Video Of Capitol Riot Shown During First Jan. 6 Committee Hearing

NOTE: This video contains explicit language and graphic images some may find offensive.

During his opening statement for the first hearing of the January 6 select committee, Rep. Bennie Thompson played out a series of videos from the Capitol riot.

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Author: phillyfinestnews


26 thoughts on “Video Of Capitol Riot Shown During First Jan. 6 Committee Hearing

  1. If January 6 was riots and insurrection, then would not what has been happening in Portland, Or. for the past almost two years where streets were taken by people and kept police out and burned and destroy buildings not also be riot and insurrection? The only reason Jan. 6 is being made a big deal is that for the first time the riots was taken to these politicians and not to local streets and stores.

  2. Wow, I have not seen footage of this violent nature regarding the capitol riot. Looks like these rioters have fallen short of the Oregon courthouse rioters in both duration and intensity. I hope the January 6 crew gets the same as all the other rioters that reigned all last summer.

  3. Which part is suppose to be traumatizing? Came here after Yahoo says Jan 6 riots were traumatizing.. I made it about 3min in before losing interest. Just looks like a bunch of crazies to me.. is there more footage?

  4. Our friends & family celebrated the one yr anniversary of jan. 6th in the same manner as July 4th…. All the good Republicans there that day doing what was right because everyone knows the election was stolen by the Dems & Libs. It was very patriotic to STAND UP AGAINST A TYRANY DEM GOVERNMENT… The ONLY HORROR was when that evil Dem/Lib guard that shot & killed an innocent unarmed woman.===== The Dems & Libs were there to instigate trouble where Antifa was filmed getting off busses & changing their clothes in the back of the Capital to look like Trump supporters, and the police & guards let them in…. many "UNARMED" Republicans followed waving flags & taking pictures, but 99.9% of everyone there stayed outside, so only a very small fraction went inside to wave flags & take pictures, but they did NOT hurt anyone…. The only person that died was that innocent unarmed lady that was shot in the head by an evil Dem/Lib guard. ==== Look at what all the hundreds or thousands of Dems & Libs violently rioting, looting, burning & killing people all over the country for 4 years…. And don't forget when all the Dems & Libs raiding the Supreme Court in 2017 because they were angry when President Trump delegated another Conservative Justise Judge, and when the Dems & Libs raided the Department of the Interior in 2020.

  5. Like most media many people only get one side of the story. During this incident most associated with the GOP only saw the videos of people laughing and goofing around in the Capitol during the beginning. Then all the footage came out later and they got a wake up call. This was truly awful.

  6. Some people burn a city down and steal TVs because someone they never met got killed by police. Some people attack a building because someone they never met didn't get his way. Republican or liberal- people love chaos.

  7. As a Native American I'm glad that over all the years we never done this to any US building. How could they do that to a place that is responsible for running this country. We have more freedom than some countries. Completely unnecessary and did not deserve that. RIP to those who lost their life's.

  8. How much does a MAGA hat cost? And how easy is for a small group of rioters to incite a larger crowd. Republicans are more peaceful than that but any group of people can turn into a mob with the right leaders of the protests. I just watched the president give a speech on the one year anniversary of that riot. He mentioned every president in my lifetime, and I'm 43, by name. He didn't say Trump once. He just said "the former president". That tells me that those writing that speech are scared of Trump. But you can't blame MR. Biden himself. Obviously his own cabinet has lied to him, and members of their own party ( or you bunch of jackasses (your mascot), that he believes he actually got more votes than any other president in history, including Obama. And there are some black people where I live that said they'd never vote for a president voted for him.
    The thing I'm saying is the election was rigged. The jackasses (mascot or that's what they are, take your pick) say we Republicans can't accept defeat. Well you jackasses (that's your mascot so I'm not judging you) will go down fighting defending a lie, calling it the truth when there are members of your own party who voted for Trump. SMH. CBTS.

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