Rep. Thompson On Jan. 6: ‘A Peaceful Transfer Of Power Did Not Happen’

Rep. Bennie Thompson, chairman of the January 6 select committee, delivered his opening remarks for their first hearing on the Capitol riot. He condemned the violence that happened that day, and showed video of what took place. This video contains explicit language and graphic images some may find offensive.

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Author: phillyfinestnews


41 thoughts on “Rep. Thompson On Jan. 6: ‘A Peaceful Transfer Of Power Did Not Happen’

  1. America and European countries are carrying proxy war on Ethiopia for Egypt and the Sudan who oppose the construction of Abay Dam for generation of electricity for supply to households, offices, factories, railway lines, air lines, water distribution, universities, hospitals, mining, extra.
    The generation of eleectricity will be supplied to Ethiopia and neighbouring countries to satisfy the growing urgent energy need in varied social, industrial, commercial, households.
    Ethiopian neighboring countries, Sudan, Djibouti, Somalia and Egypt forgeting their earnest need for energy needs they are now conspiring to disrupt the project activity by encouraging and supporting the Tigrian Junta leaders and rebels to attack Ethiopia. Our enemies want Ethiopia to remain poor and live on food donation, subsidies and grants from European ncountries in order to promote their sinistic political agenda.
    Our enemies have been sliding down the ladder of civilization by indulging in to the affairs of sovereign countries thereby diverging from democray to dictatorship.
    How come such countries like Europe and Smericabtakd side with Tigry Region Leader traitor who attacked the countries army brigade in Tigray at mid night and later on attacked neighbouring Amhara, Afar and Oromiya regions.

  2. Capitol police were in on it. That is why 4 of them apparently committed suicide.
    I pray the truth is revealed, as there were plans to object to the votes in AZ, PA and other states which were questionable.
    Peaceful transfer of power my foot. It was a cover of theft of an election.

  3. I'm both 😊 happy and 😌 relieved that The Honorable U.S. Congressman Bennie Thompson of Mississippi is heading the investigating committee into what happened on January 6th. I also want to say thank you to both the Honorable Congressman and to the NAACP for filing the class action lawsuit against that racist/sore loser Donald Trump for his traitorous actions to the 🇺🇸 USA.

  4. We have turn to wiolence cause you. Never lesson . Ythe goverment wont give us gfreed of speach causethey want uus to say what they want us to say we will be back o an outsider been watching for a long time since kennedy after thier deaths I proud ly went to be an republican and i stil am but also i stand behind the riot ours god bless themm

  5. Thanks to the Capital police, as they withstood this mess by themselves without much help. God bless all of them. And stop referring to these traitors as "rioters" and "protesters." They said they were there to overthrow the government and murder heads of state. They are domestic terrorists and traitors to the country and the American people!

  6. I wish hanging is still applicable in our era! Those terrorist and their collaborators and mastermind should be hang!
    I salute all the true PATRIOTS officers stood and fought fir democracy and their oath!!!
    America is called UNITED STATES and i believe it is to time to prove to the world its still united!
    God Bless America!🙏💞

  7. I am still baffled by the ignorance of the Republican party and its supporters. They said Jan 6 was antifa and BLM. Now they say it was FBI. If they really believed any of that, they would welcome an investigation. 2 + 2=4 always


    Thousands of rioters are arrested in Russia. 550 American rioters are arrested because they made selfie videos.

    550 USA rioters arrested means an arrest for each of the 550 congress staffers. 35 Capitol cops helped the rioters.

    140 Capitol police suffered brain injuries, smashed spinal cords, cracked ribs, eye injuries, stabbings and 5 related deaths..

  9. The people who instigated this attempted coup d'etat who were on the stage at the Ellipse before the insurrection should be investigated for inciting a riot, and if found guilty, punished to the full extent of the law. Speakers included: the 5th Electoral College President Trump; Atty. (atty. for the time being?) Rudy "Trial by combat" Guiliani; Donald Trump Jr.; Eric Trump, Lara Trump; US Rep. Mo Brooks (R. AL); Katrina Pierson; Amy Kremer; Georgia state Rep Vernon Jones; TX Atty. General Ken Paxton, TX State Senator Angela Paxton; Mike Lindell; Kimberly Guilfoyle; US Rep Madison Cawthorn (R. NC); and the then Chapman U. Law Prof. John Eastman, since retired.

  10. Schumer and Pelosi's speech writers obviously wrote these dramatic monologs, complete with wiping away fake tears and dry sniffles. Such a show!! This is a distraction bcuz they can't talk about the border crisis, inflation, violent crime surge, or defund the police movement. TRUMP!!

  11. Homeland security needs to arrest Trump and all of the QGOP members who attacked America on that day terrorism is against the rule of law we all of the proof that we need all of it was recorded live as it happened what is America waiting for

  12. Who knew, that while watching WWE and The Apprentice back in the day, gullible simps would storm the Capitol over Trump. Anyone just waking up from a coma they had been in since the 90s and early 2000s would not believe this!

  13. The Capitol officers were setup to fail. Stop pretending globalists' politicians, this was manipulation of the Federal law enforcement branch closest to the U.S. Constitution for public record to the instigated racist records they already had started, leading to the bringing in the UN into the citizenry's business with next carrot reparations (remember 2008 housing scam). The goal being WTO+UN2030 one country one vote. The DNC sure know how to create ruckus drama (see book ref below).

    The Capitol protest was due to post Nov election, areas of the citizens ballot vote count were witnessed to partisanship and possible mismanagement (remember the covering up of windows, etc.) The politicians do not decide who wins the citizens vote count (regardless of anything), it was a dereliction of duty of the Speaker of the House to spend and condone 2 months (Nov/Dec) severely insulting & race-baiting millions of concerned American voters, Poll watchers & the RNC members that went through proper protocol to request the 10-day bipartisan Congressional review audit. The audit should have been done in Nov/Dec to help the poll watchers clear up any issues to assure the integrity of the voting system. AFTER that, the certification process would be proper. And our nation could have enjoyed the traditional inaugeration, regardless of candidate.

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