. Are the sensors no longer available or are they too integrated to replace them?

  3. This video exemplifies what i LOVE about this channel!

    Bravo Eric for showing yourself falling down a pit of impossibility only to climb out once again using only your brain.

    it was scary watching you cut away that metal, but it was also very vindicating watching you encounter, and solve such a bastard of a problem.

    I wonder if you say the same thing i do in these situations, "oh screw you, you're not gonna beat ME!"

  4. Interesting video with the issues that pop up on every job, all the time, bolts break, threads strip and it somewhat complicates our lives, oh well, it comes with the trade and we just become better at solving these issues as we gain experience. I suggest you get a creeper, I hate draging my body on the ground and collecting the grease/oil/whateverisontheground then sitting in the car with filthy clothing. I like overalls too. Take care and thanks for the vids.

  5. Totally enjoyed ur rebuild on ur Pilot. I'm watchn u instead of my local news now. I've been routing for u the whole series. I owned a 97 Camry & when I went to a pick n pull, I was a kid in a candy store so it doesnt take much to excite me about cars.😂🤣. Like I told u before, everytime u get in it & drive, u get a grrat appreciation of ur vehicle. Enjoy! 😁

  6. I just put about $4000 into my 2006 Dakota to get it ready for inspection. Now it feels like new again. Will get a few more years out of it before the new truck payments start. Hopefully will get a better offer at trade in.

  7. what's the point if it's still rust bucket. don't think we forgot how much floor panels rusted out – you think you painted it over with black paint and now its ok? think again. it's still rusty from inside and it's only going to be a matter of mere months when it'll be again all rusty and crusty. basically all this work is done for nothing.

  8. The tps sensor in my Suzuki does a similar thing (i guess Japanese cars share a lot of parts)
    It's not so much about the percentages but about the range between them.
    As long as the engine computer sees the expected values you are golden 😉

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