Inside Alabama Hospital As Covid Cases Surge | NBC Nightly News

Just 34 percent of Alabama’s population is fully vaccinated, the lowest rate in the country. NBC News’ Gabe Gutierrez takes us inside the University of Alabama at Birmingham Hospital, where doctors saw a sharp rise in Covid-19 patients over the weekend.
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Author: phillyfinestnews


31 thoughts on “Inside Alabama Hospital As Covid Cases Surge | NBC Nightly News

  1. @ 0:33 The fact that the Governer of Alabama is blaming the unvaccinated folks for not getting vaccinated. And then @1:25 the medivac piolt gets covid THREE days after getting his covid shot makes me not want to get it even more!!!

  2. Back when I was a child
    My parents gave me every vaccine the pediatrician recommended
    No questions asked
    After all this is an expert telling u what is best for your child
    That’s why people go to Drs
    Unfortunately now people think they know more than Drs because of google

  3. Alabama is the racest State
    I have ever seen besides Mississippi Georgia Texas Louisiana. They are living in the 1600.SoSo sad. These people have to change that Old way of thinking so so sad This is 2021 In they are
    Still with that race thing very sad.

  4. I think Alabamians know what they want, and are happy to sacrifice 30k people to get it. They'd just as soon run up on each other with shotguns for traffic problems instead of hoping for a mutually beneficial outcome. Either way, let them have their cake.

  5. Alabama hospitals are a joke, you will die from a broken finger in those hospitals. They really could care less about patients, I work in Athens, that hospital is a pathetic laughing stock, they let covid positive people roam the halls of the hospital.

  6. Well I know some unvaccinated neighbors they caught covid. They choose liberty and freedom. Now they caught it and now they are in the hospital and paying the price. I ask there relatives when are they leaving the hospital they are not even sure themselves. They been in the hospital since July. They said 50 /50 chance to live. The doctor said his heart stop serval time. They are prepare his funeral just in case he didn't make it. They are preparing paper work to sell his house and belongings just in case he past away. As for his pets they are adopting them. I have no more sympathy or ampathy for the unvaccinated adult or teens. I only feel sorry for hospital staff. Darwinism theory natural selection and survival of the fittest. They choose to take or or leave it. There body there right there family there choices.Why should I care unvaccinated adults and teens. People who could get the vaccine have choices. Those who are too young have no choice and can get it.

  7. I think I have a solution for overrun hospitals with covid patients. If you're over 18 and don't want the vaccine, then you should be denied treatment. Why should we save these people that don't care enough to get vaccinated. They said 95% of people in the hospital haven't been vaccinated, so they are the problem.

  8. Yeah okay I live in Alabama and I called my local hospital there is no surge or in flux turns out there's not even a test for the Delta variant so tell me how they have numbers in cases and positive tests for the Delta variant when there is no test to administer call your hospitals ask them yourself believe nothing you hear and only half of what you see.

  9. What would Jesus say:
    Love thy neighbor infect them unknowingly

    What would Jesus say:
    Love thy neighbor cough on them unmasked

    What would Jesus say:
    Truth sets you free but Q.anon give you made.up freedom

  10. People, on July 31 2021, just 2 people died with covid present at their TOD in California, where we have over 40,000,000 residents and 1/3 of the nation's homeless population. Google: "california covid death graph"

    How does that even remotely constitute any kind of "emergency" or justify renewed masking mandate exactly?

  11. Yea the hospitals are so overwhelmed and that’s why there’s a bunch of nurses in a group there and two of them are on their cell phone. People are dropping like flies but at least they have time to text. FAKE NEWS!

  12. I don't think there's a mass suicide pact out there. Although, if you were from "present reality" and landed on "a" planet "EARTH" where you observed this behavior you'd think so. And, if by even "weirder circumstance" you were in Real Estate, you'd probably let it all happen.

  13. How come nobody knows of a single healthy individual ANYWHERE that truly died of covid without the presence of a completely unrelated illness by now?

    It has been over 500 days… shouldn't we all know of even just one by now though?

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